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  • When: 06/14/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Floppy Disk
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Huckleberry, Bandit, Tool Time, Deaf Leopard, Blart, Freight, Pizza Man, Billy Madison

I arrived at Midoriyama to a group of PAX waiting by the flag. I stepped out of my truck and sweat instantly started running down my face. It’s ninety degrees and scorching.

The sun blazes down from a cloudless sky as we start our warm up with the biggest group of men Midoriyama has ever had. Nine in total.

After the warm up we said the pledge and did a mosey around the parking lot to meet at my truck. The night before I went shopping and bought a bunch of half cinder block coupons. I could tell by the looks on their faces that no one was excited about what was about to come.

We started the main event with a visit from Dora’s evil stepsister Flora. She is one mean lady! I actually started seeing stars.

Next up came block jumps, then body builder blockies, Hodor, V-Up roll ups with a coupon, and a lunge with a coupon on our backs.

Finished up with a COT and jumped in our vehicles for some much needed A/C.

Warm UP (IC)

  • 20 Abe Vigoda (Tool Time shout out)
  • 50 Moroccan Night Clubs
  • 10 Happy Jacks

Main Thang

  • Flora 1–2–3
  • 20 Block jumps side to side, 20 front to back, 50 calf raises holding coupon
  • Omaha!
  • 5 Block jumps side to side, 5 front to back, 20 calf raises holding coupon
  • 10 Body Builder Blockies – 8 count burpee with coupon
  • 5 – The Hodor
  • 10 – V-Up Roll Up with coupon
  • Lunge Walks Cusak (holding coupon on back)

Thanks to all the men that came out it’s because of you I’m getting stronger. It was unbearable hot, great job all!