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Sparky Called in a Sub

I received a text from Sparky last night saying his guts weren’t quite right and asked if I could Q. While I was loking forward to a block workout, I gladly obliged. I haven’t Q’d as much recently and have wanted to do Ladder Merkins ever since Tolkien brought them to Folsom a month ago. I started there as I put the weinke together late last night.
6 HIMs were at Folsom as the Sub took the helm for a high cardio beatdown!


SSH – 15 IC
Mountain Man Shi…Poopers – 10 IC
Toy Soldiers – 10 IC


Mosey to flag, stop for 5 burpees along the way


5 each Merkins – regular, wide, stagger left, stagger right, right leg up, left leg up, Mike Tysons

15 IC each: LBCs, Freddie’s, Flutters, Rosalitas, LBCs (again, Freddie’s (again)

4 Merkins – regular, wide, stagger left, stagger right, right leg up, left leg up, Mike Tysons

Mosey, left at the fork to the new parking lot on the right.

3 Merkins – regular, wide, stagger left, stagger right, right leg up, left leg up, Mike Tysons

Route 66 Bobby Hurleys

Mosey back to Parking Lot, the long way around the pond.

2 Merkins – regular, wide, stagger left, stagger right, right leg up, left leg up, Mike Tysons

1 Merkins – regular, wide, stagger left, stagger right, right leg up, left leg up, Mike Tysons

Jacked up – 50 SSH, 40 Seal Jack’s, 30 Plank Jacks, 20 Crossover Jack, 10 Smurf Jack’s,

Repeat Jacked Up

22 for the Vets – MW led us with the count.


Prayer requests: Pastor Cleaver, Ratchet, Allen Tate’s Father-in-law, MW’s friend.

It was good to step in and help cover the Q today. Hate Sparly is not feeling well but I knowhe will be back soon. After taunting Medicine Woman Tuesday, I knew I had to bring it today or he would be there to give me a hard time. It pushed me!

Also, YHC really noticed he needs to run a little more!

  • Montross

Blocks Again

Everybody knows by now, I like to use the Blocks, and that’s what we did this morning! We did a few warmup exercises, then did DORA on the courts,100 Blockies, 200 curls, 300 squats, 400 lbcs, ran around 2 miles in between. All that showed, pushed the rock! Missed those that couldn’t make it!

Announcements- tubing june 22nd, convergence June 29th

Prayer request- Oompas family, my nephew, Bottoms up, each other


Blocks again

Warm Up- SSH, Toy Soldiers, Hillbillies, all 15ic


Partner up for some Block work on the tennis courts.

100 Blockees

200 Curls

100 Triceps

200 Squats

300 LBCs, partner 1 started exercise while partner 2 ran, alternating until finished!

Announcements- 5k this weekend, Memorial Day Murph

Prayer request- kids EOG testing, teachers, all pax


JV train rolls into Folsom

6 on a nice Folsom morning.   Volt takes off on his customary pre-beat down run and returns to spend the next five minutes calling YHC an idiot.  05:30 hits and we clock in.

Warmup: SSH and Toy Soliders x 15IC

Slow mosey to the tennis courts.  We did core work, running, rugby sprints and a bunch of waves.


Mosey back to the parking lot for Mary


Annoucements: Speed for need run, Memorial Day Murph

Prayer requests: Catamount’s brother and his family, the 5ks.

BOM: YHC closed us in prayer.

Philippians 4:13


Mystery Mongol


One morning a Mongol ventured far away from his Fightin’ fartsack.  He traveled 39 miles by rickshaw to the land of roundeyes, beards, and breakfast. The last time his people had been that far West was the laying of the early railroads… which history shows, didn’t end all that well for them (reference: dynamite “accidents”).  Nevertheless, he and 23 other Gastoniagols clansmen met up to do semi-ridiculous things… and strengthened their bond as brothers. This is their story.

