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  • When: 11/11/2021
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OK, so here is my attempt at a pre blast. Some of you are aware of the Chad1000X workout. It is a Hero WOD dedicated to Chad Wilkinson. He was a Navy SEAL who took his life on October 29, 2018 due to effects of damage to his brain sustained while performing his duties as a SEAL. The goal is to bring awareness to the epidemic of veteran suicide and also to help be part of the solution through support of the Navy SEAL Foundation and other veteran health initiatives. GoRuck and Jocko are sponsors of this national event scheduled for Veterans’ Day this year.

The workout is 1000 step ups completed with 45# ruck using a 20 inch box for the step ups. Do this as fast as you can and lowest time gets to take the trophy home. I have scoped out a few AOs, and it looks like the Bulldog has the best site. There are 21 benches that are approximately 20 inches (disclaimer***I have not measured). I will assume you are being honest if you do this on your own, but would love to see a few guys join me on Thursday, November 11 at Bess Elementary School (Bulldog AO) at probably 5 am start time. If enough are there, I’ll supply a few coolers with water and gatorade. I will need a head count beforehand if anyone will be joining me.

HERE IS THE GOOD PART: For a nominal fee (you pick the $$ amount) you can be entered into a competition with me. If you have the winning time, I will donate $1000.00 to the Chad1000X fundraiser in your name (along with all the $$ from donations).  You have almost 2 months to train. If you cannot make it that day, feel free to do the workout another day, send me your time along with your $$ donation anytime before end of day November 11. I’ll be happy to take random donations also but would rather have you join me.