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Tour of Folsom

9 #HIM showed up for an early beatdown at Folsom.  YHC had thought about bringing the coupons out but didn’t make it much farther than that.

Warm Up; SSH, Toy Soldiers, Mericans, Squats all by 10 IC.


Mosey to lower picnic shelter – 10 dips IC, run to picnic shelter at top of hill 40 LBC’s oyo.  Repeat x 3

Mosey to playground – 10 pullups, run to ampitheater 20 hipslappers both oyo.  Repeat x 3

Mosey to bottom of hill at ball fields – 20 squats at paved path, run up hill to paved path 40 flutter kicks.  Repeat x 3

Mosey to small parking lot at ball fields –  11’s, 1 big boy sit-up run across lot 10 burpees, you know the rest.

Mosey back to start, stop at tennis courts for 25 shoulder tap mericans.

Mosey to start parking lot for Mary; all pax called exercise.  I apologize for not remembering.

Moleskin; Nice work by all men, kept the Pax moving on this tour of Folsom.  There is still a lot out there that we didn’t touch.  Mike Falls –  Gravity, worked hard and never gave up.  Thanks to Pax for pushing each other.

COT; Namorama, Named FNG Mike Falls – Gravity, Welcom brother.  Announcements, Prayer Requests.


BOM; Slaw took us out.



I know, Finally

YHC was asked at the last minute to trade Q days with ole Montross. I abliged yet didn’t prepare too well. No problem, Folsom is full of possible Q ideas. So I’ll wing it. Still toasted from CSAUP, I thought to incorporate some useful leg exercises to break the soreness. To start, the gloom was dead when I pulled into the parking lot. There were no PAX waiting. As I park the beast, here comes Hank. Alright now Volt and Bedpan arrive. It’s time to clock in, plus there’s plenty of time left for the Site Q to show.


SSH, Shoulder Taps, Hillbillies All x15 IC

pledge: yes there’s a perfectly good shovel flag at start; no need to have to mosey to the park entrance just for that.


mosey to park entrance via the long loop around the lower lake. Stop by the flag for a little work on the 6. And on the way, Sparky pulls in. QIC yelled “flagpole” to guide the late PAX to the rest of the group. On our 6 for LBCS and American Hammers x29 IC. YHC had a stretch in mind and practically screwed it all up. After a few adjustments, I finally figure out what I’m doing. On your back, cross one leg over the opposite knee. Loop arms through that knee and pull the torso toward that knee. Hold for said time. Switch and repeat. Ok, up and mosey over to adjacent lot. Line up on the curb for 11’s. Mike Tyson’s then sprint across the lot for jump squats. Continue to complete a round of 11’s. Mosey on over to the horse arena. Triple nickel time. 5 lunges each leg jump ups to the top for 5 burpees. Rinse and repeat x5. Now burpee jump ups. Perform burpee and for the finish jump up onto the first level. Do 20 OYO. Position for derkins. Do 15 IC, stay in position and YHC calls for more shoulder taps x15 IC in decline. Mosey on back toward the side pond lot for Route 66. Bobby Hurleys at each line walking in between up to 11. Alright, now mosey across back to start.

Announcements: Community Foundation Run, 3rd F Event Friday at Parkwood

prayers for our families, our country, and requests for a friend of mine who had a death in the family.

YHC took us out.

Always an honor to Q! Thank you for letting me be s part of such an impactful movement. I’ll do better to post my BBs in a more timely manner. #ForgetfulADHD


Here deer deer deer

On the way home from work yesterday I stopped off by southern states and picked up several 50lbs bags of deer corn, to put out for the deer! These bags of deer corn will also make for some great mumble chatter at Folsom! Before parking at Folsom, I took the bags and dropped them off in the bottom parking lot then headed up to the pax! Pulling up I see Sister Act and Swimmer joined us this morning, good to see them on a weekday. 530, time to start!

