• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 07/20/2021
  • AO: Bulldog
  • QIC: Radar
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Castlerock, Woody, Hermey (R), Rebar, Voodoo, Spiderman, Dry Rub (R)

It was my first time as a Q at Bulldog. I had been a few times prior to agreeing to Q so I knew what type of workout  I wanted to do.

After a brief disclaimer, we took a lap around the parking lot and circled up for the Warm Up.

Warm Up
SSH x 20 (IC)
Sun Gods x 10 (IC, forward and reverse)
Windmill x 10 (IC)
Concrete Pickers x 10 (IC)
Arm and Shoulder Stretches

Lazy Dora
First set – Merkins (100)
Partner 1 would do 20 merkins while partner 2 did mountain climbers and flap jack.

Second set – Curls (200)
Partner 1 would do 20 curls while partner 2 did plank jacks and flap jack.

Third set – Goblet Squats (300)
Partner 1 would do 25 goblet squats while partner 2 did lbc’s and flap jack.

After this first set of Lazy Dora, we took a brief walk around the school parking lot to rest.

Second Lazy Dora
First set – Shoulder Press (100)
Partner 1 would do 10 shoulder presses while partner 1 did lunges and flap jack.

Second Set – Dips (150)
Partner 1 would do 25 dips while partner 1 did flutter kicks and flap jack

Third Set – Chest Press (200)
Partner 1 would do 25 chest press while partner 1 did step ups on the benches.

***Instead of doing a 10 count, I decided to get to know the Pax a little bit better since I don’t post in this area frequently. Each pax shared how they started in F3 and what F3 means to them.  It was great to get to know the men who post regularly at Bulldog.

Voodoo said his daughter broke her arm riding a bike.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning!