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Day: July 7, 2020

Sauna at Painlab

6 Hims showed up for a sauna at Painlab. Tophat, Double stuff, Rudolph, Clavin, Hermie and Tube. The start was normal with your usual workouts, until I worked into my 2nd round of kettle swings. Pulled by back and went to my knees. Rudolph immediately jumped in for Q with my Blessings. I came back in gently and We finished strong. Rudolph will be showing proper technique on kettle swings next Painlab.

D town beat down

This was my first Q I was nervous but excited. I’ve gotten some good workouts in at Folsom and wanted to return the favor.we started with a warm up of 15 gravel pickers,20 maracan night clubs,20 side strad hops,10 merkins,10 mountain climbers. Then moseyed to the flag pole doing 5 burpees at each pole. We pledged at the flag then moseyed to the parking lot and circled up. On your 6 then hold 6” while taking turns around the circle doing flutter kicks. Then  hold low plank position while going around the circle doing 5 merkins.these exercises sucked due to a large group and Wichita’s slow merkins (sandbagger).we then moseyed to back picnic shelter stopping to do 10 squats at each light pole on the way.at back shelter we did pull-ups to failure then20 step-ups for 4 sets.then 15 hanging knee raises 20 tricep dips 4 sets.then we moseyed to parking lot and did ascending merkins to 10 bear crawling across parking lot.By then time was up we took prayer requests and closed in prayer did namerama made announcements. Thanks for the opportunity to lead the group this morning everyone pushed theirselves that’s what I was hoping for. I also shared a verse 1 Corinthians 10:13 and shared some thoughts about resisting temptation. It’s never more than we can resist and the Lord always provides an escape. Those in attendance were VQ:Westside,Big Pappy,Woodchuck,Rabbit Ears,Mr.Pibb,Newton,Hacksaw,Hucklepock,Montross,Kingpin,Skittles,Purplehaze,Sparky,Roundup,Wichita,Freight,Flubber,Bedpan,Slaw,Volt,FNG Laverne


Fife being new to F3 on Monday was wondering where THE GOAT was. So 13 pax ran over there this morning to show him.


Sister Acts daughter and family

the nation

police officers

groups that feel marginalized



pt test July 18

annihilation q with Pizzaman July 25 at the yank



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