• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 03/18/2023
  • AO: Gashouse
  • QIC: Stroganoff (R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Linus(R), Defib (R), JJ, Short Sale (R), Roscoe (R)

Good crowd showed for Gashouse this morning to bootcamp or painlab it considering the QvQ was happening elsewhere.   With The Mortimer coming up in a week, YHC planned a “laid back” workout today.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Short warm up that included 10 IC SSH, 10 IC Imperial Walkers and 5 IC Merkins.  Bootcampers set off for the parking lot at Grier Middle School for the first round of work.

Lunges across parking lot – 5 Merkins – Mosey back across parking lot – Rinse/Repeat 5 times

Mosey to the steps at The Pad behind First Presbyterian Church for some Dora .5-1-1.5.

Partner up for aggregate partner reps of the following 3 exercises:

50 Merkins – 100 Squats – 150 LBC’s

Partner 1 does exercise reps – Partner 2 runs to top of steps + one burpee before returning.

Round two of same Dora:

50 Merkins – 100 Squats – 150 Flutter Kicks

Mosey toward the track at Grier Middle School.

Two stops along the way for some IC Low-Slow Squats.

Arrive at the track……..it’s locked.  What in the world?  We have been locked out of the Original F3 Gastonia workout spot.  Sadness abounded but we quickly recovered and headed to the back of the Library for some modified Wolfpack Grinder work.

Exercise – Mosey to opposite side of parking lot – Exercise – Mosey back to where we started.  Included multiple sets of the following exercises:

Merkins – LBC’s – Squats – CDD’s – Flutter Kicks – Lunges

Time was running out.  Quick stop at the steps for 3 sets of calf raises.

Mosey back to the Schiele and Shovel Flags.  Quick round of Mary before the bells rang.

Several announcements:  Community Foundation Run – Potential workout that morning at the Ballpark; Young Life golf tournament coming up; The Mortimer and P200 coming up next weekend.

Several spoken and unspoken prayer requests.

I prayed us out.

Good work men.  Until the next one.  Aye