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  • When: 02/05/2016
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  • QIC: Roscoe
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  • PAX: Bandit, Monk, Stroganoff, E4, Dr. Feelgood, T-Square, Spiderman, Outhouse, Defib, Roscoe (Q)

The forecast called for snowflakes but YHC didn’t see any coming out of the sky, only about 9 snowflakes that showed up mumbling about the cold wind and wanting to start the workout early.  Defib was named timekeeper for today’s workout.  After the Gashouse planning meeting, we were all asked what we were going to do to make the Gashouse stronger.  (Accountability) One of my action items was to check on the site Q of downtown, E4.  I did that and got a commitment that E4 would post at 0530, although he would be up since 0430 stretching his bum knee.  The original Weinke that I had planned out using Google Earth and measuring distances between pain stations was internally audibled to a more reasonable workout for someone with a bad knee.  Thanks goes to CSpan and Swiper’s Q-School for that tip.  I even had two extra pairs of gloves in case anyone showed up without.

Here we go with the warm up:

SSH x 32

Squats x 20

Don Quixote x 15

LBC x15

Merkins x 10

A fast paced mosey around the Pavilion approximately 4 times and then regrouped for the Thang:

Bear Crawl along the back side of the Pavilion and then sprint around to where we started.  Repeado x4 then:

15 Squats, 10 Merkins, 15 flutter kicks

Lunge walk across the back side of the Pavilion and sprint around to start Repeado x 4

15 Squats, 10 Merkins, 15 flutter kicks

One burpee on each pad of concrete on back side of Pavilion x3  (Crowd pleaser)

15 squats, 10 Merkins, 15 flutter kicks

Mosey to the public “art” and hit the wall for the People’s Chair

People’s March IC

Air Presses IC

Peoples March IC

Ring around the art

Merkins, LBC’s, 50 calf raises, squats

Slow merkins, flutter kicks, 50 pigeon toed calf raises, 50 squats

Fast merkins, Flutter kicks, 50 Duck footed calf raises, 50 squats

Merkin holds, half way down, all the way down, etc.  5 OYO merkins

Mosey to Pavilion for pledge and to retrieve the phone for the nameorama.

Announcements:  Buy your Backwoods Brawl t-shirt by February 10th.  Do it now!

Gastonia Rotary Club will host the Founders, Dredd and OBT on March 3.  Stroganoff and Dr. Feelgood are buying lunch for any PAX that attend.  I am a HC.  Community Foundation Run (formerly Run for the Money April 16, 2016)  A good time to show up and run for your favorite charity in a Backwoods Brawl t-shirt.  The soreness should be gone by then, hopefully.  Take your survey for the 2nd F activity from Godfather, aka El Padrino.  F3 Luncheon Jason’s Deli at the Epicenter today at 1130.

Prayer Requests:  A somber morning today for some serious concerns among the PAX. Prayers needed for Outhouse’s mother, who is diagnosed with pancreatic and liver cancer.  Feelgood’s 2.0’s lost a young friend (Tomas) to childhood Leukemia.  Dolph’s father who will undergo a hip replacement; Amelia lost his father.  E4’s former coworker in remission recently diagnosed with aggressive tumors.  E4 also shared a personal story…the moral is…make sure your family is trained on what to do in an emergency.  Have a safety plan and train on it.

It was great to Q this morning as I have to miss tomorrow for a 2.0 event.  Be intentional about reaching out to those that need F3 and follow through with your commitments from the Planning meeting.