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  • When: 04/28/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Bandit
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Tophat, Mayor, Radar, Brownstreak, Spiderman, Soprano (respect), T-Square, Bandit

Not sure why “Splashing Merlot” is not found in the F3 lexicon as its used quite liberally among the PAX to describe involuntary, forceful expulsion of the contents of one’s stomach through the mouth and sometimes the nose during, or as the result of a beat down (often linked to an FNGs first post).  I noticed this today as I wanted to see if “Merlet” was officially in the F3 lexicon.  Apparently not.  We’ll get back to this shortly.

It was a comfortable 64 degrees in downtown Cramerton as 8 PAX gathered to get uncomfortable. While there were no FNGs today, it was great to meet Soprano who made his first workout just the day before. We started with the full disclaimer, the Pledge of Alegience and then a short run across the bridge to the Goat Island park.  Noticed we were missing the battle call, “TAKE THE BRIDGE!”  Looking forward to BA’s return after softball season!

Warm Up

SSH x20 IC
Mericans x10 IC
Low Slow Squat x20 IC
Toy Soldier x10 IC
Body Builders x10 IC (8 count)
Stretch (right over left, reach for toes, flapjack)
Rinse and Repeat X2

During first round of Mericans we tried something new (for me at least)… start in plank, in cadence, ONE (down), TWO (push up to plank), THREE (right arm up & alternate each rep), FOUR (back to plank). Good alternative to the standard Merican for a dynamic stretching warm-up – if you really reach.

After the warmup we ran across the other bridge to the parking lot for a quick count-off. Yep… still have 8.

Next is the Merican Suicide Ladder. Starting next to the rancid trash can (yeah, sorry about that guys), we run 25 yards to the manhole cover and back, do set number of Mericans, then rinse and repeat X6. Since this is a ladder which infers we are climbing, we increase reps of Mericans by 5 for subsequent rounds. It went like this…

Run 25 yards and back to start
Complete 5 Mericans
Repeat x6
(Total 300 yards and 30 Mericans)

Run 25 yards and back to start
Complete 10 Mericans
Repeat x5
(Total 250 yards and 50 Mericans)

Run 25 yards and back to start
Complete 15 Mericans
Repeat x4
(Total 200 yards and 60 Mericans)

Grand total is about 1/2 mile and 140 Mericans. Oh yeah, it turns out the manhole cover was not what it seemed. Brownstreak keenly recognized this as a “Merlet”, or the artifact of Splashing Merlot. It was about the same size as the manhole cover, but more chunky-like. Did anyone leave that from last week’s Goat Island beat down? Uh, cleanup in isle one.

Once we recovered from this pain station, we started with a run back to the middle of the park, but as YHC began to head back, I was somewhat drawn to the hill to the left of the trail on the way back for an impromptu round of Elevens. Burps (10,9,8,etc…) at the bottom and LBCs (1,2,3,etc…) at the top.

Next we run back to the middle of the park for a brief motivational speech before continuing back to the parking lot where we started. With 1 minute remaining, we finish strong with Dying Cockroaches.

Remember to keep pushing the rock. It doesn’t get any easier, you just get stronger. This is true in fitness, in your relationships with others, and in your faith. Man can only see what is beside and in front of him. He cannot see what is coming up from behind. That is why we lock shields with our brothers who can check our six. At some point, the unexpected can catch us by surprise and that is when we most need our brothers to be there for us.