The Thang

  • 0630… prayers for Pizza Man’s niece Courtney, quick disclaimer and we’re off
  • Fake warmup attempt … SSH, I/W 
  • Let’s do this. 35 Merkin ladder (5 reg, 5 wide, 5 diamond, 5 R offset, 5 L offset, 5 R leg high, 5 L leg high) on YHC up/down cadence
  • Backwards & sideways run up the hill to the tennis courts (any direction but forwards)
  • Agility drill #1 on tennis courts: Run the boundaries of each of the 4 tennis courts, turning hard on the corners (forward, side-shuffle, backwards). Move them hips!!!
  • Agility Drill #2 on the tennis courts: 3 rounds of suicide sprints to 4 lines on 2 tennis courts. Each round doing burpees, low squats, and Carolina dry docks at the baseline). Move them hips!!!
  • 28 Merkin ladder (4 reg, 4 wide, 4 diamond, 4 R offset, 4 L offset, 4 R leg high, 4 L leg high)
  • Backwards & sideways run up the hill to the horse track (anything but forwards)
  • Three 4 man X ~250 meter Team Relay races. 6 diff teams. Each team members sprints AYG on the horse track lap (avoiding all the poo). While runner is on the track, teammates squat and forward lunge.
  • 21 Merkin ladder (3 reg, 3 wide, 3 diamond, 3 R offset, 3 L offset, 3 R leg high, 3 L leg high)
  • On concrete bleachers, ascending and descending plank-merkins from the bottom to the top and back down. 
  • 14 Merkin ladder (2 reg, 2 wide, 2 diamond, 2 R offset, 2 L offset, 2 R leg high, 2 L leg high)
  • Mosey back to launch
  • Individual Tug-O-War… members of relay teams 1, 3, 5 versus 2, 4, 6
  • Pledge of allegiance, serious-not-so-serious pictures, Finito!!!


YHC had an absolute blast with you brothers this morning. We worked hard, we supported each other, we pushed each other. We refreshed our memory of why we F3, and taught others possibly for the first time what F3 is beyond the workout.  F3 has been the catalyst for many of the changes in my life in almost all quadrants… family, work, fitness, friendship, and most importantly Faith. So YHC feels compelled from time to time to share that with you all, so hopeful you can enrich your lives and the lives of others on your journey.

Some of you asked for the link so here’s it is…. it’s my “TED” Talk (~20min) I have about #WHOPUSHESWHO … Finding what you were meant to do >>> https://youtu.be/prEGCsHw2qw

You men in Gastonia have held a special place in my mongol heart for a while. In addition to breeding great leaders, having one of the sickest newsletters, and just being a fun loving crew. YHC always will remember the tremendous support you threw behind SPEED FOR NEED, time and treasure, when it was just an idea. And that just hasn’t stopped in your caring for the community SFN. So thank you. 

On that note, a couple of other musings from the morning… 

  • Tooltime tried to kick off the mumblechatter very early…. but YHC had none of it, and quickly transmitted my NPR podcast into his noggin and he became the Wikipedia of F3 nowlege.
  • On the horse track, Def Leppard went down like Frazier.  The Kentucky Derby replay official was not present to review if there was jock interference and if disqualification was warranted.  Nevertheless, that stud still has game! No need to send him to the glue factory….yet
  • Pizza Man almost refusenik’d the ascending planks on the concrete bleachers. Claiming concern over messing his teeth up. YHC agreed to cover dental bills from any new injury, but not that pre-existing condition of a messed up grill that he already has!
  • Slaw is a beast… showing off his #perfectform on the merkin sets and also could win a staring competition with his Q eye-contact focus. Appreciate the effort today, and the pancake!
  • Oompa showed up 30 minutes early to do his promised 30 burpees.  Pro-tip… you can sleep in 15 minutes more, if you do them in 15 minutes. (Pro-tip coming from the guy who did not offer to do any with him)
  • Even though it took 6 trips to the gas station to get to the AO, Col Allen Tate rode up with his boyz in one of the sickest military humvees anyone’s ever seen! 
  • Rock A Billy never quit. Even worked some of his stomach muscles with dry heave at some point. Keep it up brother. 


  • Please keep Pizza Man and his family in your prayers as they try to deal with the loss of his niece Courtney.


JRR Tolkien aka Fighting Mongol aka El Chino Guapo



Been a while!

