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Heres Backblast. Now shut up!!

11 men showed up in the gloom anxiously awaiting a chief like beatdown.  As i looked around i soon realized they were unsure of what the paterfamilias had in store. First thang we warmed up. I got the mens blood flowing with a lil chumbawamba. After a lil mumblechatter we moseyed to front of park for the pledge. Today was medicine womans Q but he had asked for a volunteer since he was still under the weather so i gladly accepted the challenge. I was originally gonna just run the whole time as me and some others are preparing for the upcoming P200 but changed it up at the last minute.  We moseyed to bottom shelter for some circuit training and some core time with chief.  Always a pleasure to lead u men and also a pleasure to be a part of this group with u men. I consider you guys as family. And trust me when i tell ya…. theres NO place like Folsom!!!

Allen Tate — aka CHIEF. Aka—black panther. Aka— paterfamilias!!  Etc. etc..

Rotters, Kotters, and Late Folk

I noticed last week there was an open spot on the Folsom calendar. Though I helped with a Q-school a few weeks ago and also did a co-Q with Hacksaw, I haven’t really had the opportunity to bring a normal Montross Q in a while. After calling out the Kotters (particularly, the Rotter (Roadie the Kotter), and Medicine Woman (he claims to have posted last week but I dunno)… it was up to me to deliver the Jayvee-level workout I had promised. As usual, I planned to borrow from some other Qs who have graced Folsom with their presence over the past few months.


SSH – 15 IC
Toy Soldiers – 10 IC
Mountain Climbers – 10 IC
Grass Pickers – 10 IC

Let’s Mosey! We pause at the first light pole to let a few late arrivers get a quick stretch and knock out 5 burpees. Resume mosey as we run to the flag at the park entrance, Sparky passes by us as he is doing Sparky thangs.

As we wait for Sparky to catch up at the flag, we do:
LBCs – 20 IC
Rosalitas – 15 IC

Pledge and mosey back to the tennis courts.

I told the guys about an article from USA Today that I had seen on Twitter. It said in a study, men who could do 40 pushups in a minute were 95% less likely to develop cardiovascular disease. That led me to checking out the Army PT test for pushups and I explained the Army standard for pushups….keep your butt down (Leppard!!!) and you lower your body until your arms are parallel to the ground. Lets practice. 1 minute, AMRAP. I am not great at pushups and I lost count about 45, but I ended up in the low 50s.

V’s – partial Q fail here but we went with it – Run from the corner of the tennis court to the center of the net, Nur to the far corner, 2 burpees, repeat for each tennis court. Rinse and repeat to return to the tennis court entrance. Props to the Rotter, he was pushing hard here despite the fact he isn’t in peak condition right now. MW finished at the front of the pack as well after being out a lot recently due to flu (and Sandy V?). Seriously though, nice job guys!

Marine 16 – I was running a little behind so we had to cut it short. The Marine 16 is a hero workout that Sister Act called a few months ago, designed to honor 15 Marines killed in a helicopter crash in 2017. It is an AMRAP exercise in 2 minute intervals.

  • Sprint (or run) to the end of the 2nd tennis court, 16 burpees, run back to start. Repeat AMRAP for 2 minutes.

  • Sprint (or run) to the end of the 2nd tennis court, 16 Merkins, run back to start. Repeat AMRAP for 2 minutes

  • Sprint (or run) to the end of the 2nd tennis court, 16 Squats, run back to start. Repeat AMRAP for 2 minutes

  • Sprint (or run) to the end of the 2nd tennis court, 16 Tuck Jumps, run back to start. Repeat AMRAP for 2 minutes

  • Sprint (or run) to the end of the 2nd tennis court, 16 Side Straddle Hops, run back to start. Repeat AMRAP for 2 minutes


Announcements and CoT:

CSAUP at 4 am on 2/23, 2nd F at Buffalo Wild Wings at 4 PM on 2/23. Storm shirts are on pre-order (HIPAA, everyone asked about and wants that Folsom shirt brother!!!!!!!). Prayers for MW and his family, Ratchet’s M, Allen Tate’s M and 2.0, Pizza Man’s M, Big Pappy and family (his father passed away last night), and each other. YHC took us out in prayer.


It felt good to have the Q this morning and see some old faces making a return. I know Roadie has been out of town working and had some things he is dealing with, but I love seeing him back out there today. We call ya Rotter because we love ya! I missed a few days last week so I hadn’t seen Hank or Medicine Woman for what seems like a month. It was like a little reunion out there.

