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  • When: 04/30/16
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  • QIC: Pothole
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  • PAX: All F3 Regions

So it’s that time again. Time for you to grab the trail shoes, grab some buddies, put on some gloves, and get muddy! It’s the Spring edition of the USMC Ultimate Challenge Mud Run.

90 F3 teams, representing 5 states, are ready to hit the trails and conquer the course. Whether you’re doing it to say you did it, or are out there to show everyone who’s the fastest, the Mud Run has something to offer everyone. We’ve even got a guy coming all the way from Ohio!

So we’ve got some logistics to cover…

The rules for the Mud Run can be found here:

Final Start Times and Bib Numbers can be found here:

F3 teams will begin at 0844. We will have a BOM at 0745, so be there before that.

A few things will be handled a little different this year. At the registration tent you will receive your race bibs. The bibs will be in a Gallon ZipLock Bag that you can use at Key Valet. T-shirts will be available at the F3 tent.

As usual, there are cold showers as well as male and female changing tents for use after the race.

HEADS UP!! There is construction on I-26 and Exit 125. High Way Patrol is testing the waters by keeping Exit 125 open for this race but they will have barricades staged in case they need to shut down the exit and reroute drivers to Exits 119 and 129. Make sure you allow for extra travel time to the Leatherneck.

Please print and fill out the waiver and bring it with you on race day. You only need one waiver per team.

The Beer Boat is confirmed and will be on deck with cold beverages for you waiting at the end. Food and beverage vendors will be on site and an ATM is available.

I don’t have many details, but the Mud Run will be giving away prizes after the Award Ceremony. You must be present to win. Every runner’s name is in the drawing bucket.

Spectators and Parking are FREE!

Bring your 2.0’s! Mud Run has provided a bounce house and the Devil Pup registration will open up the day of the race at 9:00 am.

If you have a new team member or a replacement bring them with you. Bring a waiver to the registration tent and check in.

After reviewing the attendee spreadsheets, there are several teams with only 3 PAX. According to the rules, teams of 3 or less are not a “complete team” and therefore you have 2 options:
1. Good news – you can still run the event; however, if you are competing for a time, you will get a 5-minute time penalty added to your overall finish time. So you might want to run faster. Or…
2. Find a fourth person and become a full 4-person team. Just make sure they bring a signed waiver. There may be some shifting and last minute cancellations, so keep your ears to the ground and keep your eye out for anyone looking to jump onto a team to make your team complete.

Please be courteous of the area. When I was in Recon, one of the things that they taught us was: never let anyone know you were there. So pick up your trash and belongings. Adopt this rule…if you see trash on the ground, pick it up. Plain and simple.

Get to know someone from a different AO. This is like a homecoming party for F3. Reconnect with friends, but also get to know a new guy.

We’ve been in close contact with the Mud Run officials and they’ve promised a few overall changes. First, the course will be marked much better to avoid mix ups and runners getting lost. Several of the obstacles will have new anchors, making the netting tighter, along with some general overall improvements and maintenance. As far as new obstacles, there will not be any for this race. However, plans are already being made to have work done for new and washed out obstacles for the fall race. Also for this year, the vendor area is greatly improved with 12 different vendors and an ATM machine. Lastly, medals will be given to each participant that crosses the finish line as well as those that place in their division.

For the ones that love getting their action shots taken for that new Twitter or Facebook profile picture, we will have several F3 photographers on site to capture you in that moment. GameFace Media will also be taking pictures at different obstacles throughout the course which will be available for purchase.

Last, but by far not the least, please consider giving a donation to Operation Enduring Warrior (OEW). Walter Romano and his team will be ready to take on the course this year. If you’ve never witnessed this, it’s a sight to see. Complete your run and then imagine doing it with full camo utilities, boots, a ruck, and a gas mask. Yeah, you read that right. OEW will be onsite at 0700 and are wheels up at 0930. We will be presenting a donation to OEW again this year. We raised $655 through the sign ups, but let’s see if we can add to that. And if you’re planning to stick around, show them some F3 love by cheering them on at the finish.

Have fun and be safe!