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Folsom Iron Pax Challenge

14 HIMS at Folsom this morning.  13 for bootcamp and 1 runner.  Great work Tyson.  He is battling a back injury and is slowly working his way back to form.  Good to see him out here putting in some work.  The rest of us, well, I don’t think we realized what we were about to get ourselves into.  F3Greenwood challenged all of F3Nation to compete in the F3 Iron Pax Challenge competition for the month of August.  Each Sunday a new workout is announced to be completed during the following week.  Then you enter your score each week, and after the month an F3Nation Iron Pax winner is announced.  So with today being the last day to complete the week 1 workout, it seemed fitting to offer any willing PAX the chance to compete in the challenge.  It was great to see a good crowd, and before I knew it, it was show time.


Warm-up:  Grass Pickers, Hillbillies


The Thang:

Week 1 Iron Pax Challenge:

The week one workout consisted of completing 4 rounds for time.  You would complete the 5 exercises with the assigned reps, then run 400m, this would complete round 1.  We did this 4 rounds with your score being the time taken to complete all 4 rounds.  Exercises called were:

  1.  50 Squats
  2. 40 Big Boy Sit-ups
  3. 30 Merkins
  4. 20 Bonnie Blairs (jump lunges with 1 rep consists of both R & L knees coming into contact with ground)
  5. 10 Burpees
  6. Run 400 Meters

This was a tough one.  I honestly did not think this looked too bad when it first was announced.  I could not have been more wrong.  As I write this backblast, my legs are more sore than I can ever remember.  This was a beatdown for sure.  Everyone pushed hard, and gave it their best effort.  Defib, who is a machine, lead the way and finished first.  Not sure of the order in which the remaining PAX finished, but everyone finished out together.  Awesome job, and way to push everyone to finish.  I actually prepared a weinke with a lot of options after we completed the Iron Pax Challenge.  Uh,  that wasn’t happening after this beatdown.  With everyone smoked, we fellowshipped mosey to the tennis courts.

Time was running low, but we still had plenty of time for some more work.  Next exercise called was some Route 66, suicide style.  We would run to each out of bounds line and back and perform a Sumo Squat.  Each run down we would go to the next out of bounds line and run back.  Then increase the Sumo Squat by 1 rep each time.  Start with 1 Sumo Squat and finish with 11, for a total of 66 Sumo Squats.  This completely smoked the legs, which were already shot from the Iron Pax Challenge.  Not a good call on my part.

With just a few minutes to spare.  we had time for a little Iron Hulk.  This is a exercise where you perform Merkin and Air presses with a 1:4 ratio.  1 merkin then 4 air presses, 2 merkins 8 air presses, 3 merkins 12 air presses and so on.  I think we made it up to 7 merkins when time was up.

Great job from everyone today.  This was a pretty good beatdown, that I’m still feeling several days after.  Appreciate everyone pushing themselves and each other.



August 18th – CSPAN Convergence at The Fort

August 18th – 2.0 workout at Folsom

August 18th – Tubing

August 25th – BRR/Bourbon Chase Relay CSAUP @ 4am….sign up here – http://f3gastonia.com/2018/07/11/pre-brr-and-bourbon-chase-csaup/

August 25th – 2nd F event at Sargento’s Casa (PAX and M’s ONLY)

Sept. 22nd – Stop Solider Suicide 5k/10k Speed For Need event in Belmont….sign up here – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/stop-soldier-suicide-10k5k-tickets Discount Code: HAPPY

Sept. 22nd – JJ5K at Common Grounds in Stanley…sign up here – https://runsignup.com/Race/NC/Stanley/CPC5KTraining

Oct. 6th – Special Olympics Burpee-thon – More information to come


Prayer Request:  YHC took us out


Thank you for this opportunity to lead today.

Sister Act



No Ruckers

it was a rather humid morning rolling up into Folsom for some PrisonBreak shenanigans. There wasn’t much mumblechatter on our GroupMe conversation last night which left me not so optimistic on the turnout. I roll in and Sister Act is right there with me. He takes off as I wait for other PAX and clock in time. Here they come and just in time.

In case you didn’t know, PrisonBreak is actually a Run/Ruck AO which also uses the Folsom facilities. There are a couple routes to venture on depending on whether you Ruck or run. Both however, incorporate the Gaston College campus.

There were no Rucker’s this morning so all took off on their own pace and route. Once 6:10 hit, all but Oompa Loompa we’re accounted for. After a minute of looking, we see his bright red shirt in the distance. Come to find out, he had a Sparky moment down around he lower pond. ShowToKnow for explanations. Anyway, all are back safe so time to clock out.