We cut up, we tease, we can get irritated from time to time, but it all comes together when we are in the CoT and Sparky mentioned Big Pappy’s dad, who had not been doing well…at that point, we didn’t yet know for sure, but we had a feeling things had turned for the worse and that’s probably why Pappy wasn’t with us today. Hearts got heavy, the PAX got a little more serious.

Big Pappy is one of our newer guys too. He’s sorta quiet but he gets out there working almost every day…he got involved because his son Pearl Jam did (through WC Friday Wrestling and Hacksaw). Now he brings all 3 sons with him. His improvements each week motivate us all and though we’ve only known him about 2 months, he is one of us now. It doesn’t take long to get close to guys around F3 Gastonia and particularly at Folsom!

All the prayer requests are important, but say an extra prayer for Pappy’s family today as well as Pizza Man’s M!

It was wet…..

It was raining.  You never know how many will post in the rain but as usual, Folsom did not disappoint.

20 showed for a quick warm up with two catching up around the first stop of the workout.

Here’s what went down:

Two FNG’s so we went through the quick disclaimer.

Warm-Up that included 10 SSH’s IC followed by 10 Imperial Walkers IC.

Time to Mosey for The Thang

First stop for some IC work:

20 Mountain Climbers – 25 LBC’s

Short mosey to stop # 2 for a rinse-repeat of stop #1

Another mosey to the upper parking lot for some Stroganoff 22’s:

Same as 11’s except we’re adding up to 22 and alternating increasing/decreasing reps by 2:

20 Merkins – Run across parking lot – 2 Squats

Rinse/repeat until it has flipped to 2 Merkins – Run across parking lot – 20 squats (total of 110 each exercise)

Time to mosey back toward the lower parking lot with two stops along the way:

20 Mountain Climbers IC – 25 LBC’s IC (x 2)

At the bottom of the parking lot, time for some partner work:  Folsom 1-2-3 (Modified Dora):

Partner 1 – Performs exercise;  Partner 2 – Runs to grass island and back

Cumulative totals as follows:  100 Merkins – 200 Squats – 300 Flutter Kicks

Plenty of time left – we meandered to the closest covered picnic area for 3 sets of the following:

IC Dips X 15 – IC Step Ups X 20 (Rinse-Repeat for a total of 3 sets)

Time to mosey back to the Flag and finish off with some Mary from Dr. Seuss, Broke and Montross:

American Hammers – Freddy Mercury’s – Some type of awful scrunchies

Time is up.  Good work men.


For the FNG’s, we quickly went through the 5 tenets of F3 (well done here by the PAX)

Announcements:  50 Mile CSAUP next week; May 5 hike at Mt. Mitchell; BRR team(s); Convergence on March 30th at Folsom

Several prayer requests.

The Moleskin

The power of F3 continues to impact the men of Gaston County along with many other regions across the Nation.  Once again, I saw just how impactful you men are to others.  Great work; great encouragement.

Honored to lead this morning.

Until he next one.  See you in the gloom.  Aye!



I pulled into Folsom right at start time this morning, we circled up and began the warmup! Everyone looked warm, partner up, one partner grab a block and head to the tennis courts for some modified Dora! P1 start the exercise, P2 run, alternating until reps are done!

100- triceps

150- curls

200- shoulder press

250- squats

300- LBCs

Back to launch point, put the blocks up.

While everyone is recovering, in honor of valentines, I wanted to share something.

F3 in the marriage?

Fittness- Men, what shape is your marriage in? Is it strong? LEAD

Fellowship- Is the communication strong in your marriage? Or is fellowship broken? If there is an issue here, LEAD your wife in restoring fellowship!

Faith- Are you pointing your wife to Christ daily, by the way you live? By the way you love? By the way you LEAD?

The truth is, God calls us to love our wives sacrificially! The way Christ loves the church! He loved us, when we didn’t love Him!

If you are a man, you were born to LEAD! LEAD , love, and encourage your wives daily! Men, we are called to a big role, and will be held accountable in how we LEAD!

Announcments- CSAUP, Rooster, P200

Prayer requests- Big Pappys dad, other pax families with flu and sickness


Push through the gloom!

Hank brought the pain as always! We got in a little over 2 miles, we did burpees, lunges, jump rope, merkins, SSH, good push by everyone that was present. Folsom was a little thin this morning, Big Pappy is fight the crud and still got it done! Good work men!

Announcements- CSAUP, sign up! Rooster, receiving friends for Gumby’s father-in-law at McLean funeral home this afternoon 6-8

prayer request- all pax , families, Gumby’s family, his father-in-law passed away

WolfPack brings da pain!!

