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“ Weeeaasselllll!”

After a week and a half off from the gloom, YHC finally has his blood pressure under control and chest tightness to a minimum. For you younger folks out there, it sucks getting old. Ok, back to the real literature. I show up at Folsom all alone. My guess was that the regulars may be fartsack one due to how brutal my Q might just be. Negative, here come some headlights. Alright, 5:30 hits.


SSH, Toy Soldiers, Hillbillies all x10 IC



Mosey to the flag pole for a little core work. Thought I’d save the legs for what was about to come. On the 6. LBCs, Flutter Kicks, American Hammers, Sandy Vs all x10 IC. Recover…..mosey on across the road to Walmart. Not sure if a few PAX even looked both ways before crossing, but one driver passing seemed a little upset due to the pack lazily running across. We hit the parking lot entrance and here comes a freakin coyote…….wait, no it’s just a stray dog. It must not have been interested cause it kept on its path. Continue around the back to end up st “The Hill.” Yes, it’s been a while. Q calls Triple Nickel. Mike Tyson’s x5 on the curb, Nur up the hill, 5 burpees at the top. Rinse and repeat 5 times. Before finishing, we hear a voice in a distance, “Weasel!” We look up and see a fella with a flashlight yelling for his dog. Our guess was the dog we saw was the fugitive. We nicely holler, “we saw it on the other side of the lot!” Quickly and harshly, he yells back, “WHAT OTHER SIDE? “HELP ME OUT!” We not so politely responded. I mean damn, even an ole Lowell boy knew what that statement had meant. Ok, that dude continued looking for Weasel while we finished the nickel. Crap, here he comes again, “YOU SEEN HER?” We say no. He continues to walk forward. He quickly realizes that he’s walking up on some HIMS. He quickly changed tone. “My dog for 11 years, I gotta find her. Sorry for being so rude earlier. I just want to find her.” Ok, drama over, PAX get on the wall for a wave of hip slappers. All BTTW while each PAX perform 5. Recover, plank it up facing the wall for Dirty HangUps x10 IC. Fellowship mosey a little then head to cross the road again. We hear the poor guy yelling still for the dog so we run up towards him and again he asked if we’ve seen it. Again, we say no and continue our mosey back toward start. Stop at random street light for 10 Merkins IC. Mosey back to start and finishing up with Route 66 with Bobby Hurley’s back to the flag. 22 for the vets. Time is up.

ChristmasTown 5k(full now)

prayer requests lifted up.

Honor to Q and be a part of this AO and Region. I’ve visited other regions, but haven’t really witnessed the bonds that Gastonia seems to have. Of course, a couple posts may not be enough to observe. Anyway, I appreciate you Men and the trash talk helps keep me out there.


Three men did work.


Announcement: Christmastown 5k, Convergence at the Yank

Prayer requests: Allen Tate’s M, People effected by the hurricane, a gentleman Pastor Clever knows.

BOM: Pastor Clever closed us in prayer.


7 men fought off either the fart sack and/or sandy v.  We were greeted in the parking lot by a semi-fresh pile of crap.  Sister Act and Bedpan attempted to remove it, but ended up just making it worse.  After a little small talk and kotters to War Eagle, it was 05:30 and time to clock in.

Warmup: SSH x 15IC, low slow squats and toy soldiers x 10 IC

Mosey down to the lower turd shack and partner up.  Partner 1 will hold BTTW while partner 2 lunges around the shack.  Flapjack.

Up the stairs doing 20 calf raises per step.

Back in the parking lot we did 4 corners escalator style.  Corner 1: 25 merkins.  Corner 2: 25 merkins and 50 flutter kicks.  Corner 3: 25 merkins, 50 flutter kicks and 75 mountain climbers.  Corner 4: 25 merkins, 50 flutter kicks, 75 mountain climbers and 100 lbcs.  Once complete we de-escalated back around.  During the escalated part of the long run was a nur, bear crawl the short.

Mosey back to the launching point and circle up.  Pulled out the deck of death and went around for a few times.  Exercises were: 25 American hammers, 100 flutter kicks, 100 calf raises, 17 lbcs, 25 shoulder taps, 18 squat thrusts, 25 mountain climbers, 18 merkins, 19 ranger merkins and 25 plank jacks.


22 for the vets.



Annoucements: Christmastown 5k

Prayer requests:  Oompa Loompa’s family, those battling injuries, those battling the fart sack, family member off a coworker of Montross.

