• Post Type: Pre-Blast
  • When: 07/04/2020
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  • QIC: Tesla
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Three years ago YHC thought that a special edition of The Yank would be good to recognize the efforts of our founders in 1776 to put forth the personal risk and effort to create a free nation that has over the last century especially saved the world from tyranny at least three times and continues to provide the one gate everyone in the planet wants to get through. Which is a pretty solid confirmation of those first principles that go back to Athens almost 3,000 years ago. We’ve refined and improved them since then to the point of Jefferson’s sentence declaring our Natural Rights that are God Given and perfect, not conditional privileges from a fallen government of man.

That idea is under attack. It is always under attack. And to properly defend and expand them getting back to them from time to time is vital to get back to them. As such tomorrow’s Fighting Yank will include the following activities:

*A Tesla McBadass buttermilk beatdown from 7-8 am.

*A reading aloud of the Declaration of Independence by the pax at the statue of The Fighting Yank.

*A short message from the Reverend Sam Warner of First Presbyterian Church, Belmont

This ceremony should take @ 20 minutes. I think it will be one of the best observances of the day in this part of NC and SC because it will be real and very heartfelt at a time when these values are questioned.

Look forward to seeing you there.