Warm up


hillbillys- 15ic

DonQs – 15ic

Mosey to the flag at the entrance of Folsom, pledge, 22 for the vets! Mosey back to the truck to pick up the jump ropes on our way to the bottom parking lot.

Partner up! Partner 1 starts the exercise, partner 2 run across the parking lot while carrying the 50lb bag of corn!

100 Merkins

100 squats

100 lbcs

150 jump ropes

Time for a mosey around the park! Partner 1 starts the mosey carrying the bag, handing it off to partner 2 as needed! While running the long way to the flag pole and back to the trucks! On the way back to the truck, YHC had a pain hit, and had to find the closest bathroom! With 7 min left, the pax stepped in and finished up!

25 flutters ic

16 merkins ic

20 Freddie M ic

( to many) Sandy Vs

10 Burpees oyo

about this time yhc returned, feeling much better!

Announcements- CSAUP, community 5k

Prayer request- Medicine Woman’s leg, Sister Acts traveling, each other!

Good job by all the pax! Thanks for the opportunity to lead!






YHC has felt horrible about having the Q at Folsom last Thursday and fartsacking leaving the PAX hanging. In all honesty, I’ve been in a funk lately due to some personal mess and stress. After missing Thursday and Pizza Mans Q at Folsom Saturday, YHC started chiseling at this thing called life a little harder. By praying and taking some steps to change how I’m dealing with these issues, I’m starting to feel new life stirring. So, to move on, I roll into Folsom looking forward to making up for my slackness of last Thursday. To my surprise, there wer NO PAX waiting. I’m usually one of the early birds, but today I was only about 7 minutes early. While I sit in my truck, I’m going over in my head what my weinke is going to be and here comes Bedpan. Just a couple seconds later, Volt. Plenty of time for Sparky to roll in but it’s time to go to work.


SSH, Hillbillies, Merkins x10 IC



Still no Sparky, so we mosey on up towards the park entrance. On your six for LBCs, flutters, Sandy V all x20 IC

alright mosey across the highway to Walmart and “Train” yep, that’ll be 5 burpees OYO. Continue to mosey around behind Walmart headed towards the dreadful hills, which by the way, need to mowed soon! Time for some 11’s mike Tyson’s at the bottom, fast bear crawl to the top for squat jumps, then crab walk back down. I must admit, it was a wonderful idea on paper. Ok, grab some wall for some Hipslappers x10 IC and then get personal with the wall with 50 calf raises facing the wall. There’s a nice little curb at the bottom of the wall and yes, it looks pretty awkward doing the raises, I saw bedpan using a little circular motion and a lot of hand moving on the wall. Time to break up the romance. Mosey back across the road and behind the civic center to the horse arena. Line up for Triple Nickel.  5 DIPs, step ups or jump ups to the top for 5 burpees. Rinse repeat times 5. YHC notices the time is running thin. Omaha after the third round. Let’s mosey the long route back to start. Not bad, ending up with 1.9 Miles.

Announcements: The Forge Wednesdays in Lowell, CSAUP Saturday, Community Foundation Run next Saturday.

prayer requests lifted and YHC took us out

Men, it’s a blessing to be a part of something so special. I’m thankful for all the relationships I’ve built and looking forward to more. Thank you for all the encouragement and drive you men bring to the table, even the trash talk is encouraging. Let’s continue to push this rock together and build a stronger, more godly community. AYE!

JV @ Folsom

My man Sparky reached out to give me an opportunity to Q at Folsom and of course I can’t pass up an opportunity to lead the HIMs of Folsom.  I also wanted to get one last weekend Q before busy A$$ April hits.  As YHC ran into Folsom I noticed Sister Act getting in some EC.  While on my EC run I was thinking of ways to turn my Q’s from JV to Varsity…then I thought about it and decided that I like my JV Q’s and I believe everyone else does too.  With that being said, 6:30 hit and it was time to go….