BOM: YHC closed in prayer.

Philippians 4:13


Bulldog returns

20 was the count at Folsom.  Our brother, Bulldog, put on the Twitter box that he’d be at Folsom today.  Unforeseen circumstances decided that YHC would take the Q today.  Upon this, there was no doubt Bulldog was going to be involved.  Some don’t know, but Bulldog was very instrumental in not only keeping Folsom going, but honestly, keeping Folsom alive.   Winter of 2016/2017 was a dark time for our beloved AO.  There were many days were only one person would show.  Having two was nice and if three people showed it was a miracle.  The easy thing for YHC would have been to fall in with the HIM at the Storm, The Goat and Martha’s house.  Bulldog doesn’t believe in easy.  He pushed me to keep showing up, even if it was just us two.  I’m glad I listened… look at Folsom today.   We spent some time this week putting together something fun, but challenging at the same time.   06:30 hits and we clock in.

Disclaimer for the new guys.

First exercise is… let’s mosey.   Mosey down to the amphitheater.   Australian mountain climbers x 50IC, Australian Mike Tysons x 10OYO, LBCs x 50IC

We heading to the tennis courts with a mixture of lunges, bear crawls, nur and mosey.

Next exercise: Tug-of-war.  Split up into four teams.  While two teams competed, the other two teams did curls with blocks.  Volt’s team won.  Not really surprising.  I think Volt won on his own and the others were just there.

Next was four corners.  Each team to a corner.  Each PAX must do 50 of each exercise, but one must do 100.  Exercises were LBCs, Merkins, American Hammers and Squats.

Next was a relay race.  P1 sprints to P2.  P1 and P2 wheelbarrel to P3. P1, P2 and P3 bear crawl to P4 and then all four burpee long jump back to the start.

We did two rounds of rugby sprints with burpees and toy soldiers.

Quick mosey back to the launching point.  Slaw led 22 for the vets and we said the pledge.



Annoucements: Burpees by the lake next Saturday.  Christmastown 5k.

Prayer request: The family of Maddox.  The Kanuppe family.

BOM: Bulldog closed us in prayer.

Good to see everyone this morning.  Glad Bulldog could join us.  Let’s all push in October to have more posts than ever.

Philippians 4:13


I thought it would be cooler!

I pulled into Folsom this morning with two ideas, one for a rainy workout and one for a dry one.  Well it’s not raining yet, so we are going with the “dry” workout. With 7 HIMS ready for the workout it’s time.




Hillbillys X10 IC

Gravel Pickers X10 IC

Moroccan Nightclubs X10 IC



Medicine Woman had left the shovel flag in another vehicle so a very short discussion about if someone had another flag would we get out of moseying to the flag pole at the entrance.  YHC as nicely as possible let the PAX know it really wasn’t going to matter we were going there anyway. To the flag we go.  Stop on the way to pick up the 6 and left the PAX to call exercises on their own.  YHC doesn’t know what was called but seen burpees from a distance and some planking.

Once at the flag 22 for the vets and pledge, short mosey to the parking lot across from the flag.  Roadie being the observant one asked what kind of 11’s are we doing?  Well I’m glad  you asked. Big Boy’s then Lunge across lot( 20 or so yards)  Burpee’s then lunge back. This was a real crowd pleaser and took us some time to complete. YHC wasn’t sure when I called those that I could complete, but we all pushed through and completed. Good work men!

Mosey to the Tennis Courts for some Mary.

YHC with LBC’s X 25 IC

Medicine Woman with Mountain Climbers X 20 IC

Roadie with Big Boy’s X 25 OYO

Huckleberry with Flutter Kicks X 30 IC

Pastor Clever with Peter Parkers X20 IC

With a couple minutes to go make a lap around the Tennis Courts and head back to start.

SSH till time.

Announcement’s: Burpeethon 10-6 see Mayor or show up. Stroganoff with a 5k turtletuff.org , BrightFutures 5k 10-20 18  See Sparky.

Prayer Request: Couple of families with maritial issues,  Elaine Kanupp and family, Cheesepuff and middle school issues,  each other and our kids.  YHC took us out



Happy Birthday Hacksaw!

Good work today men, thanks for coming out. Missed the guys that couldn’t make it.

As always it was a pleasure and honor to lead today.


