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We have decided that, as a region, we are going to initiate a monthly 5k.  There will be no medals (sorry Sister Act) and there will be no official times.  You may be asking what’s the point.  That’s a good question.  It has been thought that it would be good to combine two things our region is really good at doing.  Running and donating money.  That’s the purpose of this – to raise money.  All the money raised through the run in December will be donated to a worthy cause.  The cause has not been decided, and feel free to offer your suggestions.   The runs will alternate between our normally scheduled running locations.  Each race will be named after a different PAX. You don’t actually have to pay to join, but if you’re able, it will definitely be appreciated.  If you feel so led you can donate at any time.  Feel free to give your money to myself or Broke.

Ok Ok – I will personally buy the PAX that’s wins the most events a medal.  We will also think of other prizes and such along the way.  Consider this like a skillet, but a little different.

That being said, our first race will be the Jacked Up Leg 5k.  The event will be help at Crossroads on Sunday, June 27th at the normal starting time.

I’m sure some of you may be thinking this is a dumb idea, and you may be right.   Sometimes you just throw ideas at a wall and see what sticks.  The main goal is raising money, but hopefully we can have some fun also.

Hope you’re all doing well and SYITG.