So i talked to my best friend josh montgomery who is my cousin and hucks brother and was telling him I had the Q coming up. He lives in Asheville now and is a part of F3 up there. His name is Wolfpack. He had told me about some of the things they do up there so I decided to bring em to Folsom.


The Thang:

Show to Know!!!!!


Announcements: c saup, prayer requests: 5ks

BOM YHC took us out in prayer


Always a pleasure to lead u men

Allen Tate CHIEF of Folsom !!!

5,000…er 15,000 reps

Inspired by Quiche’s 5000 rep challenge on Slack, YHC cooked up a workout that focused on his own 3 exercises: merkins, LBCs, and flutters.

Warmorama: Slawter starter, then 20 of each of the Big 3.

Next up, triple dime on the hill for 50 more of each. Nur/sprint up the hill one extra time for 10 more to round up to 80.

Mosey to tennis court for modified 4 corners. 10, 20, 30, 40 of the Big 3 to get to the daily minimum of 180. Only 30 minutes in and the daily challenge has been met.

Get down to the lower parking lot for Route 66 w/lunge walk and Bobby Hurley’s (YHC’s least favorite).

Now time for a GD crowd pleaser, the shoulder burn: Find a parking spot, 11’s w/ Mike Tyson’s on the curb, bear crawl to the end of the white line, crab cakes, then crab walk back. Run laps until Omaha. Shakeout with chinooks.

Mosey back to flag (provided by the ever-obliging MW) for various Mary/Mumblechatter.

Announcements: CSAUP and Rooster coming up.

Prayer requests: All PAX, Pizza Man’s M, Medicine Woman’s daughter, Gumby, Blart’s friend who passed away, Stroganoff’s friend’s M.

Always a pleasure to lead. I am continually inspired by the strong work put in by all.

Until next time,


AMWRAPers Delight

Cold weather didn’t stop the pax from showing up today and YHC has a good plan to get the fellowship and workout going today I brought some tunes to get this going.
Warm up:
SSH, Nancy Karigans,then a short mosey turn around back to the tennis courts.
The thang:
AMWRAPERS 6 minutes per group then a lap around the courts. After each set high step to the end of one court then NUR back.
1.5 burpees,50balboas,20imperial squats.
2. 20 lunges,20merkins,20ssh
3. 50 shoulder presses, 20lbcs, 10 shoulder taps. Once all completed we had about a mile and a good sweat going on. All seemed to enjoy the tunes today we had a little OPP,return of the Mack, copper head road you name it!
Ab time Freddie M,lBCs,Flutters, and because I thoughtAT would show we did Rhonda’s. We finished with I am a real American and a round of squats during the song. 220 total I believe.
I thought this was good way to end today, we have some new Pax in the group and we do a lot of teamwork and individual movements. It is very impactful to be in a circle counting each exercise together and going after a common goal. It reminds us all that we are never alone in the F3 world.
Csaup, and Q source each Sunday.
Prayer request:
Rockabilly’s grandma, Montross’s Aunt, all of our M’s and each other.

The Bedpan is Full!

Will the real rock pushers please show up

23 real rock pushers showed up this morning at Folsom. Was there 1 chief like rock pusher missing………….no It looks like Montross was there.It was chilly out this morning so thankfully Def Leppard redeemed himself and chose option 2 this morning. Option 2 was start running instead of the warmup exercises.


We ran up to the fork in the road and ran around the triangle like area of grass while we waited on the six. Once they arrived and we were getting warmer we moved on to option one.

SSH x 20ic

Slow Don Q’s x 10ic

Bear Crawl around the triangle, when I say stop do 20 squats. We did this a few times. Time to get to it.

The Thang:

Next to this small triangle at the fork is a much larger triangle where the old haunted house used to be. Yeah I’m old. Anyway there was some discussion about the actual shape of this triangle. Look for yourself geometry major its a triangle with rounded corners geeez! Anyway its a decent size so run around and at each corner do 20 merkins. If you cross a speed hump do 10 squat jumps. There was an extra speed hump since the google image came from before Google image existed. We did 2 rounds. Next round we did Flutters x 20 ic in the corners and mtn climbers x 10ic at the humps. Mosey back down past the parking lot entrance. Wait stop! We don’t have a shovel flag so we better do the pledge up here where we can still see the flag at the AG center. Site Q fail!

Time for some hill work. Sprint up to the animal control entrance and do 10 merkins, 10 lbc’s, 10 squats, mosey back down. We ran this 3 times I think. Def Leppard really put it out on these! My man can be quick! Golddigger showed off and talked some trash as he passed us(punk kid).