Folsom JJ5K Warmup

YHC seems to sign up to Q on days that fall on big event days F3 PAX are participating in. Remind you, I am terrible with remembering dates to begin with. Anyway, I remained optimistic on the showing even though most Folsom PAX were running the JJ5K or the Stop Soldier Suicide Runs. That being said, I really hadn’t come up with a weinke for the Q, but I knew I’d come up with something. 5:30 hits.


SSH, Toy Soldiers x15IC, Moroccan NightClubs waiting on Roadie to join the circle. Mosey to the park entrance Flag pole.


10 burpees OYO, on our 6 for some LBCs, Sandy Vs, and Flutter kicks x15IC, mosey an alternate route back to the tennis courts. YHC stopped by the truck to grab the highly anticipated, Newly Delivered F3 Deck of Workout cards. Head to the courts.


The thang is rather simple here. The deck of cards have been shuffled and placed in the center of the group of PAX. Rotating clockwise, each flip a card to present the rest with said exercise and rep amount shown. This actually wasn’t as simple as it should have been. There were questions. There were exercises printed that didn’t coincide with Lexicon Folsom were familiar with, but I believe we did a fair job at manufacturing an exercise that seemed to match. With 3 minutes still to work, a Joker was finally pulled, which was a fast mosey around the entire tennis court area. Times up.

Announcements: JJ5k and Soldier Runs

Prayer requests; may God shine through all those who were participating in the benefit runs and may He keep us all safe.

Honor to Q this fine AO. All but 1 PAX who posted also ran the JJ5K. Way to push men! YHC is proud of the involvement of our region. Let’s continue to push hard and show our community how much we care and are willing to work. Til next time,

MW out

“Get better at it”

Yes, Folsom, I know. I’m 2 days late getting my BB posted. At least it hasn’t taken 2 weeks like it did Sister Act. Ok, enough apologizing. I roll into Folsom with a weinke in mind. I’m optimistic for a good turn out considering some of the Folsom regulars have been too weak to fight the fartsack lately. Pulling into the park, I notice Hacksaw getting some EC running in. That HIM has been killin it.  As I pass Hacksaw, I see yet another PAX getting it did, this time it’s Volt. So, I’m feeling rather good about the showing so far. As I go over a few changes of the weinke, others start rolling in. As I’m waiting, I continue to run a saying through my head, “this sucks, but I want to get better at it.” I think that’s what many of say at 5AM, but we continue to do it over and over. Enough of that mess, it’s time to get to work.  5:30 hits

Warmorama SSH, Toy Soldiers x15 IC

here comes Sparky, fashionably late as usual. Moroccan night clubs till he joins the group.

Since YHC forgot to transfer the shovel flag from one vehicle to the other, we took a mosey to the Flag poll. That was most likely going to happen anyway.


Mosey a little detour then back to start, stopping at the tennis courts.


Four corners/four exercises; Corner 4 will be known as corner 4 and Start. Corner 1=10 burpees, corner 2=20 merkins, corner 3=30 LBCs, corner 4=40 American hammers. This isn’t your typical four corners though. From start, mosey to corner 1 perform said exercise. Mosey back to start. Mosey to corner 2 to perform said exercise, stopping to also include corner 1 work. Mosey back to start. Mosey to corner 3 to perform said exercise, also stopping to include corners 1 and 2 on the way. Continue to corner 4 as mentioned. Now mosey back around again to start. Now partner up for some Dora. Partner 1 runs to opposite end of courts while partner 2 performs exercise AMRAP. Exercises were 100 Squats, 150 Big boys, 200 overhead claps. After all had finished, we still had a few minutes to burn. Circle up for some Mary. All PAX got a chance to call their own exercise which were; Merkins, Freddy Merc, Mountain Climbers, American Hammers, LBCs, there were a few more, but YHC can’t remember. I know, it’d help if I posted the B.B. the day of the WO.

Announcements JJ5K, Soldier suicide run

Prayer requests lifted

YHC took us out in prayer

Nice work men! I know a while back a lot of us wouldn’t have finished this weinke as quick as we did. Goes to show we all are getting stronger. Keep up the good work. Thanks again for the Q. Thanks to all you guys who continue to push me and each other through the exhaustion. You Mennare what motivates me to keep at it. Two and a half years ago I was saying “I hate running.” Today, I still say it, but I add a little more to the expression with “but I do want to be better at it.”

