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  • When: 04/26/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Freight
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Pizza Man, Def Leopard, FNG- Billy Madison

Fortunately for the PAX in attendance today Floppy Disk was unable to make it so the weight vest was eliminated from the workout today. Have no fear we will just do it next week! It was thought there would only be 2 in attendance but Midoriyama’s first FNG arrived and shortly after Def Leopard rolled in! After some discussion of what F3 is about we got under way.

Warmup: Seal Jacks x 15ic w/bricks, LBC’s x 20ic, Prayer Squats x 20ic w/bricks

The Thang: Headed for the trails with Bricks in hand. Ran the soccer loop and part of the Mtn loop stopping every so often for some ab work and squats. Probably somewhere around 2 miles.

Originally we were going to take turns running with the 50 lbs vest. Next time!!!!

COT: Announcements-Mudrun, Burpeethon, Caramont Health 5k run coming up 5/14 will be running through 2 of our AO’s. Pledge, further discussion of F3 with FNG, Named FNG-Billy Madison! Welcome brother hope to see you more!