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  • When: 09/03/16
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  • PAX: Dr. Feelgood, Squeaker, Madoff, Messy (hate), Slaw, HushPuppy, Bacon, Linus, Roscoe, Bandit, Dolph, Blart, Lil Sweet, Def Leppard, JJ, Squirt, TSquare, JK2, AshPond, DaVinci, Easy Rider, Olaf, Whoopee

We started the morning with a great discussion with Dr. Feelgood about Samuel and Saul (Old Testament). Great insight from a HIM who has a talent for breaking things down to basics then building back up for daily applications for all of us. OUTSTANDING DISCUSSION.

When I volunteered to Q this weekend, it was originally going to be a BRR prep in disguise. Little did I know my RED F3 shirt would arrive and be a youth XL and then my plans changed. I posted that I would be willing to part with this shirt if anyone would offer any money (highest bidder). Roscoe quickly called me out and suggested that this shirt might be too big….because of my BRR prep…..and lack of F3 workouts lately. My immediate response was the Sammy Hagar song, “I Can’t Drive 55” since Roscoe is a policeman. I googled the song and watched the video for inspiration-Sammy driving the race car, yelling at the judge, the band fighting with the cops in court, and Sammy eventually ending up in jail. I was truly inspired….I jumped into my car and next thing I knew I was flying down Franklin Blvd typing my Weinke as I weaved in and out of traffic with my windows down and the music blaring…..thankfully Roscoe does not work in GasHouse so I eventually made it home without a confrontation with the popo.

Here is what we did:

I knew the pax would be expecting a quick WU and I did not want to let them down, however I needed to make sure to emphasize the upper body so there was a quick disclaimer followed by a quick youth XL RED shirt reveal with some cat calls and whistles.

WU: 10 IC of SSH, Merkins, LBC, Merkins, Squats, Merkins, Flutter Kicks, Merkins. Somewhere in there Roscoe took over for a celebrity WU with PRESS PRESS FLING X 10 IC-yes, this IS an exercise and it is done by SEALs as part of their workouts. #unicornsighting

Next we moseyed to the flag for a STANDING pledge.

We moseyed up the hill to Grier Middle School parking lot with a nice wall and curb so we partnered up and P1 did hip slappers X 20 while P2 did Rocky Balboas AMRAP then flapjack and repeat at 10 reps of hip slappers. This was originally going to be wall sits but Rocky 3 was on last night and I had to find somewhere to put them in.

After short recovery we moseyed up the street to Parkwood Baptist Church dodging traffic for some leg work. We lunged across the parking lot and after 5 lunges for each leg we did 5 merkins. On the way back we lunged X 10 for each leg then did 5 merkins.

I didn’t want to leave my home church out so next we moseyed over to First Presbyterian Church to the stairs and did a 3 way partner split. P1 ran up the stairs, did 5 merkins, then ran back down. While P1 did that, P2 held P3’s legs up while P3 did hip slappers AMRAP. This was an attempt to build the Wall of Thermopylae and served as a definite crowd pleaser. We rotated through each spot for 3 cycles (I think).

We moseyed again towards the soccer field that has a baseball field on it (thanks JK2) for some Century Club-10 volunteers stepped up (thanks Messy-12 years old!!!) and took turns leading an exercise of choice X 10 reps (as fast as possible). Messy started us with SSH X 10, then Dolph called out 10 Burpees. I think I passed out after the last burpee and woke with Bandit leading dying cockroaches and DaVinci with Warrior Lunges that were as much more fun to watch than to do (nice work Feelgood). This was followed by a karaoke run around the parking lot (seemed like a long run for me) then headed over to the soccer field (I know, JK2, it has a baseball field on it) for some more partner work. This was called Merkinburpsquat (think Monkeypuppybaby). P1 ran across the soccer field while P2 did AMRAP of exercises which included Merkin, burp, squat. I think we did 1 cycle of this (my brain was pretty much gone at this point).

We were cutting close on time so we moseyed back to the flag for……ring/ring on my phone. Who could that be???? It was my mother (AKA Nana). Roscoe suggested I answer so I did and the pax were kind enough to wish Nana a good morning. I quickly explained I was busy and would call her back. In honor of my mom, we saluted her with 67 Merkins (she is 66 years old now, but will be 67 some day hopefully). As we started this, I heard someone say “Are we really doing this???” I am sure that will make Nana proud when I tell her later. My response was “Be glad it was not my grandmother…” We did a short wall sit waiting on the bells of freedom then jail-breaked to the start-thanks for the push Squirt and Dolph-not as fast as I used to be so all I saw was your backs. I guess I could have run faster if my shirt was not so tight-made it hard to breathe. That is my story anyway.

We finished with the namorama and announcements/prayer requests. BRR coming this week (thankfully) and some health issues in various pax families. Proud to see so many faces out there today-it’s been too long for me and loved getting back out there. Saturday mornings are a great time for me.

Days like today really motivate me starting with the 3rd F discussion and ending with a smelly shirt that I gave to a 12 year old kid who worked his butt off today and led some men through exercises like a champ-Madoff, give Messy an attaboy from me. We all know it takes some guts to get out there and exercise, let alone lead with a bunch of people you really don’t know.

Guys-thanks for making this F3 thing great. It takes all of us in one way or another.