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  • When: 06/11/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Freight
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Bandit, Roscoe, Pizza Man, Keish, Sargento, Brown Streak, Freight (QIC), Flush, Tool Time, Wee Wee, Anthrax, Monk, Gumby, Squeeker, Shernoble, Fresh Prince, Al Bundy (FNG), Edison (FNG), Zoomba (FNG), White Lightning (FNG), Coach Crab (FNG), Apprentice (FNG), Soulglow (FNG, Respect), Double D (FNG)

Sadclowns of Belmont, NC beware. F3 has invaded downtown and planted a flag at Stowe Park AKA The Fighting Yank. I was very excited about this launch as I have a great feeling about the growth in this area. I was so excited I was there early enough to go to the middle school, plant the flag and return to sit around on the park bench and have my morning coffee. It was great to be sitting there on Main st and watch as the PAX began to arrive greeting one another. Just as the 5 minute warning was announced Sargento and Keish came sprinting by after a 9 mile BRR training run(I’m glad they’re on my team)! So 16 PAX and 8 FNG’s moved on down into the park and circled up for some introduction. YHC covered what F3 is, means, our mission, who and how it works. The disclaimer was given and I recited Romans 5: 3-4.


SSH x 15ic

Don Quixte x 10ic

Morrocan Nightclub  x 25ic

Calf Raises x  15ic

Hillbillies x 10ic

Merkins x 10ic

LBC’s x 10ic

CDD x 10ic

Monkey Humpers x 10ic

The Thang:

Mosey the long way around the park for a full tour slowing down a bit for some bear crawl’s for about 20 yds and on to the middle school track at the top of the hill where we found a shovel flag planted in the field. A little flag explanation and presentation was given. Then the pledge.

I must say this place is great for workouts. Hills, track and exercise stations in various places. So I had two plans laid out on my weinke. One was a little easier than the other. After checking out the FNG’s it was decided they came for a workout so on with it I went.

Partnered up(all FNG’s were partnered with one of the PAX) for some Dora 123. Running out about 40 yds and back. Great job by all here. Great support by the regular PAX.

Moseyed down to the the shelter with the picnic tables while an FNG brought and replanted the flag. YHC covered a little about the 2nd F and what it has meant for many of us. I am proud to say that some of you are now some of my best friends and I may have even publicly mentioned Tool Time in there. Must have been the heat!

So we did some Dips x 15ic, Step ups x 15ic,. Rinse and repeat.

Mosey ,with and FNG carrying the flag, over to the top of the hill. Well not the top but the 2nd tier down. This hill has several. We did 11’s with Merkin’s at the bottom and WWI’s at the top. Again great support from many HIM’s was seen here.

So with our flag in hand we moved on back to where we started. So this next part was not in my plan and I quickly regretted the idea. We had a little time to go so we crab walked about 30 yds to the stairs ran up and down and bear crawled back. Again great work guys!


So we circled back up and YHC covered a little about the 3rd F along with Monk covering this months theme. Coffeerama at Cherubs was announced. Area workouts and next week. I hope to see all the FNG’s back out there. Seem like a great group of guys. FNG’s received F3 names along with the AO. There is a memorial in the park for veterans of WWII. The statue is named The Fighting Yank! Much respect to those men. That was when men were truely men. An era of great family, community and country leaders. YHC closed with 1st Corinthians 16: 13-14 and a prayer.

I cannot say enough about the support I saw from the PAX today. True HIM’s brought F3 to Belmont because they care! I was very proud to be the Q that didn’t lead but followed those men. Keep the EH on and let’s grow this thang!