• Post Type:
  • When: 10/27/2016
  • AO:
  • QIC: Slaw
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Blart, ASH Pond, Freight, Edison, Lil' Sweet, Gomer, Oompa Loompa (Respect), Billy Madison, Slaw (QIC)

As YHC composes this BB, he must apologize for the tardiness of the post. The guys at Midoriyama are renowned for their pathetic counting, now it seems as if their memory is starting to fail as well. Huckleberry asked YHC to pick up the Q due to a last minute schedule conflict. After agreeing to Q, YHC had little time to come up with a great Weinke. YHC went back to basics with this one. No FNG’s present, so with the usual disclaimer, YHC led 9 other HIMs through the afternoon Midoriyama gloom (that’s not a thing, just sounded kinda cool. The weather was great, actually!).



  • SSH
  • Moroccan NC (until Billy Madison joined the PAX)
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Don Quixotes

The Thang:

First up were Rugby Sprints. YHC picked these up from our brothers at the Deep. All PAX line up side by side facing in the same direction. At his discretion, Q calls an exercise. PAX begin the exercise to a random count until Q calls “SPRINT!”. PAX then sprint approx. 25-30 yards away then sprint back to start line. PAX then slow mosey back to other end of the 30 yard mark. Q then calls new exercise at a random count then rinse and repeat the sprinting. Thanks to Crabcakes at the deep for this one! Exercises were Merkins, Werkins, Mountain Climbers, LBC’s and Flutter Kicks. After 2 rounds, Billy Madison self-reported an attack of SV and headed home. Hope you get better, Billy! See you next time.

YHC decided to do a little “Turd Shack Tango”. PAX got on the wall at the Turd Shack and performed 10 Mike Tysons IC. PAX then lunge walk around the shack then performed 10 Hip Slappers IC. Lunge walk around again. Next was 30 sec wall sit then lunge walk around one last time.

Mosey to play ground and partner up. Partner 1 does 5 pull ups, partner 2 – 10 Merkins. Switch and repeat. PAX then rinse and repeat but sub Diamond Merkins for Merkins. Rinse and repeat but sub Military Merkins for Diamond Merkins.

Mosey back to flag for 4 count Burpee beatdown. PAX slit into 4 two man teams. Team one starts the Burpee. Team two begins their Burpee when team one is almost finished with theirs. Team three follows team two, team four follows team three. Once team four is finished, that counts as one Burpee. Q announced this would be performed until Q calls it.Through mucho mumble chatter and a constant struggle to accelerate/decelerate the pace, the PAX pushed through 12 minutes of Burpees! We lost count after 100. Way to push, men!

Sensing an impending mutiny, YHC called for more Rugby Sprints. One round of Merkins, one round of LBC’s.

Walk back to the Flag for some Mary. YHC cannot remember them all, but does remember Parker Peters, LBC’s, Flutter Kicks, High Plank Hold, WW1’s and 5 Burpees OYO (thanks Lil’ Sweet!). YHC attempted to introduce an 8 count ab exercise called the Dr. W. Look it up on the Lexicon. After a demo, YHC got the “are you kidding” and “I don’t think so” stares from the PAX. It is an 8 count exercise, and we have a hard time getting to 4 at Midoiyama! YHC Omaha’d to Michael Phelps flutter kicks instead.

Finished up with 22 Merkins for the Vets.


CSAUP in 2 weeks, Advisory board meeting 10/30 @19:00 at On the Border.

Prayer requests:

Floppy Disk’s M and their family. Tool Time and his calf (muscle, not cow), Def Leppard (broke toe). Others were mentioned and YHC apologizes for not being able to remember them.

Thank you men for allowing me to lead. The men of Midoriyama are an awesome group of men, and YHC is proud to be one of them! Keep pushing the rock, men!