YHC took us out in prayer

Shed of sorrows

10 showed at Folsom for a muggy morning beat down, delivered by the chief himself!


prayer request- each other, medicine woman’s leg, oompa ‘s family!

announcements- http://f3gastonia.com/2018/07/11/pre-brr-and-bourbon-chase-csaup/


Jj5k https://runsignup.com/Race/NC/Stanley/

The chief took us out!

F3 Is Rain or Shine

Knowing the weather peoples were calling for rain and possible storms, YHC wasn’t too optimistic about the turnout at Folsom this morning. After all, a few of the regular PAX have just gone M.I.A. here lately. Anyway, I roll in a little early to assess the situation. It wasn’t until about 5:25 that headlights started pulling in. No rain as of yet and there’s a cool breeze. 5:30 hits.


SSH, Imperial Walkers x20 IC


mosey down and make a lap around the lower parking lot finishing up back at the tennis courts.


YHC calls out for 3 exercises recommendations. Considering I’m not really capable of performing shoulder exercises, I put the Q in the PAX hands. Mumblechatter immediately began about “how many…….what is it……etc “ I continued without clues of what was in mind, even though there was a pretty solid clue on Twitter last night. Exercises finally called, Burpees, LBCs, Sumo Squats.  Now, to get to the jist of it. Sparky had introduced 20-1 a while back using blocks. Rather brutal routine it was. I had a slightly different approach to it. We use the four corners of the tennis courts. 20 of each exercise at corner 1 then mosey to corner 2 for 19 each. You get the point, continue until you get down to 1 of each. Then the mumblechatter chatter got worse “I would’ve called something other than burpees, Bkah blah blah.” Anyway, all took off OYO. Some finished at 7, some finished at 9. Do what you can until Q calls time. After we hit corner 15, the rain hit. Some were saying They should’ve brought soap. Felt pretty good at first, then the downpour came. It lasted a good 15 minutes and was rather refreshing. Once all were nice and soaked I saw 6:14 on the dial so we mosey back to start.



YHC took us out in prayer

Glad to see Def Leppard out on a weekday morning at Folsom. Also glad the others who post weren’t afraid to get a little wet. I won’t call them out, but some messaged in afterwards to say “yeah, it was raining so I rolled back over and went back to sleep.” Way to push men who posted. I think the routine can be finished completely incorporating just 2 exercises or cutting out the warmup, but none-the-less, work was Did. Honor to Q as always.

Last day of the month!

  1. A few weeks back I noticed I didn’t have anyone signed up to Q the last 3 days of the month at Folsom! So I threw it out on our Folsom groupme, and two people stepped up, but the last day was open! I told them if I lead it, we will lunge a mile! That’s how we will end the month! Wrong! I tried it by myself, I completed a 1/4 mile and it was bad enough, I knew I wasn’t in good enough shape to get a mile, so a 1/4 mile it will be!

i pulled into Folsom earlier than normal, we had a few pax waiting, then a few more pulled in, including sister Act, after he post again this afternoon , he will have “37 POST” for the month of July! Good job Sister Act! Now let’s get started!


SSHx15, Windmill x10, mosey to the flag!

22 for the vets, pledge!

Mosey the parking lot next to the flag.

11s, burpees and merkins! Fellowship mosey to the crosswalk at the entrance of the park! From this point, lunge walk to the entrance of the animal shelter, that will be 1/4 mile!

Meet back at the truck, partner up and grab a block!

Patner 1 plank, partner 2 shoulder press x20, alternate 4sets!

About 1 minute left, partner 1 plank, partner 2, 20 curls one set!

Good work today’s men! Roadie, good job EHing! Welcome William Watson “ f3 Dirte’” !

Announcements- Wednesday nights Forge 630 to 730 at grits and greens!

Prayer request- Roadie’s nephew, each other, families!

Thanks for the opportunity!

