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We call it “Burnout’s” because this workout will definitely make it burn!

We started the morning with a quick warm-up of Side Straddle Hops, Windmills, Monkey Humper’s and Hillbilly’s before the Pledge and quick jog around the park to make sure everyone’s blood was pumping.

For the workout, everyone grabbed a cinder block and lined up across the tennis court ready for “Burnouts”.  We did each exercise for 1 minute: 1)bench press, 2)line jump, 3)triceps curls, 4)Squats, 5)lawnmower pulls, 6)Lunges, 7)Shoulder Press and 8) Bicep curls.  We took a break from all the lifting for another quick job around the park.  We met back on the tennis courts to finish up the full body workout with sit-ups and side planks for 1 minute.

We finished up in the circle of trust for prayer concerns, announcements, name-aroma and closing prayer.

Good Work Men!  I hope everyone enjoyed it.