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Day: November 7, 2018


Sometimes things happen in life and when you look back you’re glad that you got to witness it in person. That event happened out of the blue in the COT on that mild Thursday morning. But before that we ran…

The PAX gathered.

The Pledge.

The PAX ran varying distances with a similar route.

5 Milers:
Out onto Armstrong Park Rd.
Left onto Berry Rd.
Right onto Lee St.
Left onto New Hope Rd.
Right onto Armstrong Park Dr.
Right onto Armstrong Park Rd.
Back to The Pub

Some ran a shorter distance by running out and back on Armstrong Park Rd. in the same direction.

Now to the highly over-hyped portion of the COT. The Nantan stepped forth with an announcement that you could tell had him highly focused. He stepped up, and back, and then up, and back, and then up, and then back, and finally up. He righted what so many in the ranks of F3 Gastonia felt was a travesty of unthinkable proportions. However until that point, no one had the courage to make happen. That is why this HIM is the Nantan for tough times like this. The F3 member known as RPO (Ready Player One) would be no more. From this day forward, young William Wallace would be granted the honor due to him and would from then on be known as Braveheart! Everyone cheered, and then we moved on.

F3 Gastonia Christmas Party – Dec 15th
Veteran’s Day Convergence at The Yank w/ 3rd F following the workout

Prayer Requests
Sly home soon
Christians in Pakistan


Till next time…

After last Wednesday’s post at Martha’s House Gastone announced that he was looking for a Q for the following week.  I thought it would be a great opportunity to expose my 2.0, Google, to being Q and all of the things this brings.  He with some reluctance accepted the opportunity and began to think of what he might do.

11 #HIM’s showed for the Wed edition of Snowballs and to sharpen each other.

5:30 and here we go.

Google started with the pledge.

SSH x 15

Mosey to the picnic shelter in the park.

Google calls 30 step ups each leg.

30 Dips

Timeframe takes over for the thang:

11’s in the parking lot.  Derkins this side and jump squats on that side.

Thank you HIPAA for the plank work waiting for the 6.

After all this fun we had its time to have more.

Start at lower end of Martha Rivers parking lot and mosey to top stopping at every Island (Clavin actually stopped at Island the HIM) for 5 burpees.  All total I think there were 8 Islands to total 40 burpees…Clavin gets 45 and still finished 1st.  What a beast.

Time for the ring of fire.  This was a mixture of mostly LBC’s with some flutter kicks and box cutters.  The object was that one at a time each HIM ran around the circle x2 until finished.  This guys were lots of fun with the chatter.

We then took a lap around the baseball fields and back to the parking lot for Mary.

Each PAX called out an exercise.

As I remember went something like:

American Hammers x 20

Michael Phelps x 47

Dying Cockroaches

Flutter Kicks

Merkins with a pause at bottom and around town.  Crowd pleaser for sure.

Big Boy situps

Crunchy Frogs

5 burpees oyo


Psudo merkins.  This is merkins with hands turned out.

Mosey back to snowballs….

and time.


HIPAA has started a pain lab on Tuesday mornings at Bess elementary to give us a pain lab option throughout the week.  Please get by and support this.  This is excellent work by HIPAA and I think is a much needed move.  Nice work brother.

Thank you to the HIM’s for pushing me as always and especially pushing Google.  I’m sure he gets tired of my voice and seems to respond a bit better to the other HIM’s.

You guys are awesome.  I truly feel that F3 is a direct answer to some of my prayers.


Google and Timeframe



Stations and Sprints

WarmUp SSH x 10, Don Q’s x 10, Imperial Walkers x 10, Squats x 10
Mosey to soccer fields Parking Lot near hill.
STATION 1 Nur Up Hill and run down TWICE 10 Hand Release Merkins
Run to STATION 2 to the left near the end of the parking lot.
LEGS – Monkey Humpers x 25 and Calf Raises On Curb x 25 (Single Count)
Run back to STATION 1 Run Up Hill and down TWICE 10 Hand Release Merkins
Run to STATION 3 at the end of the parking lot.
ARMS and SHOULDERS – CDD’s x 25 and Morrocans x 25 (Single Count)
Run back to STATION 1 Run Up Hill and down TWICE 10 Hand Release Merkins
Run to STATION 4 on the right
CORE – LBFC’s x 25 (Count the Crunch) and Hillbillies x 25 (Single Count)
Run back to STATION 1 Run Up Hill and down TWICE 10 Hand Release Merkins.
Everyone got in a lap and a station, several got in more than that. Nice work!

Mosey to Small Soccer Field corner for … Block Work!
Curls x 30, Shrugs x 30, 3 Sets. Slaw and Gold Digger with the larger blocks! Aye!

Mosey to line up on a Soccer Field Line.
Approximately 35 yards. I set up my Interval Timer with my tiny speaker.
Whistle starts run until you cross finish line before Airhorn, 10 sec Rest.
Whistle starts run back to previous line before Airhorn, 10 sec Rest.
11 seconds 3 times, 10 seconds 3 times, 9 seconds 3 times, etc.
all the way down to 3 seconds each with a 10 sec rest after Airhorn.
When you don’t beat the Airhorn, step out of the way and do 5 Squats
at each whistle. Sister Act and Gold Digger made it down to 4 or 5 seconds intervals!
I got this from Timeshare AO at North Myrtle beach a while back.

Mosey Back to the flag.

Word about our life counting down like that Timer. Bible says life is like
a vapor, here today and gone tomorrow. Know why you do what you do.
First F Fitness makes us stronger for the things we face, 2nd F Fellowship
makes us help our brothers and lift them up. Read Stroganoff’s Back
Blast about how his F3 friends made all the difference through his recent
struggles. 3rd F Faith helps us live better for the world and our families
and know that it is Not Just About US. It is about Us lifting up others.

– Convergence Saturday, Nov 10th at 7 am at Stowe Park in Belmont with a 3rd F event to follow. All F3 Gastonia men should try to attend.
– “Quiche”mas Party Dec. 15th.
– Several of our guys (Sargento, Tiger, Sister Act) are running a local half marathon in Belmont on Dec. 22nd.
– Hipaa Qing a kettlebell/weights AO on Tuesdays during November at WA Bess Elementary at 5:30 a.m.

Prayer Requests – Tyson’s Family in the loss of his grandmother, DDC on his mission trip.


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