MW out

Gashouse Q vs Q!

Concerned about Hurricane Florence YHC was unsure of how the weather was going to cooperate.  Most luckily for all of us the only storm for us was a Q battle.  The idea was brought to YHC via Roscoe due to his diligent adherence to F3 Podcasting.  We discussed, incorporated Hippa for his technical prowess and hand selected our two dueling Q’s, Whoopee and Short Sale.  Weeks prior to launching the idea on Twitter the roast explosion was roiling between the two.  YHC arrived around 6:15 feeling good about owning my AO only to find the Folsom guys on hand gearing up for some EC.  They were gone before I could find a place to park and that left me in the dark with final preparations.  Shovel flag (without flag for now) planted, speaker set, pre-weinke on hand, time for some EC myself.  Stop on the track to help Whoopee move some coupons, I knock out a few merkins, get back to the Schiele.  Nice PAX count, 7:00, let’s go.

Pray In:  I felt compelled to pray for F3 and areas affected by Hurricane Florence.

Warm Up:

SSH – 20 in cadence

Squats – 20 in cadence

Merkins – 10 in cadence

LBC’s – 20 in cadence


Ummmm, guess this should have come first.

Count off, counter clockwise, would have made Oompa proud.  39 Pax, 39!!!!!

From somewhere came a little known theme song to Rocky to get the guys pumped.  Time for the main event, Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!!!!

In this circle, with no weigh in, he’s easy going, enjoy’s long walks on the beach,  never trusts people who smile, his four most adored words are “I told you so”, his friends say he loses count during cadence, a virtual Land Leviathan, Pax put your hands together for Whoopee!!!!!!!

Enter Whoopee in a Ric Flair flashback and soon to be shirtless

In this circle, also with no weigh in, he works hard and naps hard, enjoys walks in the park and going to the Pub on Sundays for a roast dinner, never misses a good chance to shut up,  often curious about another word for Thesaurus, he claims he is not shy but is holding back his awesomeness so he does not intimidate, a virtual calisthenics virtuoso, Pax put your hands together for Short Sale!!!!!!

Let it be known that I did not explain this below, sort of forgot.  However, this is the construct on which the QVQ model is designed.

Q’s will be competing in two intermittent ten minute increments.  1-2 minutes for both will be allowed for introduction and explanation.  I will finish out the Q if time allows near the end.  Voting will be online and the Q challenge criteria is as follows:

Best Beatdown

Best Creativity

Best Pax Engagement

Referee brings the two to the center of the Ring:

Boys, I’ve explained the rules to you in the locker room, I want a clean fight, protect yourselves at all times, no hitting below the belt, I want a clean fight, When I say break let’s knock hands and go back to your circle.