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve had the Q so I was excited! Yesterday afternoon I loaded up the blocks, and the bars! I made some bars a few years ago with a forked frame on the ends so we can hook a block on both sides and do deadlifts! The men at Folsom love it! And I couldn’t wait to reunite them this morning! I pulled in a little earlier than my normal time and I see a stranger inn what looks to be Buckeyes Jeep? It’s a shaved Buckeye, glad you came up, always good to see ya! People keep pulling in, good crowd at Folsom this morning! We circled up, let’s get started!

Warmup- SSH 15ic, Windmills 15ic , Toy soldiers 15ic

Partner up, grab a bar and 2 blocks! P1 25 Deadlifts, P2 plank, rotate for 3 sets!

Keep your partner! One partner grab a block, head to the tennis courts for some DORA!

100 Blockies

200 Curls

300 LBCs

100 Triceps’s

Finished! Put up the blocks and bars, and circle up!

Sundays message at church was about “Spiritual depression “, I wanted to share a little as I thought it was a good one, and very applicable to all of our lives!

Bondage to sin in the life of a believer, leads to spiritual depression. Why? David gives us the reason in Ps. 51:3 our transgressions and our sins are ever before us. “Conviction “, How do we get that off of our mind? Most of the time, you go back to bondage! Back to sexual sin/  debt, buy something else/ pills/ alcohol! And the bondage gets deeper and deeper! It takes us further than we want to go, keeps us longer than we want to stay, and will ultimately make us pay a price higher than we want to pay! I want to remind you, you’ve not gone too far! As long as you have breath, you can turn to Christ! He’s not that dad who is waiting to hurt you when you get home, He is that father who is waiting to prepare a feast when you get there! Remind yourself today who Christ is!

Announcments- 5k May 25th

Prayer request- Gastone’s family, each other


5 men entered the gloom this morning.  Hank assumed (correctly) that YHC had the Q since… I was there.   A zinger… but accurate.  After some brief parking lot confusion it was 0530 and time to clock in.

Warmup – SSH, Toy Soldiers and Moroccan nightclubs.

Mosey to the lower parking lot.


Partner up for Bombs

Wave of merkins and squats.   About this time, with no vehicles in the parking lot, some dude decides to park right where we are.

So – wave of monkey humpers.

Utilize the shelter for a couple of rounds of dips and derkins.

Lunge to the top of the parking lot for triple nickel: hillbilly/calf raises.

Pledge and 22 for the vets.

Round of mary

Slow mosey back to the launching pad.



Annoucements: hike this Sunday

Prayer requests: our 2.0s

BOM: Tater Hole took us out in prayer.

Philippians 4:13


Pain train stops in at Folsom

Folsom is currently under a lot of construction but that does not stop us.
Warm up: ssh,m night clubs,toy soldiers.

Mosey to the flag say the pledge and do some ab work. Flutters,lbc’s, Freddy Merck’s, v ups. Mosey back to the tennis courts for the Deck of Pain “imagine this being said in my spooky voice”! I placed the cards and a light a few courts down from us. We circled up gave an explanation that in life we search for the light of God. Each Pax would sprint to the cards come back and call the exercise. Great work was done by all.
Announcements Easter is this weekend.
Praise report for MW uncle. And we prayed for Taterhole’s brother and Lion kings friend.
Folsom is my Home base, I love the fellowship we have and the trash talking. We check on each other encourage good beard growth and cleaning tips “Quiche”, but more importantly we are friends. If you haven’t made it out to the Gloom of Folsom you should give it a try.
The Bedpan is Full!

Sick? So what!

Been sick for a bit, but I didn’t wanna miss an opportunity to have my own solo Q! So I decided the night before dope up and show up! Nice and warm morning after a lot of rain as the pax’s pulled into Folsom but still had plenty of HIMs ready to get with it.

Started off with disclaimer and little warm up

15 Don Qs

15 Toy soldiers

15 SSH

head up to tennis courts and circle up for what I called “circle of no trust”

starting with the Q each pax calls an exercise for the others to do while he takes a lap.  Several different core exercises were called and  even something we later name as road construction burpees!

