• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 06/11/2021
  • AO: Downtown
  • QIC: Linus
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Westside, Balljoint, Roundup, JK2, Bob the Builder, Slaw, EZ Rider, Purple Haze, Watts Up

Quick immediate disclaimer, no fng’s.  Somebody’s pulling in last moment and trying to calculate the perfect parking spot.  But Watts Up will have nothing to do with this, time to roll if we’re going.  So, let’s go.

First stop is short one.  Out to Main St.  Find a partner.

Booyah Merkin Runs

Stop light to stop light, alternating routes.  Meet back with partner and count 10 Booyah merkins, working your way down.  We did this for a little bit.

Mosey to the parking garage.

Modified 4 corners on six levels?  All OYO….but we ran as a group

Ground Floor:  10 merkins

1st level:  Repeat and 20 squats

2nd level:  Repeats and 30 LBC’s

3rd level:  Repeatss and 40 flutters

4th level:  Repeatss only

5th level:  No repeatss, just 50 SSH

Mosey back down using the “You take the High Road and I’ll take the Low Road” approach.  Group 1 (which ironically did not include me) run back down and go to the stairs.  Group 2 will take the stairs and joyfully cheer you on.  Rinse and repeat only Group 2 now runs.  Carry this down to the bottom level.

Some aggressive competition going (well basically everybody was trying to catch Bob the Builder) so we kept it up.

Group Planks/Squats:

Group 1, A, whatever your called runs up one level and back down the stairs.  Group 2 or B or whatever we are holds plank.

Rinse and repeat using Squat or Al Gore position.

Rinse and repeat using/holding feet in 6″ off ground position.  Also ironic that Linus tried to switch groups avoiding the last run.  This was the first or 2nd or maybe 3rd Q fail of the morning.

We are already down to about less than 20 minutes left.

Take a mosey to the murky hill area right below the Masonic Temple (which I mis-pronounced so says Watts Up).  I slid my Weinke under a Bic lighter to prevent my Whoopee Resistant plastic covered Weinke from blowing away.  By the way, that area is way less murky in the daylight but the hill is a bit intimidating.  Partner up.

Merkin Bear Crawls:

Partner 1 does 10 merkins and can get up and run to catch partner 2 who is bear crawling.  All the way to the stoplight.  I think Slaw and company made it back to the pavilion and came back to help finish our rep.

Round 2:  Dips (best you can on a flat surface) and crab walk half the distance.  Somewhere in the process the HIM’s retrieved my weinke including the Bic lighter used to hold it in place.  I think as I type this there is somebody trying to light up fuming about their missing flame.  Doubt their internal anger is enough to light their stick, maybe an incentive to quit smoking?  But I doubt it.

Back across Franklin.  We’ve got about 3.5 minutes to spare.  Continue our last round with squats and lunges.  Roll back to the pavilion at exactly 6:15.


Leadership meeting this Sunday

Blood Drive – Lineberger Park

Service Project – Clippers and Chapstick.  Toenail ‘clippings’ are accepted but not preferred.  Slaw may use to make coconut smoothies.

Monthly 5K – June 27th at Crossroads

Friday Downtown needs a Q this coming weekend.  For those traveling Zoom Q’s may be accepted.

June 17th – Get your Shovel Flags to Whoopee or Gastone for placement at Turtleman’s house.  Anybody got a spare flag for Balljoint?

Prayers and Concerns:


EZ Rider and family

Gumby’s mother