SSH X I don’t remember cause DL was taking his precious time

Don Q’s X 10 IC

Let’s mosey to the tennis courts…it went like this:

Burpee suicides starting at 1 and increasing at every court.  The PAX liked these so much we ran it back but started from the furthest court back.  Now with the heart rate going let’s do some 11’s.  The exercises were Mike Tyson’s and Big Boy sit-ups.  Great work men!!!

Now we are finished with the tennis courts, let’s mosey to an area I noticed on a recon run.  Gaston County’s finest built a new dock on this pond so YHC wanted to do some work on it…each PAX performed max reps of an exercise or stopped when they couldn’t count any higher then ran a lap around the lake.  The exercises were:




Let’s mosey on…since my Duke team lost to Kansas in the Elite 8 we had to throw in some Bobby Hurley’s at the Route 66 parking lot(but today it turned into Route 78) My bad!!  Now with all the PAX legs a little tired let’s mosey to the shed for some exercises and mubblechatter.  Each HIM busted out these exercises:

Dips X 20 IC

Box jumps X 20

Derkins X 20 IC

Box jumps X 20

With time running out we heading back to the flag for 22 for the VETS.  TIME!!


“Going the Extra Mile” CSAUP – April 7th @ 4am

3rd F Event – April 13th @ 7pm

SPEEDFOR NEED is coming!!! – April 14th    SIGN UP HERE——-> http://www.cfgaston.org/Learn/CommunityFoundationRun.aspx

Prayer Request:

Allen Tate’s mom, Medicine Woman(Leg and something about cold hands), and others I may have forgot


Once again, I would like to thank Sparky for the opportunity to lead the HIMs at Folsom.  Do everything you can to follow the path that the Lord tells or shows you to follow.  Sometimes you may get thrown off the path but do everything that you can to get back and stay on the path he has for made for you!!

Colossians 3:23

“And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;”


Until next time Pizza Man is OOOOOUUUUUUTTTTTT!!


2 unicorns and a half Murph

Medicine Woman had the Q for Thursday, but wasn’t able to make it. But he did inform the pax the night before on the good ole Folsom group text that we will be doing a Murph in the morning! Also, Allen Tate informed us that he will be there! Yeah right! I rolled in right on Sparky time, about 535, and the pax was already warming up, all the “trucks” in there normal places, wait a minute, did roadie get a new truck? Nope, it’s Allen Tate (unicorn) number one! They finish Mnightclubs till I get there, no MW, but we already had our orders! Mosey to the flag, pledge, then make a lap around the park, knocking out our first mile, man that Montross is getting fast!  We meet up at the playground to start on our Murph, we were planning on doing full Murph but we only got half, 50 pull-ups, 100 merkins, 150 squats! Look at the watch, 603! Let’s mosey! Wait , who is this creeping in? It’s Gomer,(unicorn) number two! How rare is this? He jumps out of his vehicle, with jeans and Justin boots on, files right in line with the pax, we knock out another mile and a half! Allen Tate and gomer looked like they haven’t missed a beat! Everybody did a great jod, some even ran a little extra on that last mosey!

Announcements: CSAUP first Saturday in April, 3rd F event April 13th, 5k April 14

prayer requests: Medicine woman’s leg, Def leopards hip, Allen Tate’s mother in law, bedpans wife! Bedpan took us out!

Good to see that Allen Tate and Gomer still know how to find Folsom!


