• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 12/04/2021
  • AO: Folsom
  • QIC: Freight
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Roundup, Gearwrench, Balljoint, Volt, Bettle Bailey, Sarlacc, Whitchita, Freight(QIC)

8 PAX showed up at Folsom on Saturday. All looking to get better.  I pulled a workout from March of 2017 from the archives and I’m happy to report it held up.


Some spatchcock and cockspatch. So funny!

The Thang: 

The below was copied, pasted, and edited for current event.

Sprint 1 court and do 1 burpee and sprint back, Sprint 2 courts and do 2 burpee’s and sprint     back, continue this for all 6 courts. For the Midoriyama readers that’s 21 burpees.

Next bear crawl one court and do 20 squats, crabwalk the next one and do 20 lbc’s, keep switching these for the 6 courts. 10 hip slappers on the fence and sprint back.

Next round lunge a court and do 20 merkins, duck walk the next court and do heel touch crunches, Rinse and repeat for the 6 courts. Finish with 10 Australian mtn. climbers and sprint back.

Partner up for drills. Partner 1 starts at the center of the court and sprints to one corner then returns to the middle. Do this for all 4 corners of the court while always facing the net. Partner 2 holds 6″. Switch and do 3 rounds.

Keep your partner and wheel barrow switching at each court and do 5 sumo squat jumps.

Run a lap around the courts.

Next at each out of bounds line(singles and doubles) do merkins. Start with one and add 1 at each line. We did three courts I believe then switched to squats. We turned around and kept at this. Bobby Hurley’s for 2 courts, diamond merkins for 2 and Sandy V’s for 2.

Run 2 laps around the courts and head back to the flag.



Announcements-Sign up for the Christmas party already! It’s this coming Saturday. Def Leppard has requested votes for Fart sacker of the year but I’m pretty sure he is just barely out of contention.

Prayer Request-Bedpan, Sparky and family, Broke’s Mom


Good to be back out to Folsom. I think this is the first time since Old School started. We had good numbers at both AO’s on Saturday and that was the whole point. The right amount allows you to be more personal with each other. If the group gets to big then people get lost in the crowd. That being said a lot of guys that were posting when we split have gotten pretty slack. Sack up you lazy rascals and get back out there!