• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 01/13/2022
  • AO: Folsom
  • QIC: Sparky
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Wichita, Balljoint, Beatle Bailey, Stogie, Gear Wrench, Ozark, Sarlacc

No FNGs, no disclaimer, just modify as needed!
Everybody grabbed a block, circled up for 100 Blockies in 10 minutes! Omaha, 60 in 6 minutes!

Took the blocks to the tennis courts for 4 corners, riffle carry between each corner!

1st corner- 10 Thrusters

2nd- 20 triceps

3rd- 30 curls

4th- 40 Big Boys

rinse and repeat! Grabbing a couple burpee’s somewhere in there.

Returned the blocks to the launch, headed over to a hill nearby for triple nickel, merkins/ Bobby Hurleys. After we finished this some guys felt shorted because they thought we should have done 2 more sets? So when we got to the launch we did just that, Blockies/burpee’s! That’s better!

with a few minutes left we circled back up and knocked out Iron Hulks with the blocks! Done

Announcements- Q school, F3 mountain trip

Prayer request- Big Pappy, Gumby, SA family, Roundup family, each other

Thanks again! I took us out!