3 Year F3 Gastonia Anniversary Convergence at Folsom

Today was the convergence shortly after our GasHouse 3 year anniversary. ToolTime asked me to co-Q, and I have learned over the last few years to always say yes to ToolTime-there is a reason he is asking and I will be better off if I say yes. I arrived early for some EC and realized I was not alone. There was another rucker, a runner meeting 2 other runners on their way, and (drum roll………..) ROADIE out for an extra credit run. Holy NUTS! This F3 thing never quits amazing me. HIPAA and I took off for our ruck (T-square had the runny bunnies and could not make it) and watched as cars started coming in. Just before 0700 we got back and did the usual back-slapping and catching-up with everyone. ToolTime’s plan was I would start then hand off after 20 minutes so we got to it. I started with a quick review of nantanology history in GasHouse from my perspective while the mumble chatter started-I have learned to persevere through the mumble chatter and even (from my standpoint) to accelerate the workout to combat the mumble chatter. We started with a quick warm up (is there really any other kind??) with a few SSH, Merkins, and Squats. Pizza Man’s chatter seemed a little too much so I had to bring out the Monkey Humpers but even that didn’t get him quiet so we split off from the Pain Lab and headed to the tennis courts. My plan was partner work, however it has been awhile since I posted at Folsom, and I forgot there were 300 tennis courts. I really only thought there were 2 or 3….oh well.


All Pax on back wall (yes, it’s a wall, not a fence. I am the Q and if I say wall, then it’s a wall-period, end of story). So again, all pax on back wall, P1 picks up P2 and carries him across the 735 tennis courts and puts him down gently then both pax mosey back to start. Flapjack and repeat. Not really sure riding on Pockets shoulders was any easier than carrying him. A year ago I could probably have had a preference both based on his weight and my ability-thanks F3.


We planked for the 6 then started next part. P1 gets in plank position, P2 does suicide burpee thing. Go to first line (any line really), do a burpee, then run back. Repeat the process with each tennis court doing a burpee at 2 separate lines per tennis court while P1 stays in plank position. That was the original plan, however due to the number of courts that I had not planned (I really think there are only 27 courts), we changed the plank to LBCs after consulting a few of the guys around me in plank position. At some point, P1 and P2 swap. I don’t really remember when my partner and I swapped-I was still amazed at how many tennis courts there were. I had a lot of other things planned including pull-ups, more Burpees, BTTW, and Hip Slappers but I ran out of time. I’ll save that for another time.

I know ToolTime will add something to the BB, but I want to say how amazed I am at how we (as a group) have done. F3 has made me a better man in so many ways. I was thinking about how much all of us have changed not only physically, but in many other ways. I really think the reason for this is we challenge each other-the kind of challenge that makes you get out of the fartsack or off the couch and do something. To see Roadie running this morning is proof of that. Find a way to challenge your brothers this year, not just at the end of a workout, but a really tough challenge. Find something that makes you uncomfortable then get someone to share that discomfort with. Push them to get better and make them accountable to making you better. We all crave challenges-physically, mentally; spiritually-it is what drives us all in some way. Make it a priority-you will be better for it.


I was really looking forward to a convergence and it being at Folsom made it even better for me! Folsom is a very special place to me! I’ve been posting there since it started, a little over two years ago! I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of something really amazing, and have gotten to know a group of men that would drop what they’re doing to help one another out! Or if needed, they would give you a swift kick in the jungle bridge, if you don’t know what that is, ask Roadie! Sorry, back to the B.B. I was stoked about the three Nantans leading this morning, but due to Freights work schedule he wasn’t going to be able to deliver the beat down that we know would have been given! On Wednesday ToolTime called me up and asked if I would fill in, yes Sir!

I wanted to share Folsom’s love for blocks with the rest of the Pax !


Partner up!

50 blockees!

Partner 1 start the blockees, partner 2 crab walk to the line, backwards bear crawl back, alternating to completion!


75 thrusters!

Partner 1 start the thrusters (squat with a press) partner 2 take a lap, alternating to completion!


Thanks for allowing me to lead today men, It was an honor!






YHC has been injured for the past few weeks and has limited exercises that he can perform …..One that he can do is ….The Mosey so YHC was the transition Q for the Whoopee and Sparky boot camp!  Remember you get to modify as needed so if you’re on the IR come out and do what you can at the pace you can! On Saturdays you have a pain Lab option in which you get a great workout and little to know impact.  You will not regret it….the worst thing you can do is to just quit coming out all together.



