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Day: July 9, 2020

Prison Break

10 guys out at the prison break to log some miles. Everyone done a great job pushing the rock. Let’s continue to do so, hold each other accountable and get the work done! Wether it be spiritual or physical we can all do something productive in our lives and in the community so let’s get after it!


PT at the Gashouse 18th

Annihilation at the yank on 25th

Prayer Request

Sister Act family

Our community

Each other


Round Up

The Blart

9 was the number at Midoriyama on Tuesday. Tyson had the Q but had something come up so he asked if YHC could help him out. Now I had not intended on going to Midoriyama. I had posted that morning and was scheduled to co-q the next. I’m on staycation this week and I try to get in some of the morning workouts for a change when I can. However my brother needed my help so I did what you do. Right? Right? While this was a minor thing I hope you get it.


Just whatever….SSH or something

The Thang:

The Blart

Blart-verb to sound loudly and harshly(that doesn’t sound right)

British slang-The vagina or a fart(insert big eye emoji)

Anyway-Mosey to the soccer field. Merkin ladder starting at 20. Run across the field do 19. Back and forth until you get to zero. (merkins are his favorite exercise.

Mosey to the parking lot for 11’s. Mike Tysons and Sand V’s

To the turd shack. Wall jump 30 times then do 5 burpees(his least favorite) x 3 rounds

To the parking lot. Sprint one lap, rest, rinse and repeat 3 times(this commemorates his one lap race with Ash Pond)

Mosey back to the flag. Merkin mania. 5 of each diamond, regular, wide, crucible, stagered each side, hand release



All the usual stuff

Naked Moleskin:

Blart is my hero because he is a faithful man that is always trying to improve. He cares about others and is always willing to help. He is a listener. He actually pays attention to what people say.

It was Perry to Lee

Last weeks great accomplishment of finishing the full run to Snoballs under 45 minutes and several other notables during that run made me plan on today’s Q running an old route that I’ve never completed …. down to Lee …. uh Perry then Lee ( bad when a heart doctor has to correctly navigate for the mailman) over to New Hope and then Armstrong Drive to Armstrong Road and back home! Most of today’s crew would attempt the full run as well with Dr. Seuss Leading our newest pax member water boy off on a snipe hunt around Parkwood ( they zigged left instead of zagging right) at Garrison and Armstrong . Before starting breaker breaker asked if I was gonna be running sub seven today to which I just playfully laughed and said I don’t think I can achieve that much but I’ll certainly be shooting for sub nine!! Thanks to a cool refreshing Iced T being present, we were able to briefly achieve sub eight and then remained approximately 815 820 up until halfway through the course and Iced T burst a little bit ahead of me on a flat straightaway! After the course was done he said he really enjoyed all of the elevation changes he certainly help me to sweat a little more today than normal. Breaker breaker said he made it just passed the cemetery and headed back Oompa Loompa went as far as 2 miles and then headed back making him at four in the completion. All in all solid performance by all!

PT test next weekend

Prayers for a Breaker Breaker father-in-law

Defibs 2.0

Sister Acts 2.0


coworker of Iced T and Clavin ( Jamie Jones) family dealing with her suicide

Senior Pastor Ronnie Bowers of Flint Groves Baptist upcoming Heart Catheterization

addictions/ depression

todays word comes from the book of James

”Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.”

today’s big Takeaway is that it was amazing to accomplish a goal that I had set a while back including last weeks goal… Unfortunately with Covid myself as well as many others have not advanced much performing or achieving goals and maybe that something we should work towards.


Well… my Q has been scheduled for a couple weeks, but my attendance has been kinda spotty lately. So yesterday on Folsom’s social media/ group text/ someone “Huck” had created a poll, “will Sparky show up for his on Q”? It was almost an even vote!! So I thought we will work tomorrow! I pulled in wayyy early, about 525, and people were already there! Who knew people show up for workouts 5 minutes before they start? Anyway there was a good crowd this morning, 530 hits and we get started!

Little Gumby’s in the Woods 15ic

Toy soldiers 20ic

10 Burpees OYO

Everybody grab a block and a partner and head to the tennis courts. We lined up for some messed up Dora! Partner 1 starts the workout while partner 2 runs down and back rotating until total number of exercise is completed!

1st- 50 Blockees

2nd- 100 Thusters

3rd- 150 tricep extentions

4th- 200 curls

5th- 250 LBCs , all with blocks!
At this point we are a little ahead of schedule, so I call the group over to one corner of the courts and call prison Burpees! Start with 1 burpee in the first corner then we will add 1 at every corner. We got in 9 corners total of 45?

Last thing on my list was “IRON HULKS”, those are always great, when your upper body is trashed!
Returned to the Launch, said the pledge, announcements, and prayer request and prayed!

Announcements- Nomads trip to Waynesville Saturday morning, see Huck or Montross if interested. PT test this month, and that other hard workout.

Prayer requests- Sister Acts daughter and family, Huck, MW, Venture Church, and others I may have forgotten!

Thanks again for letting me lead! Remember, you always have people/ brothers in your corner! That are there for you when you need them!



3 showed for some Rucking with a round of 11s for good measure.

2.6+ miles, squats and calf raises.

Good times, good fellowship…


Watts Up powering down.

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