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  • When: 02/04/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Brownstreak
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: JK2, Bandit, Thimble, Private Benjamin, Mayor, Dolph, Top Hat, Roscoe, Jobu, Brownstreak 

Season 1, Episode 1 (of 4)

Much like two men and a truck the goats of #GoatIsland were waiting for the PAX to arrive to get us moving. I arrived first and wondering which side of the island we was suppose to meet on. Sorry Bandit……

Dolph and Mayor was next and was excited about pulling the BIG tire (but not as big as the other one) from the bed of his truck. Maybe it was because they wanted to see if they could flip this one……. As the other PAX started rolling in the goats were getting anxious to reveal what’s in the U-Haul. The PAX was getting concerned we were doing something with the huge tire, but I eased their minds and told them not today. TIME…. YHC called it and we circled up…….


Windmills ICx15
MRNC ICx40…..ish?!?!
Freddy Mercuries ICx15

Still not loosened up we took a lap (1/4 mile).

We met up at the gazebo. There the goats revealed what was in the U-Haul…….

10 pull ups
Sprint 200 yards
20 dips
Sprint 200 yards
25 ‘Mericans
Sprint 200 yards
30 LBC


Russian Twist ICx15
Flutter Kicks ICx20
Ring of fire V-Up style


Pledge (sorry for not doing it first guys)

The two goats closed the door of the U-Haul and smacked hooves knowing the delivered a good one for us. I appreciate all the pax for allowing me to lead. You all are a fine group… Namaroma and cleared up the confusion of FNG names from Tuesday’s workout @ THE STORM……. He shall be called Private Benjamin. Thanks again for the chance to lead this group. Great work guys!!!

Stay tune and see what the goats have in the U-Haul next Thursday………