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  • When: 6-14-16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Dolph
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Huckleberry, Hank, Allen Tate, Crusader, Floyd, Sparky, Medicine Woman

8 men showed up this am for a challenge and YHC did his best to deliver. Started off with the Pledge and then moseyed to tennis court.

Warmup; SSH, CDD, LBC’s, Toy Soldiers, Flutter kicks all x 15 IC. Plank triceps pushup x 5 IC.

Thang; 6 tennis courts, lunge across court and perform 10 OYO Butt ups; lunge across next court and 10 more Butt ups repaet to the end. Plank for the six. Now that the blood is flowing. Headeing back; Bear crawl across court and perform 5 Burpees OYO; Crab walk across next court and 5 burpees; bear crawl next court and 5 burpees. MUMBLE CHATTER! I like it. Nice work Pax. Crab walk court and 5 Burpees; repeat to the end alternating between bear crawl and Burpees. I think Hank said he was planning something similar for Thursday. Sorry Hank disnt mean to steal your plan. Next we moseyed to the ampitheater for some of Whoopees favorites. 10 wall jumps OYO; BTW HIp Slapper x 5 IC; rinse and repeat. I believe these are getting easier so on the 2nd set we did x 8 IC. Strong work guys. Getting stronger!!! Next we hit a round French Fries, Jack Web, YHC had to be reminded what number we were on a couple of times, and one more round of Frnch Fries. From here it was time for recess so we headed to the playground. 2 sets of 5,10,15. Pull ups, mericans, squats. Time. Strong work men.
Namorama- Prayer Requests, Announcements.

BOM- Sparky

Moleskin- Hank says he has Jump ropes in the truck if anyone wants to use them. Tennis courts make a much better location for any work on your six. Doesn’t hurt for any kind of suicide work as well. Bear crawl/ Burpees and Crabwalk/ Burpees seemed to get the mumble chatter rolling this am. TClaps to Huckleberry, you’re killing it brother. All Pax definitely pushed the roc on this one. AYE! Crusader you hit the nail on head during the BOM sir about praying for our children and facing the social views of of our world and culture today. Strong words brother. It is an Honor to lead you men. Thanks for oppurtunity. #DRP