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  • When: 02/26/2019
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  • QIC: Buckeye
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Medicine Woman, Sparky, Allen Tate self proclaimed "Chief," Volt, Blue, RoundUp, Gumby, Rock-a-Billy, TatorHole, Montross, Ratchet, Big Pappi, FNG-Todd Mayo-Meat Suit, Buckeye (QIC)

Waylon Jennings and the country outlaws are playing as the Pax roll in.

no rain, we have an FNG Todd.  Disclaimer, Let the music begin.  Disney Princess Radio leads off, If you want to change the station please complete 5 blockee’s.

SSH in cadence, Imperial walkers in cadence, Moroccan Night Clubs in cadence.

Grab some blocks and move to the tennis courts.  Thank  you Sparky for bringing the coupons.  We have 14 pax this morning and only 13 blocks, luckily (remember what luck is) we had some extra 45 lb plates to use as well.

Thrusters x 15, bear crawl across tennis court, 15 American hammers each side, nur across tennis court, 15 mike tysons, bear crawl across tennis court, 15 freddy mercury’s each leg, nur across tennis court, 15 step back lunges each leg then run back to the beginning.

after first set we plank for the six.

This time, we take turns farmer carrying the 45 lb plates around the tennis courts whilst the pax continues with 2 more rounds of the above exercises. The pax seem to be enjoying the music even singing along with the Disney Princesses.  I thought these Folsom boys were tough guys, but apparently they have a soft spot for Princesses, or maybe they are Princesses.  Show to know.

As we plank for the six to finish the 3rd round some start to complain about the music.

As we circle up for some core time, Montross completes 5 blockees and request some more Waylon Jennnings.  We keep passing the 45s and work through various ab exercises including fan favorite reverse American Hammers, Straight Leg Freddys, Figure Eights, Extended Cross and Real Big Boys.  Time is running out.  5 minutes of Stretching, 22 for the vets, take the coupons back to Sparky’s Truck.



  • Convergence 30th of March (not February) at Folsom

–  Blart looking for people for the Rooster.  this Saturday March 2.

–  Medicine Woman with Q on Thursday

  • Swimmer with Q coming on Saturday

  • Remember to visit different AOs periodically.

Prayer Requests

  • Pax, Allent Tates Mom, RockaBilly Mom has Surgery, the community, Lawson Family.

FNG Todd Mayo.  From Dallas, NC.  Went to North Gaston.  Roundup EH’d our new member.  He owns his own landscape company Gaston Land Services and works also as a FireFighter.  Some Names got tossed around including Chief (met with strong opposition by one pax in-particular – no names but we all know whom).  We find out he enjoys to Listen to Lady Gaga.  Montross offers up Meat Suit.  No other suggestions.  Please welcome Meat Suit.

Sister Act and Broke were not present. No sighting of Huck either.

Sparky Takes us out in the BOM