• Post Type:
  • When: 03/24/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: T-Square
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Anthrax, Top Hat, Madoff, Outhouse, Sqeeker



Hillbilly (aka Appalachian American)

Moroccan Night Club

Don Quixte



Mosey around 1 lap on sidewalk

The Thang:

start with “ring of TIRE”==circle around big tire==round 1-PAX flips while others Al Gore til all have flipped once==round 2-PAX flips while others plank til all have flipped once==rinse & repeat 1 more time

head to gazebo==round 1-3 PAX do pull ups while other 3 bear crawl to cone, then joe Hendrix back to start==switch==round 2-3 PAX flutter kick while other 3 bear crawl to cone, joe Hendrix back==rinse & repeat

Mosey to famous bank alley==round 1-backward skip to steps, mosey up, 3 burpees at top, mosey around building to start==round 2-vine to steps, mosey up, 3 burpees at top, mosey around bldg.==round 3-broad jump to steps, mosey up, 3 burpees at top, mosey around bldg.

mosey 1 lap on sidewalk back to starting point

mosey to center of bridge, 50 LBC OYO, mosey to picnic tables, 50 dips OYO, 20 each leg Step ups OYO, mosey to bridge, 50 flutter kicks OYO, mosey to start

line up on RR ties==10 mike Tyson OYO, Rocky Balboas OYO==rinse & repeat 1 more set



Great time VQing…hopefully enjoyed by all in attendance