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Day: July 20, 2016

A Gloomy Day for a Picnic

Nearly all Americans at one time or another have gathered around a picnic table for a celebration of some sort. Maybe a birthday party or a outdoor barbeque. Usually joyous occasions. However for the 12 men completing this morning’s beat down, the next time someone announces ‘meet at the picnic tables…’ there could be a slight bit of trepidation.

As the circle formed I noticed a new face and introduced myself to meet Bubba Shiles. A bit unusual I thought that an F3 man is combining their workout name and their last name but I let it go and moved around to greet some of the others. Overhearing another introduction I realized there was an FNG in our midst. “How did you hear about coming out?” I asked to which Bubba replied, “Vinnie Cherry.” I surveyed the group at 5:28 am and Sargento was not present, but wait – I saw headlights of a Honda Accord coming in hot. The excuse? An act of nature and we’ll leave it at that. Time to go, slowly speaking through the disclaimer to make sure all heard today’s workout is “you versus you.”


  • Don Quixote IC x 10
  • Mountain Climbers IC x 10
  • Seal Jacks IC x 10
  • Side to Side Lunge IC x 10


Time to mosey…headed toward Martha Rivers the long way along Neal Hawkins Road. As we near the turn I hear a crash: “Man down! Man down!” I turn to find Squeeker the victim of a sinister ledge on the sidewalk. He rises, dusts himself off and declares himself ready to go. We continue, though I turned earlier than planned, taking a longer route to the first stop. I heard a little chatter about the Q not having a clue where I was going. YHC knew where he was going, just wasn’t sure how to get there (there is probably a country song about that I’m sure).

The Thang

Arriving at the picnic tables behind the playground near to Field 4. The beat down is announced. Using the tables for each exercise, the timer is set for 30 seconds of each exercise with a 10 second rest between. A total of 3 circuits:

1) Step-up Right Leg; 2) Step-up Left Leg; 3) Derkins (w/ feet on bench); 4) Peter/Parker/Peter (hands on bench)

A scenic mosey to picnic area #2 near the bathrooms. YHC offered one tip swiped from professionals – “when you lunge, don’t let your knee get ahead of your toe.” As I went to start the timer I realized my sweat soaked glove couldn’t unlock my phone. Removing the glove, I quickly realized my sweat soaked finger couldn’t do much better. Bandit offered to help but I was a little skeptical for Bandit to handle my weinke – especially after he flashed a wonke last Friday morning at the Downtown workout. Allow me to pull your mind from the gutter and quickly move ahead. On my own, I finally was able to dry my finger for a swipe of my phone (I’m sure the iPhone 12.0 will solve the sweaty finger problem in the near future). Again, Set #2 was 3 circuits of 30 second exercise and 10 second rest:

1) Lunge w/ right leg on bench; 2) Dips; 3) Lunge w/ left leg on bench; 4) Incline Merkins

Running short on time, better hustle to the final destination: picnic shelter near the volleyball court. I anticipated this and designed the final set to be mostly ab flavored exercises. We did 2 circuits of 30 second exercise and 10 second rest:

1) Rainbow Abs (seated windshield wipers – keep legs together and lift as high as you can left/right); 2) Bench Burps; 3) Flutter Kicks; 4) Decline Peter Parkers (this is a good one for upper abs).

Mosey home…circled for announcements: Derecho needs volunteer Q’s – see Defib; Brownstreak invited all to the Goat on 7/28 for his Christmas in July beat down; Bandit is taking up money for various causes – bring some cash and he’ll take care of it. Prayer requests: T-Square, Godfather, and Stroganoff for their loved ones; Safe travels for FUMC youth on mission trip to Boston, Brownstreak’s son heading to Romania, and FNG Bacon’s son sailing with the boy scouts in Florida Keys. By this point Squeeker’s knee was gushing, a nice battle wound that hopefully will heal quickly – way to push through it. FNG time: we welcomed Bubba Shiles to the fold. A home grown boy from Bessemer City, completing service with the Marines (Respect) and in the construction/remodeling business has a wife and two kids. He is a fit 51 year old (more Respect) that cycles, runs and trains will forever be known among F3 as Bacon.


There was not a lot of mumble chatter among the PAX. At the first picnic table station I offered the challenge for each circuit to be “you versus you” and could be covered in one of two ways. Either max out and set the bar high the first round, pushing to reach it on the next two. Or raise the bar after each circuit trying to set a max you didn’t think possible. You never know until you try. The hardest part is showing up. I was proud to be with 11 other men that dug deep to enjoy the picnic. Aye!

Bears, Bricks, and Iron Hulks Oh My!

First attempt at an afternoon Q.  On the drive over as I noticed 96 deg on the dash I though I had made a big mistake. Got there a little early to do some recon and get set up.

We had 10 strong on this hot afternoon for what would be a partner themed workout .

First the warm up

SSH, High Knees, Moroccan Night Club, Merkins

Mosey over to far side by the soccer fields.

HAs left a pile of bricks and some cones to get the beat down started.

First partner up and size matters.

Partner one runs left 20 yards  and out about 50 yards Partner 2 begins to bear crawl to the left. When 1 reaches far corner sprint diagonal across field to catch 2. when caught partner carry back to the start. Flip Flop and repeat.

Next 4 round are all performed with brick in each hand on both exercises

Round 1

American Hammer (200 per group) Karaoke to cone and back switch till 200 is reached

Pistol Squats (200 per group) Duck Walk to cone and back

Tricep Ext (200 per group) Apolo Ohno to cone and back

Bent over Fly (200) Bear Crawl no bricks to cone and back

Finish here with Iron Hulk cousin to Jack Web

with bricks 1Merkin/1air press ascending up to 10 (a lot harder than it looks)

Out of time we had a long mosey back to Flag for Pledge and COT.