Convergence Pain Lab

Pain Lab has been a great alternative to bootcamp’s. YHC, like others, post regularly throughout the week and most often weights (kettlebells, bricks, cinder blocks, etc.) are not included in most Q’s weinke’s. That’s perfectly OK because that’s what makes Pain Lab so special come Saturday AM at the Gas-House. For those of you still unaware of what Pain Lab is, I will quote Rudolph from his Pain Lab PRE-BLAST from almost 1 year ago.

“What is a Pain Lab?  This is a workout that will be designed for those who cannot do High-Impact exercises (both feet leave the ground, like jogging or regular burpees), and also for those members on the mend from injuries, providing a Low & Zero impact solution. We will modify exercises, we will get our cardio spiking, we will bust our @$$e$.”

When I first heard of the convergence happening at Folsom I got excited. What really got me even more excited was the talk of a Pain Lab being there. I knew it would be a great opportunity for those that have not witnessed it to see it in action. I noticed that at the 3 times the other group passed by ours, there were many looks of curiosity. I think I also saw looks of shock and awe because we seemed to be sweating a whole lot harder than them, but hey guess that’s your group leaders fault lol.

The Thang:

Part 1 – Mayor – 100’s – 25 Minutes

Rules: Do 100 reps of the named exercise. Every time you rest count x2 burpees at the end of your set. (e.g. rested 3 times do 6 burpees)

  • 100 Kettlebell Curls
  • 100 Kettlebell Squats
  • 100 Kettlebell Tricep Presses
  • 100 Crunches with kettlebell

Part 2 – HIPAA – PAINOPOLY – 25 Minutes

Painopoly made its 2nd appearance in 2 weeks. We played. We lifted. We conquered.

Part 3 -Mayor – Indian Ruck – 10 Minutes


Mayor – Thanks for helping Co-Q with me. That gave me a huge sense of relief as I was unsure what usually happens at a convergence. Way to push through every set with intensity!

Rudolph – A beast as always. You are the reason I came to pain lab in the first place. Thanks for launching this group. Keep it going brother!

Dolph – Jeez man, is there anything you can’t do?! Is there a kettlebell you can’t lift? My new goal in life is to be swole like you.

Def Leppard – A man that never gives up. Coming in and lifting strong while coming off IR. Much respect to you.

As always great conversation, jokes and good music. I feel like we should drink beer and do this next time. I am hoping to see those that looked in will join us some Saturday.



Naked Man Moleskin


Wow it’s been 3 years already! YHC was amazed as he looked around today at all the men out here. I spoke about eh’ing people and growth today …a lot… You see every number is another man! And every man will touch multiple lives. Think of the IMPACT we can have men! Think on the difference that F3 has made in your life! Now I challenge you to think of three men that you know need F3 in their lives. Get over being uncomfortable with asking guys to come out and just do it! Ask them….you have the opportunity to change their life !  I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am to be a small part of F3 Gastonia and F3 Nation. The difference being made through the organization is amazing to watch!

So many of you have really stepped it up this year and it shows….you know who you are. To you I say keep pushing, never surrender ….fight the fight!  Some of you need to take your next step and lead … this thing only works as much as you work it…..if you have an Idea then take it and speak to one of your 3 F leaders. ( 1st F Pizza Man , 2nd F Sargento , 3rd F Freight, F3 Dads Roscoe, F3 Ruck Boudin, Weasel shaker Short Sale, YHC Nantan ) however be prepared to step up and lead YOUR idea or suggestion because F3 Gastonia becomes even stronger and better when more and more Pax step up and take the lead.

Find time to rest men. Physically yes however also spiritually. You have to rest in knowing that the Sky Q is in control and that you have a Spiritual Father that has already paid the ultimate price for you. There is nothing in this world that can overcome you if you are in His family! YHC can only hope that you have this peace in your life!




3rd Quarterly event April 13th check pre blast   3rd F Quarterly Event  or get with Freight with questions , April 14th Community Foundation 5k and first SpeedForNeed race for F3 Gastonia in 2018 sign up here Gastonia SpeedForNeed 5k



Prayers for our continued growth and strength. Prayers that we would be a light for Him and make a difference in the lives of the people around us.