After we conplete the circle get up and head to the line for some extra dirty 11s

Merkins on one end with squats on the other with 3 burpees everytime you pass the middle.

After that we have a couple minutes to waist so we circle up and get in 2 minutes of lbcs

Back to the flag for pledge and announcements

Finished with prayer requests and COT

Its an honor know and q the men that showed up! We are all blessed to be able to do so.

3S2T at Folsom

04/06/19 Folsom
19 rolled in to Folsom. Lots of EC going on. MW already had a flag out. Part of our parking lot was torn up, (worse than the usual Folsom parking lots) but we started. There seemed to be a lot of mumblechatter going on today. I like to think that means I bring out the best in the Pax. 6:30, time to go.
SSH x 10 IC
Cotton Pickers x 10 IC
Hillbillies x 10 IC
Goofballs x 10 IC
Despite the high levels of mumblechatter designed to throw off my counting, warmup was achieved.
Mosey to the tennis courts. I asked if anyone knew of the F3 term 3S2T and no one responded. It stands for Speed, Strength, Stamina, Toughness (Physical and Mental). This would be the Speed portion.
Rugby Sprints
We would start an exercise until I say Sprint then we would sprint 2 tennis courts, then sprint back the same 2 tennis courts then walk back across the 2 tennis courts. Exercises were Flutter Kicks, Merkins (I know, get my butt down), LBC’s, Squats. Mosey toward the top parking lot where Slaw’s coupons awaited for the Strength portion. We miss you Slaw. Heal up soon.
Curls x 30, On Your Six Chest Presses x 30, Shrugs x 30, Thrusters x 20. I think we did 3 sets and then 30 more curls just for fun. Sister Act had to call the Thrusters for me as I was getting tired. This was about the time the word “Manopause” was being used to describe somebody. Must be for Oompa. I asked the guys to think about who they need to be strong for. I told the story Freight told me a while back about getting ready to take his daughter to a dental appointment and coming out to see a flat tire on his truck. The office was a half mile or so from his house so he gets her on his back and literally runs her to the appointment. Here is what he told me about that. He said “Before F3, I wouldn’t have even thought about doing that”. Mosey to a hill on the bottom right side of the walking trail near the woods for the Stamina portion.
Triple Nickel
Partner Up for 5 Seal Jacks, run up the hill, 5 Booyah Merkins with your partner at the top. Run back down the hill. 5 Times.
Mosey back to the tennis courts and circle/square/rectangle up.
We did a wave of burpees that didn’t go very smoothly. I lost count but it was more than 10.
22 Merkins for the Vets called by Jocko’s friend Pizza Man.
3rd F Event at New Covenant Church 631 Efird St. Gastonia, NC 28054 at 7:00 pm with Tool Time speaking.
Community Foundation 5K with Speed for Need Saturday, April 13th 9:00 a.m.
Be on the lookout for a NOMADS trip soon with a possible trip to Philadelphia sometime in May.
Mount Mitchell Hike Sunday, May 5th. See Gastone for details.
See Blart about Midoriyama Q’s. His work schedule has changed and he needs some help filling up the calendar after April.
Bedpan needs a Q at Downtown on April 26th.
Prayer Requests
Gumby’s mom, MW’s uncle, My wife is having knee surgery this week, People battling addictions, Every man’s unspoken requests. I apologize if I missed any others.
*NMM Thanks to all of the guys who came out today. I started to only bring around 12 blocks but I’m glad I brought them all. It’s always a concern to try to tailor a workout for all fitness levels so I am always glad for the effort from the guys in the front all the way to the six. Shout out to Rockabilly and Big Pappy (he was at Pain Lab with his boys) who completed their first 5K Friday evening and posted Saturday. Thanks to Pizza Man and Sister Act for pushing all of us to be better. Tclaps also to Broke, Dr. Seuss and Gumby for always being there. Those guys are some F3 posting dudes. Last thing. Remember to think about who you need to be strong for. You never know who it will be. It could be your wife, your children, your parents, your sibling or a neighbor but most of us will need to be strong for someone.

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