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  • When: 4-23-2016
  • AO:
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Roscoe, Linus, Bandit, Short Sale, Stroganoff, Spidermonkey, Monk, T-Square, Flush, Tool Time, Free Range, Spiderman, E4, Medicine Woman, Woopie, Dr. Evil, Hush Puppie, JK2, FNG Silent Bob

It was a clear dry morning for two men from the Fort to stroll over to the Gas House. CSPAN has the first half Q and set our course for the back lot of the Library. Even though we made a pact to refrain from any and all running, CSPAN has a short memory. Something, something, he is old, etc. Whatever, I am just glad we avoided any and all grass.

The Thang

Mosey around the lower lot for what seemed like hours.

Bear Crawl to and fro

Crab Walk to and fro

other stuff I can’t recall, etc…..

Partner runs around lower lot while partner B does:

Flying Squirrels

other stuff I can’t recall, etc…..

CSPAN hands off to PKG

Mosey to top of hill, break out timer (AKA iPhone) 1 Min exercise, 15 sec rest etc….

Plank Jacks

Prison Push Ups

Lunge L&R




Peter Parker

Mtn Climbers

Russian Twist

Shoulder Taps

Rinse Repeat

Few minutes of Abs and Stretches, hustle back to flag and say pledge, hustle back to COT because CSPAN has a painter coming and PKG has a tee time to make. #Priorities


This place is always a favorite AO for me. It is really cool to see how fast Gastonia has grown as men continue to EH sad clowns. One thing is for sure, they have a long way to go on their comedic timing. It was nice to have FNG Silent Bob step up and just dive right in with his testimony. Dude’s a solid guy and will fit right in.

Until next time,