Q vs Q When I was asked to participate in this, I immediately thought “Holy Nuts, me against ShortSale???” I knew it would be a challenge and I am always looking for the next challenge to push myself so I don’t think I really hesitated. Plus, when Linus and/or Roscoe have an idea and ask for you to help, there is no answer other than yes. I started planning and over the next few weeks, modified my plans several times. These alterations were prompted by Twitter comments or “sympathy votes” on the Twittersphere….ultimately, iron was being sharpened without me realizing it and in retrospect this was a very good thing for all of us, especially me.
Linus presented us to the PAX-this was expected and was something I needed to try to get in front of ShortSale if possible. I pulled together an old wig, cut up a shirt to make biceps straps reminiscent of the 1980’s wrestlers (Randy Savage, RIP-step into a slim jim- comes to mind for me), and had Broke put on the finishing touches on my shirt with his pocket knife. At the right time, I slipped on the wig and stepped aggressively towards ShortSale with a stone face. Once I had his attention (I could tell by the big smile on his face), I attempted to rip off my shirt. It came partway off, but I just couldn’t close the deal. Eventually I just pulled it off and threw it on the ground in his direction I think. The wig stayed in place and I achieved the desired effect. The introduction continued by Linus and then we started our beatdown.
We moseyed to the football field for the instructions. I quickly explained my part: I put together a workout related to the movie Smokey and the Bandit. It involved Bandit and Snowman, Sheriff Justice and Junior, a funeral procession, and Smack your momma right in the mouth.
We started with partnering up and a run to the other side of the field to pick up a coupon. This was to simulate the main part of the movie where the Bandit and Snowman race from Georgia to Texas to pick up a truck full of Coors beer in less than 28 hours. The pax were warned that whatever coupon they picked up, that was their coupon and that the appearance as far as weight might be deceiving. The 2 partners would then run to start with the coupon and then back for a total of 4 trips with the coupon. If all the coupons were taken, they would have to carry their partner. I knew I had enough coupons but this did prompt a quick move to the starting line as the pax jockeyed for good positions.
The next part was called Sheriff Justice and Junior. Partway through the movie, the police car loses the top after running under an 18 wheeler truck. Junior has to hold his father’s hat on his father’s head while they are in hot pursuit of the Bandit. We then made 2 trips across the field with one pax holding his hand on his partner’s head while running.
We moved on to the funeral procession (another part of the movie). All pax got in plank position in a line on the field. First pax (thanks Blart) jumped up, did 5 monkey humpers, then ran to the front of the line and got back into plank position. Each pax in turn repeated this. Pizza Man wanted a tunnel of love, but I would have none of it…well maybe a little. I crawled under him during my mosey to the front and he (thankfully) returned the favor on his mosey. Once we had sufficient time, we proceeded with the final part of the beatdown. The pax were warned about the last part called “Smack your momma right in the mouth.” We moseyed to the wall and instructions were given. Bandit and Snowman had 28 hours to get the beer back to Georgia so we focused on the number 28-get on the wall and let’s do 28 HIP SMACKERS. The only person I saw smiling was Slaw…..maybe this was not such a good idea. We got going and honestly, by 15 I was smoked. I had Toto next to me and he was yelling out the cadence like a champ. I could hear the other pax in the background and this is when the “Q Power” kicked in for me. We got to 28 and I was finished. Round 1 completed.
Round 2: first movie choice: Raising Arizona. I have to say I was disappointed in the pax on this-blank stares went I mentioned this movie. Billy Madison, why did you leave me????? No problem, I can do this. I gave a brief summary of HI McDonough and Edwina slipping up in yon window to steal a baby from the Arizonas. The child was likely Nathan jr, not Harry, Barry, Larry, or Garry (these were the names of the Arizona Quintuplets in the movie). I used the 5 kids as my model for the next exercise-Triple Nickel: 5 trips up the stairs with 5 flutter kicks per child (total 25 flutters) at the bottom, 5 cliff hanger derkins at the top. Hands on the wall, partner lifts legs above his head, and first partner does 5 derkins. Both partners do 5 derkins each trip up. The one catch on this was no running up the stairs-you could only hop up the stairs. This sounded worse than it ended up being (in my opinion) and we got through with a few minutes to spare…..
Next movie, 300. There is a part in this movie where the Spartans build a wall near the hot gates of Thermopylae and use bodies of the attacking Persians to help form the wall. Our next exercise would be the Hip Slapper Wall of Thermopylae. The pax form a somewhat tight circle. Roughly every other pax drops to the ground and the rest of the pax grab ankles while the first pax does hip slappers. We did 2 rounds each-thanks Defib and Tiger for calling cadence on your rounds. This ended the beatdown and we moseyed to start for some final words and COT.
Great job everyone. A big thank you to Linus and Roscoe for orchestrating this and for ShortSale for pushing me. I mentioned at the end that I really didn’t get this until about 1 week ago. I was focusing on trying to beat ShortSale. We were talking at church 1 week ago and it finally clicked with me-this is about all of us getting better-focus on that and all will work out better. Iron Sharpening Iron at work

Short Sale:

Rivalries have existed since the beginning of time. We’ve read about them in recorded history. We’ve experienced them with the schools we attend or support. Is there such a thing as a “friendly rivalry?” Maybe, but for that to exist, there must be an undertone of mutual respect among the teams and the fans. Such is the case for this epic event, Gastonia’s first ever Q verses Q; Short Sale verses Whoopee. It’s a unique spot for me because Whoopee was one of the key people that EH’ed me into this brotherhood, so there is a bit of trepidation to face off against him. Thankfully it was not a classic WWE Loser Leave Town match.  Different than a true physical challenge among gladiators (Captain Oveur: Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?), I treated this more like a golf match. Whoopee and I are playing the same course in the same conditions. So really it was about bringing your A game. Linus and Roscoe laid the ground rules to deliver a beatdown based on creativity, physical challenge, and teamwork. I emptied the tank on my two segments. They went like this:

Share the Burden

At the bottom of the Grier track, the PAX are divided into teams of 4 men with each team having an 8′ landscape post as their coupon. P1 lunge walks with the post over their shoulder. P2, P3, and P4 perform 5 burpees then run to catch P1. Everyone rotates through, lunge walking with the post two times and a total of 30 burpees (or close to it). Plank when finished to wait for all groups to complete. Round II had the teams on their six with the post across their chests with the Q calling 50 Big Boy Sit Ups. The first 15 or 20 seemed to go okay, then the groans and chatter ratcheted up. Plank when finished and remain in plank for Round III. P1 and P2 planked with the post across their backs. P3 and P4 were “suggested” to perform 20 derkins with their feet on the post. During the design of this Weinke, I was unable to test this part fully, so it seems modifications were required for three PAX to plank with only one doing derkins. Keep that in mind if you try this one. With about a minute left, Round IV asked P1 and P2 to get in a low squat holding the post a few inches off the ground to have P3 and P4 hop over 10 times total.

At the COT I read from the Gospel of Mark 8:27-29 and verse 34 with the key verse of  Jesus asking the crowd “If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.” Then later in Mark, Chapter 15:16-21 is the story where Jesus has been sentenced and the soldiers beat and mock him. As Jesus struggles to carry the estimated 80 lb beam, the one his hands would soon be nailed, the soldiers call Simon of Cyrene from the gathered crowd, witnessing this history. Simon stepped in to help Jesus with his burden. Symbolically, we carried a post this morning. It wasn’t much of a struggle as it only weighed a few pounds. But if we take up the cross to follow Jesus, the opportunities are plentiful. In another gesture, the PAX worked, then chased their fellow man to take their turn carrying the load for the team. Striving to be HIMs for our families and communities, we work to share the burden, supporting and leading. Nice job by the PAX on this one. So be aware of when you need to step from the crowd, to pick up the cross.

Splash Merlot

Our next segment had us travel to First Presbyterian Church, under the lower portico where instructions attempted to be provided. The PAX were full of mumble chatter at this point. There was a cooler and storage bin which the PAX thought maybe, just maybe I may have re-cycled the 99 Bottles of Beer workout from this summer. Sorry – not this time. The containers were full of plain old water. The challenge was provided for the PAX to partner again and individually perform 10 LBC’s, 10 Mountain Climbers, & 10 SSH’s. Then the PAX would grab a cup to dip into the water, not to drink but to hold in their mouth as they moseyed up the hill to the next portico. There the PAX were instructed to perform 6 partner merkins, then spit the water into a bucket; return to start and repeat for the 10 minutes.

There are multiple reasons for this silly, CSAUP-ish routine. Holding in water in your mouth while running and doing a short physical exercise is an anaerobic activity that reduces oxygen flow to your muscles, increasing the stress on your body. With your mouth full of water, you had to breathe through your nose which is likely something you don’t practice very often. Life can be uncomfortable at times that requires you to adjust to the situation. Secondly, I really hoped to see a few spew as they ran up the hill but we only ended up with a few unnamed PAX trying to spit water on each other like it was an grammar school field trip. But that did lead to the mumble chatter I’d hoped to invoke culminating with Whoopee dumping the container of water on Tooltime. So most of my goals were accomplished.

As Whoopee shared in the COT, today wasn’t about winning QvsQ, but more about pushing the PAX through the challenges we created. The showing by the PAX was impressive given the circumstances and conditions our community is facing. To have the other AO’s close and converge resulting in 40 men gathered was a good thing for our region. Hopefully all that participated got their money’s worth. I know that I did. Until the next time, it was an honor to Q.


Tuesday-Charlotte-Selwyn Elementary – Horse, F3’s oldest member will be honorary Q celebrating his 80th birthday

Both Speed for Need and JJ 5K will be held next weekend, 9/15.  More PAX need to sign up

10/6 – Burpeethon – Only 14 signed up so far, please go online and sign up

The Yank will plan to start at 6:30 next weekend in prep’s for Speed for Need or JJ5K road closures

Monk – Whetstone program, please see him for any questions or to sign up.  He will post additional links online for sign ups.


Sly in Afghanistan

Tooltime family friend (LeeAnn) at CMC, kidney failure

Jackie (Mayor’s M) – No updates at time

Dennis family for loss

Hacksaw’s Father – in – Law

For a Brother’s health concerns

For all those affected by Hurricane Florence

Many thanks to Roscoe, Hippa, Short Sale and Whoopee for bringing this event to life.