Pacman returns home

YHC had a “bachelor” weekend where the family was out of town so I made the trip up to my hometown to sharpen iron with my Dallas brothers. We had 14 including myself and it started with

Circle Up

Warm Up
SSH x 15
Windmills x 10
Merkins x 10
Diamond x 10
Mountain climbers x 10
Moroccan night clubs X 15

Mosey to the flag for the pledge

Mosey to parking lot where the sandbags await

Spit Into four Groups lunge walk with bag and overhead toss at each line while you wait for your turn do ssh, mountain climbers, merkins

Indian run back up the hill in two lines

Return to amphitheater hill
Partner wheel barrow down the hill/ramp 5 bomb jacks at the bottom then nur up the hill and swap positions x 2 rounds

Went to wall at the stage and did these all in cadence x 10

Australian mount climber
Balls to the wall
Shift to left then right then

Then afterwards we did mucho chesto

10 each


wide arm merkin

diamond merkin

stagger left

stagger right

mosey back to parking lot with bags

drop the bag midway in lot

two lines bear crawl to the bag do 1 burpees with the bag then go back to plank as everyone finishes. -YHC almost took sparkys head off here doing a demo of the sandbag toss. Sorry brother!

Then went to picnic tables for erkins merkins and dips two rounds of 10

Went to the grass beside the picnic table and did jack webs up 28 overhead claps and Bedpan pushed us for 30. -good push at the end!

It was an honor to be a part of this crew Saturday. Thank you for the opportunity to lead you guys and I look forward to returning soon. See you in the gloom! -Pacman

Name That Weinke

It was a bit cooler this morning rolling into the Folsom gloom. The fog added to effect rather nicely. Surprisingly, the humidity was still rather brutal. Folsom is currently marked up for a little facelift and additional recreation equipment installations. Word on the street is we are going to get our very own splash pad/water fountain! Slaw and YHC will most likely be the first to test it out during a WO. Anyway, trying to come up with something creative for today’s Q, I remembered a routine exercise that was used out at BlackBeards AO in Murrells Inlet. While keeping it simple and some modifications to said Q, it worked out well. 5:30 so Time to get at it.



mosey toward the park entrance and loop around down back down by the ballfields to the lower parking lot.


this routine exercise may have a name, but I’m just going with what took place. Each PAX chose an exercise. While PAX 1 runs a fast lap around the parking lot, the remaining PAX AMRAP given exercise. When PAX 1 completes lap, PAX 2 runs and PAX 1 joins the remaining PAX and continue to AMRAP said exercise. Keep the rotation until all PAX have run their lap. Switch to the next exercise and repeat.

Exercises were; Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Imperial Squats, Flutter Kicks, Plank Jacks, Alternating Lunges, 1 more that I can’t remember.

with about 7 minutes left, we mosey to the shelter for Step ups, Low slow Squats, calf raises all x20 IC

mosey back to start

Prayers for our families, Squirt’s M, my friend Tracy, Bedpan job interview

YHC took us out in prayer

Again, thank you men for letting me Q. I love this AO and the group of guys that make it what it is. Let’s keep it rolling!

MDub out

Walmart Special

9 HIMS showed to Folsom this morning looking to avoid the rain.  The chance of avoiding a potential beat down, well, that’s not going to happen if I can help it.  Getting close to start time and the PAX are still rolling in.  Here comes Sparky, so I am late or it’s definitely time to start, so let’s roll.


Warm-Up:    SSH x 10(IC)


The Thang:

Mosey towards the flag at the entrance to Folsom, along the way stopping at 4 different light poles and knocking out 5 Burpees OYO at each pole.  Got in 20 before we reached the flag.  Sort of like a mobile Slaughter Starter.  Go ahead and say the pledge, then we continue to mosey across the street to the back right corner of Walmart.

Exercise called was Walls of Jericho.  This exercise usually is performed around a large building.  Today we are using the Walmart building.  You pick 7 different exercises and complete 7 reps of each and run one lap around the building.  Exercise is complete once you finish your 7th lap.   The exercises chosen today were;  Burpees, Plank Jacks, Big Boys, Imperial Squats, Ski Merkins, CDD, and Seal Jacks.   Not a lot of mumble chatter during this exercise.  Only talk was of Sparky making an emergency pit stop into the Walmart.  He sure did take his time.  Then somewhere after the 2nd round, Allen Tate pops up out of nowhere.  Sort of like he was trying to sneak in like he had been there the whole time.  He swears he ran a 5k looking for us, but he wouldn’t provide his Fitbit for proof.  This exercise took longer than anticipated, and we were quickly running out of time.  We had to cut the last round short and start our mosey back to flag.

Still with a couple minutes left to spare, I didn’t want to waste any valuable time.  So a quick round of Burp & Merk was called.  This is when you begin a traditional burpee with a single merkin at the bottom, then complete.  Drop back down for a second burpee with two merkins, then complete.  We did this up to 7, and then worked our way back down to 1.   This was a crowd pleaser to end the workout.  Time.