Proverbs 27:

17Iron sharpens iron,
and one man sharpens another.


It was an honor to lead today men!

Whoopee/ Sparky/ Hipaa/ Mayor/ ToolTime

felt good to be back in the gloom

7 men resisted the fart sack this morning.  I hope 6 others weren’t disappointed.   Medicine Woman and Montross got in some extra credit.  good chatter beforehand.  05:30 hit and it was time to clock in.

warmup: ssh x 36ic.  sparky shows up at this time.  morraccan nightclubs until he joins us.  toy soldiers x 10ic.


mosey to the lower lot and partner up for bombs.  p1 exercises will p2 runs two laps.

head back to the launching point with a combination of lunges, nur, lunges and a sprint.


annoucements: CSAUP, community run.

prayer request: each other. being men of God.

BOM: YHC took us out in prayer.

it was an honor to Q today, thank you all for the push.

i’m thankful for you guys.  although i’ve rarely posted, the chatter has been uplifting to me.

Philippians 4:13



It was nice to show up in the gloom with the temperature at 56 degrees. Unlike the past few mornings posting. Anyway, Hank don’t do backblasts so Sparky and I take up his slack to write up a backblast for him.

Warmarama; nothing, mosey

mosey to the park entrance for….



Mosey, for like forever around the park. Stop randomly for 20 burpees OYO. Wait there’s a train add 5 more. Mosey, like forever again. Stop for 50 plank jacks. Again mosey forever, then stop for 100 Good Mornings. Mosey, stop again for 150 monkey jumpers. This was awesome timing for Roadie to be humping as a County Police Car pulls in and parks. Weird that he lined up directly behind Roadie? Anyway, mosey again then stop. Realizing time is coming to an end, Q asks what mileage we were at, so we continue to mosey. At each stop, PAX were to plank, SSH, or other exercise waiting for the 6. After it was all said and done. Men hit 3.3 miles and got sore lower backs. Hank never calls anything outrageous, but it is always stupid.

Anouncements; CSAUP, Community Run….dates??? YHC not very good with that part.

Prayer: Sparky took us out.

nice work men. No, Folsom is not a running AO

Cold Hands Redemption Day

It was a little bit chilly rolling into the Folsom gloom. YHC was anxiously awaiting what mumblechatter might be continuing from last Thursday’s episode. YHC was prepared for such scorning. ShowToKnow!!  Roadie is already present and after the Big White Truck was parked, the headlights start pouring in. Looks like the fartsack was weak on this particular day! Let’s get to work.


Gravel pickers, toy soldiers, Don Q, x15 IC; well here comes the site Q on time as usual. NightClubs til Sparky joins the group.

Pledge the shovel flag(I believe many have forgotten that there’s a shovel flag present and mosey to the parks flag instead?)


Mosey………….For a solid mile before a break. Hey, there’s Oompa rolling in. He can catch up, and did rather quickly. These Folsom PAX are really getting the hang of this running thing. Finish up at the top of the lower parking lot. Triple Nickel time, 5 Burpees run up the hill to designated light pole for 5 squats, repeato X5. Mosey back to start to grab a jump rope then run up to the tennis courts. Line up, 25 jump ropes drop for 10 burpees then run to the other end of the courts and back, rinse-repeat. 20 jump rope, drop for 15 plank jacks run to the end and back, rinse repeat. 15 jump rope, drop for 10 Merkins, run across the courts and back, rinse-repeat. Oops, Q went over time a couple minutes, but no mumbelchatter heard!

Announcements: Convergence Saturday At Folsom! 0700. Sign up for CSAUP by the 17th.

Prayer requests lifted

YHC took us out!

nice work men! Awesome to see the energy and encouragement that is surrounding the Folsom AO! It really makes it easier to fight the fartsack to get out there and hang out and sweat with you guys!


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