Prayer Request  Scott Pasour and family, Jeff Payne , Our Country

As always it was a pleasure to lead. Defiantly much harder in the heat of the day. Big push from all to make it through. Thank you for the opportunity to lead.


insert clever title here

weather: 72 degrees Fahrenheit/ clear sky

8 men ventured to Folsom this morning. pretty good turn out for Wednesday.  gomer brought an fng.  short disclaimer was given – let’s roll.

start with a little mosey to the lower parking lot. decided to keep the mosey going so we headed to the amphitheater for our warmups.

warmorama: arm circles for a minute, dying cockroaches x 20IC and hillbillys x 20IC.

the thang

25 quick donkey kicks to get the heart rate up. then we mosey to our Folsom hill.  bear crawl up, 25 mountain climbers, crawl bear down. repeat x 4.

mosey on over to the far concession stand.  ascending testicles, 40 lbc OYO, 5 burpees OYO.

short mosey to the parking lot beside the concession stand for four corners escalators. c1: merkins, c2: mountain climbers, c3: squats, c4: lbc. 5 burpees

mosey back to the amphitheater for pretzel crunches, lbc, burpees and a one bttw hold.

back to the launching point for ring of fire. high knees to the end of the parking lot, butt kickers back.  few minutes left, def leppard called CDD x 10IC, mary lou called 10 merkins and floyd closed us out with… 5 burpees OYO.  time.

COT, namearama, named the new guy, liberace.  no announcements, prayer requests: the pasour family with their loss, pray for this country.  BOM – yhc took us out.

great work today, men.  appreciate the opportunity to lead you fine people.  until next time.

Philippians 4:13


Tool Whine

Small group this morning to get the week started.

Started out with the normal disclaimer and Tool Time assured us there would be no whining this morning.

Warm Up


SSH, Imperial Walker, Moroccan night club (Tool Time Complained) Merkins

Mosey to far side of school to the line of buses for Zig Zag

Start at one end sprint to front and back pedal between repeating all the way down the line. At the end reverse and repeat.

Mosey out of school and up  hill (tool time complained) to bank at Top of road. Stop by the ATM for CASH. Crunch, arm taps, squats, Hip Slappers(tool time complained)

Mosey through neighborhood around and down a big hill. Q was making some of this up on the fly so (tool time complained)

At bottom of hill looked like a great place for backwards hill runs. At bottom backwards run up to light pole and than lunge down. (tool time complained) Repeat backwards run and than mosey over to entrance of school.

At bottom of big hill we grabbed 22 for 22 (Merkins)

Next run 1/4 way up hill and 5 Burpees OYO back to bottom

1/2 way up curb merkins up hill/ curb merkins down hill (tool time complained) back to bottom

All the way to the top for Dolly’s IC

Mosey back into Scholl. Stop for a quick round of Karaoke between some parking signs (tool time complained)

Out of time we finished with backwards run back for COT.


Prayers- T Square, Country, Law Enforcement

Always fun to lead. Yes,  most of this was made up on the fly this morning. Tool Time wasn’t as bad as maybe I am making it sound, but he did say no whining at the start. Its all in fun Tool Time.


Pre Blast – Sufferfest #CSAUP (Come Support An Unbelievable Project)

Who: The PAX and all of the FNGs you can find to help the Dash Pax give it away.

What: Sufferfest is a CSAUP with a twist. The Dash Pax will be hosting an extended workout (90 minutes) that will be followed by participation in a benefit 5K. Think of this CSAUP as Come Support An Unbelievable Project. You will get a chance to experience a workout at a couple of our favorite AOs and enjoy a scenic tour as you stroll from location to location. You will travel to some of the great organizations that the Dash Pax support and where we give it away. We will finish up at the site for the start of the charity 5K. There will be plenty of time (30 minutes) to rehydrate, dehydrate, stretch and line up for the 5K. After the run you will be ready for coffeeteria and the party that is known as Shmedfest.

We are trying to secure shower facilities for those Pax that are coming from out of town and will certainly work with you so that you can de-stank before the party. Just let us know in the comments how many are coming so that we can make arrangements.

When: August 27th Launch at 0630

Where: Winston Salem, NC

Why: Shmedfest was started 11 years ago by one of the Dash Pax and his M to raise money for Crisis Control Ministry in Winston Salem. What started as a backyard party has grown into a major fundraiser, and great time for all those who attend. There will be food, music, beverages and lots of fellowship. Shmedfest will happen from 1600-2300 at Triad Park in Kernersville, NC. http://crisiscontrol.org/calendar-events/shmedfest/

So, in true F3 spirit, you have to earn your turns. Before you go to the party you need to experience Sufferfest. This event is perfect for all of you training for BRR and those of you that are just fighting the couch on a regular basis. This event will be 2.0 friendly with the longest run during the workout being 1.1 miles and all paces will be completing the charity run. In true F3 spirit we won’t leave anyone behind. That means that the fast ones can log extra miles coming back for us mere mortals and as always, it is you versus you. There is a money back guarantee that you will break a sweat during this event.

How: HC in the Comments section and contact YHC with any questions

Register for the 5K here
Cost: The Sufferfest is the same price as a regular F3 workout, Free (unless you count your sweat equity). The 5K after the Boot Camp portion does have a registration fee and the money raised goes to the Rescue Mission and to a charity to provide shoes for those that are unable to afford them.

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