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  • When: 03/26/16
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31 men saving their vacation time for later in the year, passed up on the opportunity to take a spring break and posted for the return of YHC to GasHouse.   Again, YHC’s seasonal allergies meant the weinke included pretty much zero contact with anything green or growing.  Last year around the same time, those that were there, may remember the Islands of Pain – again – zero contact with grassy areas.

Speaking of the weinke, here’s what we did (approximately):

Full Sit-ups 10 OYO (something about engaging the core at the beginning of a workout keeps it engaged throughout)
Mountain Climbers 20x
Oblique Crunches 10x each side
Plank Jacks 20x

Now some exercise to get the mumble chatter going:

Sweet Sixteen 15x
Ballerina Squats 15x
Partner Sit Ups – partner 1 does full situps while partner 2 planks while holding partner 1 feet 10x

At this point, I’m pretty sure everyone wondered where this was going, but to tell you the truth, those exercises are harder than they sound if done correctly.

Mosey across the street to the drugstore wall:
Peoples Chair with air presses 15x
Balls to the Wall Mountain Climbers (what could be harder than hip slappers, which was one of the many suggestions provided by Dolph throughout the morning – all appreciated, most ignored)
Peoples Chair with air punches x15

Mosey to next parking lot for some curb-to-curb work:
Crab walk from one side to other and do 5 Mike Tysons
Bear crawl to start and do 5 dips on curb
Repeat this same thing with 10x and 15x of each exercise.

Mosey to next parking lot for Franklin Mint suicides (named after Ben Franklin in Metro because his suicides are hard, but these are more decorative and not sanctioned by the government):
Bunny hop to first island and run back to start, waiting for the 6th before continuing (as explained above, this is not your normal suicide)
Long jump to second island and run back to start
Karaoke to third island and run back to start
Backward run to fourth island and run back to start

Mosey to next parking lot for more curb and gutter work
Fast feet in cadence multiple times at varying speeds
SSH (that can’t be correct you might think, but that’s when we did them)

Mosey back to the previous parking lot to resume more Franklin Mint suicides
Run to first island and do 5 squats and run back to the start
Run to second island and do 10 sumo squats and return
Run to third island and do 15 jump squats and return
Run to fourth island and do 20 start jacks and return

Mosey back to drugstore wall
Donkey kicks 15x

Mosey back to library for LBC and Heels to Heaven before doing the Pledge of Allegiance

Mosey back for picnic tables for a couple of sets of dips
Lots of time left for Mary
Dying Cockroach
Wide Arms
Stagger Right
Russian Twists
Stagger Right

YHC expected a smaller # today with it being spring break but was happy to see that it almost turned problematic.  GasHouse and Gastonia F3 has taken off!  Before last year when GasHouse kicked off, I really knew no one in Gastonia, but I wanted to help F3 spread.  F3 Gastonia is well on it’s way, and just as in Metro, there are a group of men involved.  It was great to get there and see all the cars in the parking lot, many belonging to the 2ndF group meeting at the picnic tables.

I appreciate my Metro bro, the Woof Master Snoop, for accompanying me to GasHouse on one of his rare Saturdays in the gloom.

Thanks to Bandit and Roscoe for headlocking me to Q at the 3rdF lunch back a while, and I hope we can get you guys to Q a workout in Metro in the future.  If anyone has a Sunday afternoon free, post to the Man Cave at Myers Park High School at 4:30 PM (yes PM).  We do 45 min and accommodate all levels.

Thanks for allowing me to Q GasHouse, and maybe we can make it a yearly thing.