Alright time for some lifting. Partner up and get a block. This was a rinse and repeat from Thursday. P1 does 10 blockees and carries the block to P2 on the other side of the parking lot. Mean while P2 is doing merkins, lbc’s and squats while he waits. We just keep doing this swapping back and forth for 10-15 minutes. Time!


Announcements-50 mile CSAUP, Q source Sunday 7:30, Beans and Rice Tuesday


Prayer Request

Moleskin-Several times during this workout I called out for Allen Tate but he never answered back. I knew he wasn’t there but it was dark and there was a large group so I guess i was just hoping he slipped in sometime since he Hard Committed to me(and all of Twitter)that he would be there. I give him a hard time, and well a lot of you, only because I care. I guess I try to motivate by annoying you. It is constructive sarcasm at it’s best. Always given out of love.

Jacked Up!

17 fought the fartsack this morning and put in some work at Folsom.  With a slight chance of rain in the forecast, I wasn’t sure of how many to expect.  To my surprise, a wave of pax start rolling in right on time.  After several minutes of mublechatter, it was time.  We had two FNG’s with us this morning, so a disclaimer was given.


Grass Pickers, Hillbillies, Copperhead Squats

The Thang:

Mosey towards the main flag at the entrance of Folsom.  We stopped at the first light pole on our journey to the flag and completed 10 Merkins.  Continue our mosey and stop at the second light pole.  10 Merkins, 10 Werkins.  Mosey on, stop at third light pole and do 10 Merkins, 10 Werkins, and 10 Hand Release Merkins.  Mosey on and stop at the fourth light pole. Here we did 10 Merkins, 10 Werkins, 10 HR Merkins, and 10 Peter Parker Merkins.  After the completion of this set is about the time Sparky comes rolling in hot.  Monkey Humpers in cadence are called as he drives through our crowd gathered on the road.  Had planned on adding a 5th merkin at the next light pole, but there seemed to be a lot of complaining so we skipped this pole and went straight to the flag.

After completing the Pledge, I called the next exercise.  This exercise routine is called Jacked Up.  I knew Def Leppard would like this.   He states that a certain pax threatened him by saying he was going to get “Jacked Up” at the Bourban Chase this past fall.  I do not believe him, and I’ll let him tell you the story sometime.  Anyways, this routine consist of 5 different exercises done with no rest in between.  The exercises called were each done in cadence; 50 SSH, 40 Seal Jacks, 30 Plank Jacks, 20 Crossover Jacks, 10 Smurf Jacks.  This really burned the calves and feet.  Might as well do this again, except this time each exercise was done single count.  This was not a crowd pleaser routine, which means I will repeat again in the future.

Next we took a short mosey to the parking lot up near the entrance.  11’s are called, and exercises used were Jump Lunges and Corkscrews.  Started with 1 Jump Lunge on the curb, mosey to other side and do 10 Corkscrews on that curb.  We continued this until the numbers are flipped and end with 10 Jump Lunges  and 1 Corkscrew.

Next we started to mosey back down the road leading into Folsom.  We stop at the first light pole we come to, and the pax are fearful of a repeat of the Merkin madness.  Instead we do 5 Burpees.  Continue our mosey and stop at the 2nd light pole we get to.  I’m sure most know where this was headed.  Here we do 5 Burpees, and 5 One Leg Burpees.  Continue on to we reach the next light pole.  We do 5 Burpees, 5 One Leg Burpees, and 5 Walmart Burpees.  I personally like the Walmart Burpee, but others not so much.  This is when you squat down like a normal Burpee, but you go to your six and roll back to your shoulder blades.  Then roll forward, and when your feet hit the ground, put your hands in front and jump back to plank.  The rest is like a normal Burpee.  Continue our mosey to the 4th light pole and do 5 Burpees, 5 One Leg Burpees, 5 Walmart Burpees, and 5 Wolverine Burpees.  And finally stop at the 5th light pole.  Here I called an Omaha and we just did 5 Yurpees.  This is when the Merkin at bottom of Burpee is a clap merkin and on up portion there are 2 Tuck Jumps per Burpee.

With time to spare, we took a short mosey to the pavilion.  Here we did 5 exercises, all in cadence.  Started with 10 Hip Slappers, 15 Imperial Walker Squats, 20 Dips, 25 Mountain Climbers, 30 Rocky Balboas.  Rinse and repeat.  Mosey back to flag.

Announcements:  Q Source on Sundays, CSAUP on 2/23, Rooster on 3/2, Rice & Beans on 1/29

Prayer Request


Honor to lead today men.  Appreciate everyone pushing hard.  Welcome to F3, Nothin(Josh Ewing) and Blue(Zach Ewing).  Good work today men!


Sister Act



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