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  • When: 04/26/16
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  • PAX: Latex, Stroganoff, E4, Madoff, Radar, JK2, TopHat, Squeaker, Brownstreak, TSquare, Sargento, Whoopee

So I came in a little hot this am having forgotten to put out the trashcan by the road the night before. I had to make a quick stop before getting out of the driveway to take care of the trash which at least in my house has always been a “man’s job.” JK2 pointed out that my kids could certainly be doing this, so I may have to reassign my duty to one of the ladies of the house. For now, however, the trash will remain in my domain as failure to perform this task will not be pleasant for me. In the past 10+ years I have missed only 1 morning. The pax did not realize this would not be the only discussion involving a trashcan today-more on that later.


WU: 10 each of the following IC: SSH, Squats, LBC, Burps, Old Man Don Quixote, had more but got bored and started the Thang…


Mosey to baseball field and 10 merkins at each speed bump on the way (not many), at field we did AMRAP exercises for 50 seconds then rested for 10 seconds, repeato X 2 sets of each of the following: flutter kick, squat, merkin. I tried to elicit some jokes from the pax but clearly this was not a humorous situation…

Mosey to back of school by buses with merkins at speed bumps on the way (back tracked a little just to mess with the pax, however this did not achieve the desired mumble chatter, note to self-can work on this for next time). In back of school we partnered up and did 2 sets of Dumpster Diving: P1 ran a short loop involving a few steps, a ramp, and a jumping onto the dock (thanks for the word TSquare-had a lapse of vocabulary) while P2 did AMRAP exercises of Merkins, Squats, and Burps. The Burps were a crowd-pleaser I think. TSquare kept us entertained with some comedic relief (“she said go ahead and start, I said I’m already finished” or something like that). I think this is also where Stroganoff threw in a few mocking comments in his little girl voice-that’s when I know the rock is truly being pushed. We did a quick count off to catch our breath, I provided a wonderful sermon (about 3 seconds which I can no longer recall what the topic was) then we moseyed back to the front of the school (little bit faster pace).

In front of the school we joyously performed some hip slappers-these are still my favorite. We did 10, then 15, then 10 reps I think. I got some dirty looks on this one-Mission Accomplished. My weinke was almost empty at this point so I had to make some stuff up on the fly-we continued our mosey to the other side of the front of school and split up in 2 groups. Group 1 did Mary while Group 2 did dips until Mary was finished. I think we did 4 total sets of these.

The final part of the Thang was a little bit of surprise I think to some of the pax. We moseyed over to the flag appearing to plan for the pledge and finish up, however, we had a few minutes so……we did Minutes of Burpees:P1 does burpees for 1 minute while P2 does a minute of whatever exercise he wants to do. At end of 1 minute we flapjack and P2 does 1 minute of burpees while P1 does 1 minute of whatever exercise he wants. We did a total of 4 rounds of this (2 minutes of burpees each).

We finished with the pledge, announcements, and COT/prayer.

Dolph, get well soon. OutHouse and Dad doing Marathon (?half marathon) this weekend. Safe travels for the middle school going on the field trip. Few others I can’t recall.

Dad and 2.0 event at Schiele this Saturday at 230pm (planetarium show starts at 3pm). Those without 2.0’s welcome also-I’ve got a couple extra…

Advisory Board Meeting this Sunday at 7pm at GSM Intergalactic Headquarters-all pax welcome.