Brother’s it was an honor to lead and close today.  Many thanks to all who supported our event.  Honored to have Folsom and The Yank join The Gashouse.  Whoopee and ShortSale really brought their A-game today, hat’s off to both.

Until next time……Linus, aye.

Rock you like a Hurricane

7 men showed for my first Q in a while. YHC isn’t able to post or Q much in the summer during the week due to my work schedule, but the  site Q graciously let me back in the fold at Folsom.

Pulled in a little early this morning to do a recon for what I was about to deliver. Folsom is undergoing some construction and the power is cut off in different places and parking lots dug up around the park. I wanted to see what was available to use and what wasn’t.  What I did find was Volt putting in some EC. Way to push bro!


Moraccan Nightclubs waiting on Pastor Clever to get to the circle.



Gave the PAX an option and Sister Act spoke up and said just deliver a beatdown don’t give us any options.  I like a man that knows what he came for.

There are a lot of light poles around Folsom and there is one right at the start. Let’s go! Burpees, Squats, Merkins, Flutter Kicks, LBC’s  all 10 count OYO at every light pole we will pass as we tour Folsom. We are staying together and if you finish before your brother, help them finish.  Mosey a short mosey not even out of the parking lot and another light pole .  Get up the road a bit and there is a double light pole. Volt spoke up and asked if we did double the reps? A slight argument as to whether or not that was a light pole or just a pole ensued but YHC felt like that was a great idea. Double reps at this one. Thanks Volt!

Keep on moseying to the flag and more light poles, say the pledge and keep at it. Thanks for pointing out those light poles that were out Sister Act, YHC would have missed them.  All total we hit 15 poles including the double reps and the one at start twice to get 150 reps of those exercises and just over a mile. With time running out YHC called Gravel Pickers X10 IC, BedPan called Toy Soldiers X20 IC.  Time,


Announcements:  JJ5K and Stop Soldier Suicide 5Kor 10K 9/22,  Burpeethon on 10/6,  Snowbird this weekend,  Q VS Q at Gashouse  07:00 Saturday  (Folsom will be closed this Saturday).


Prayer Request:  BedPan’s M,  George and Self Family, each other, 2.0s, Hurricane victims to be, YHC’s Father and Mother In Law.  Seems like I’m forgetting  something my apologies if I am.


COT:  Thanks for the opportunity men, and thanks for showing up and pushing hard this morning.  Good to see Hacksaw, I know you are fighting injury but you are out there pushing through it. It was an honor to lead.  See you in the gloom!






Never Forget

Seven men gathered at Folsom as we remember one of our Nation’s saddest days.  It seems like only yesterday our Nation was attacked. It’s one of those moments where YHC,  being of terrible memory, distinctly remembers.   I’m not one for great speeches or even creative workouts, but wanted to incorporate something.  05:30 hit and we clocked in.

Hank is rolling in late so Moroccan nightclubs until he joins us.

Warmup: SSH x 29IC, LBC x 77IC.  2,977. The number of lives lost on 9/11. Toy Soldiers x 5IC

Mosey out of the parking lot and take a right.  Swerve.  Head back to the flag and Pledge.

Short mosey to the tennis courts for lazy Dora.  100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 flutter kicks.  Five sets for each partner of 10, 20 and 30.  While partner one is doing the exercise: partner two is planking, holding a low squat and holding six inches respectively.  It’s clear that most at Folsom have no concept of six inches.

In the aftermath of 09/11 I’m sure we all wondered how our Nation would respond. YHC was correct in his thinking.  In the words of the great poet, Toby Keith,  “Soon as we could see clearly through our big black eye, man we lit up your world like the 4th of July” and “You’ll be sorry you messed with The U.S. of A,… cause we’ll put a boot in your ass, it’s the American way.”

To YHC: the next exercise seemed only natural.  Partner up for B.O.M.B.S

Burpees, Overhead Claps, Merkins, Big Boy sit-ups and Squats: 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250 respectively.


Announcements: Stop Soldier suicide 5/10k, JJ5K, Snowbird, Burpeethon

Prayer requests: Gumby’s father and mother in law, our Nation, the George family, each other

BOM: Allen Tate closed us in prayer.

Take some time today to remember what this day represents.

Philippians 4:13


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