Name-o-rama:    Completed rather quickly, not sure where Sparky was off “two”

Announcements:  CSAUP relay, JJ5K, Belmont 5/10k

Prayer request:  YHC took us out


It was an honor to lead today gentlemen.  Thank you for allowing me this opportunity.

Sister Act

Just another JV Q

With the 2.0 friendly workout at Folsom on Saturday morning, I reached out to Sparky to see who had the regular Q.  The answer was nobody…say what?  Well Pizza Man will take it now.  With that said,  I wanted to Q a workout that really pushed the HIMS that posted.  As I pull into Folsom I noticed my brother Whoopee waiting patiently, then it was just he and I waiting, and then here comes our brother Slaw rolling in.  6:30 is approaching and mentioned that this workout wasn’t going to be easy and it would push each of us.  Not sure how much they believed but it went like this….



Don Q’s- 10 IC

Slow squat- 10 IC

Let’s mosey to the flag at the entrance to say the pledge.  Now let’s mosey to the track around the small pond for some arm work.  We posted on the new dock and did 3 exercises (incline merkin, decline merkin, dips).  Each of these exercises were done with MAX reps as possible and then run a lap.  Enough of that, mosey to the hill for Triple Nickle.  Turkish get-ups were done at the top and Big Boy sit-ups at the bottom with a little NUR back up the hill.  Good work men!!  On to the next, we stopped at the lower parking lot for 11’s.  Merkins and flutterkicks were performed.  With about 13 minutes to go, I knew this was going to be perfect!! Mosey to the tennis courts for Burpeethon training.  It went like this…8,9,10,11,12,12,11,10,9,8 burpees were done on each minute.  For those not great at math, that’s 100 burpees in 10 minutes!!!  Time!!!  During this JV Q we logged 3.75 miles and did the exercises mentioned.

I really hope the HIMS that posted this morning got their money’s worth.  If not, come to my next JV Q.  I really appreciate the opportunity to lead and can’t wait for the next time.  Thanks for the push and for pushing your bodies through this Q.


Mt Hollywood Recon Q- Tuesday July 24th 17:30 @ Mt. Holly Middle School

Mt. Hollywood Official Launch- Aug 6th @ 5:30am @ Mt Holly Middle School

Aug 11th- Female workout at Folsom @7:45/8am (after Folsom) “More information to come”

BRR and Bourbon Chase CSAUP- Aug 25th @ 4am

SpeedForNeed- Stop Solider Suicide 5k/10k in Belmont on Sept 22nd

JJ5k- Stanley Commongrounds Sept 22nd

Many prayers were lifted!!


Once again, thanks for the opportunity to lead and way to push!!!

Until next time…Pizza Man is ooooouuuutttt!!


30 PAX and 2.0’s came out to the Folsom 2.0 day today. Great job on making this a monthly day during the summer guys! It has been a hit! It is very important that we be role models for our kids. There are some bad ones out there that they could be following.

Roadie lead us from the start.


SSH x 10ic, Squats and something else.

I have to say Roadie did a great job of explaining some of our weird ways and names

Mosey to the front of the park. Man my kid hates running more than me!


11’s in the parking lot. SSH’s and squats.

Hippa took over.

Mosey back to the field at the start. Hiippaa led us in some fire drill exercises.

The 1st lesson from HHipa was about getting low. Bearcrawl in a circle then do some merkins. Bearcrawl some more exercises.  So on and so forth for several rounds.

The 2nd lesson from Hiippa was on stop drop and roll. Run in place then drop and roll left then roll right and jump back up. Repeat several times.

Freight took over

Mosey to the tennis courts

Get in three teams for some relay races.

First was the monkey relay. Grab you ankles and hold them while running across a tennis court and back. There was no running in this. Try it!

2nd everyone got a balloon. Run down two tennis courts, sit on your balloon, pop it and run back.

3rd everyone took off one shoe in the middle of the courts and put them in a pile. The teams then went to the far corners. One member at a time has to run and find their shoe put it on and run back.


Announcements-Relay and cookout August 25th, Goruck light Sunday

Namerama-Welcome Mozart, Cheese dip, Bindi, PETA, Laffy Taffy, Steamboat, Lockup

Prayer Request-Our kids and Dads


Awesome morning guys. So proud of all of you for bringing yours kids out and being good role models. They may not get it out now but one day they will. Being a parent isn’t always about the here and now. Sometimes we are just working for their future.

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