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  • When: 09/24/16
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  • QIC: DaVinci
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  • PAX: HushPuppy, Squirt, Sledge-o-Matic (respect), Bumgarner (Kotter), Stroganoff, Blart, Lil Sweet, Bandit, Bacon (respect), Dolph, Mayor, BrownStreak, Squeaker, DaVinci, Easy Rider (early departure)


With the events the past week in nearby Charlotte of death, civil unrest, riots and protests, and LEOs taking a lot of s#!t, along with a very taxing week at work, I found it very hard to find any quiet within my head and heart.  So I decided the PAX would visit 3 places where folks are quiet (…most of the time…sometimes).


Thanks to Squirt for Q’ing the warmup, YHC is usually winded by 15 SSH….so he began with SSH IC x 15, followed by (in no particular order) Imperial Walkers IC x15 , Merkins IC x 10-15 (?). Somewhere in the midst, Dolph reminded us that at Fighting Yank, any time the train goes by we drop and do 5 burpees.  Sure enough, we could hear the diesels pumping and horns blasting all the way from downtown G-town, so 5 burpees it was.  Then we slow moseyed around the parking lot including High Knees, Butt Kickers and Karaoke left and right then to the flag for the POA (may Old Glory forever fly!)  Squirt graciously handed the Q over to YHC and after count-a-rama of 15 we moseyed to the little church in the west.

The Thang

In my Q’s I have taken a cue (pun intended) from C-SPAN who guest Q’ed a few weeks ago and had us choose one exercise we hated the most and do more of it.

So after running up that hill to the church parking lot, we began with Ring Of Fire since I hate Merkins.  (Also most PAX planked until 6…YHC …got there, but I Omaha’ed from a distance to Al Gore instead and continued that for Brownstreak’s slooowww count of 15) On the second round of ROF, Mayor and Dolph decided to make them Handclap Merkins….good work men!

Next we saluted Garrison Blvd with Monkey Humpers IC x 10.  It was then decided that any jet flyover over would result in 6 Monkey Humpers IC (I dunno where 6 came from) which was repeated at least 3-4 more times during the morning.

Our next quiet place was the library, so down the hill we moseyed.  We reminisced one of the very first F3 workouts in Gashouse with plank walk on the curb around the big oak tree near the loading dock, followed by Rocky Balboas OYO x 20.  Headed around back for some Dora 1-2-3, SSH x 100, lunges x 200, flutter kicks x300 with a partner or trio.  I still get confused in the moment on single count and double count so we may have done 600 flutters instead!

Moseyed up the steps to Garrison (Tclaps to Blart for doubling up the steps!) for another planned salute of Monkey Humpers x 10 IC.  Mosey to Grier parking lot for our 3rd quiet place (this is where the sometimes quiet applies…..I know from experience decades ago that ISS is pretty quiet).  I misjudged the remaining time so we cut what I had planned and saluted Garrison a third time with Crab Humpers IC x 10, then moseyed back to Schiele parking lot.  

With 15 minutes left we headed downhill to the nature trail (bonus quiet place!) and partnered again. P1 takes a lap around the grist mill and P2 burpeed until they dropped (omaha was called by some esp by YHC), 2 laps each.  Then we headed back up that monster hill for some Mary.  (Let it also be known at this point, the mighty mighty Dolph was winded.)

Imperial Walkers IC x 20 (thank you Lord Vader may I have another?), Appalachian Americans (Hillbillies) IC x 10, Moroccan Nightclubs IC x 30 and a few burpees and more Monkey Humper flyovers.  It seemed like time was dragging slowly so we called it at 7:59.58 on HushPuppy’s clock and the bells of freedom rang during the beginning of Name-o-rama.

I encouraged the PAX to make time each day, even if just a few minutes, to find that quiet place in their mind whether it’s praying, meditating, music, whatever.  Just pause and reflect in the midst of the chaos.