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  • When: 07/18/2016
  • AO:
  • QIC: Outhouse
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Tool Time, Radar, Anthrax

Small group this morning to get the week started.

Started out with the normal disclaimer and Tool Time assured us there would be no whining this morning.

Warm Up


SSH, Imperial Walker, Moroccan night club (Tool Time Complained) Merkins

Mosey to far side of school to the line of buses for Zig Zag

Start at one end sprint to front and back pedal between repeating all the way down the line. At the end reverse and repeat.

Mosey out of school and up  hill (tool time complained) to bank at Top of road. Stop by the ATM for CASH. Crunch, arm taps, squats, Hip Slappers(tool time complained)

Mosey through neighborhood around and down a big hill. Q was making some of this up on the fly so (tool time complained)

At bottom of hill looked like a great place for backwards hill runs. At bottom backwards run up to light pole and than lunge down. (tool time complained) Repeat backwards run and than mosey over to entrance of school.

At bottom of big hill we grabbed 22 for 22 (Merkins)

Next run 1/4 way up hill and 5 Burpees OYO back to bottom

1/2 way up curb merkins up hill/ curb merkins down hill (tool time complained) back to bottom

All the way to the top for Dolly’s IC

Mosey back into Scholl. Stop for a quick round of Karaoke between some parking signs (tool time complained)

Out of time we finished with backwards run back for COT.


Prayers- T Square, Country, Law Enforcement

Always fun to lead. Yes,  most of this was made up on the fly this morning. Tool Time wasn’t as bad as maybe I am making it sound, but he did say no whining at the start. Its all in fun Tool Time.