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  • When: 08/05/16
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  • QIC: Whoopeesargentouthouseshortsale
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  • PAX: Woodstock, Breeder, Gomer, Sargento, Outhouse, Easy Rider, Da Vinci, Short Sale, Whoopee

Nine lost souls gathered around the Rotary Pavilion gloom today….staring at each other in silence and wondering what to do…..for 45 minutes straight….waiting on the Q to arrive…..then we got in our cars and went our separate ways…..

If you know the GasHouse regulars, you know this is a lie. We were Q-less  and FNG-less, but that did not stop us from intimidating the Pokemon searchers with our physical fitness, aggressive warm-up, and all-around swollen, muscle-riddled arms. We decided to take matters into our own hands and had a group Q workout.

Short Disclaimer just for the heck of it…then started the WU which I really don’t like but know it is necessary especially for some old guys like me who are prone to injuries so…

WU:  SSH X15, Merkins X 10, LBC X 15, maybe some squats but I was already daydreaming by now so I just broke out of the circle on about number 6 and yelled mosey.

The Thang:

Short mosey around the lot flexing the chest muscles for the benefit of the 2 pokemon hunters (nice work Breeder and Easy Rider, I could see the fear in their eyes) then continue to the far side road for Sargento’s part of the workout: Route 66 down ? Main Street-escalating number of Merkins at each streetlight with fast mosey between the lights from 1 up to 11. This set the tone for the rest of the workout with a good chest burn. I could see the puzzled look on Short Sale’s face as he was planning some Merkins but (thankfully) let OutHouse take the next round.

OutHouse did not disappoint. We moseyed to the Shrimp Boat for what seemed like about 3-4 miles (was that in South Cackilacky?) for a leg and chest beatdown. We started with a Chair (wall sit) March for unknown number of steps then came the HIP SLAPPERS X 20. I still have not found another exercise that I like more than these. We moved quickly to French Fries and a comment by OutHouse that continues to haunt me as I type this….making someone feel uncomfortable the last time he asked someone to get into this position….so many places to go with this, however I can’t bring myself to type any of them. You can run with that if you want to, but please don’t involve me. I think I mentally checked out for a few minutes then woke up doing wheelbarrow and lunges a few minutes later towards the Rotary Garden. We (thankfully) finished OutHouse’s portion with some Grass (weed) Pickers IC just after Sargento gave props to our own Dr. Feelgood and his pseudo-child (the rotary garden) which he birthed approximately 2-3 years ago.

By this time our chests had semi-recovered from Route 66 so Short Sale led us for a mosey to the parking deck for a final beat down. My advice, before you attend a Short Sale workout in the future, get your core in shape, and by “in shape” I mean order a 6 pack with some Merkin guns on the side. Once in the parking deck, Short Sale told us to walk the plank: we did 11’s using a parking space-escalator merkins up to 11 on one side, then plank walk sideways to the other line for Burps escalator down from 10. I quickly Omaha’s the plank walk to eventually just walk the 3 steps across the parking space (HOLY NUTS that was harder than it sounds). When is Short Sale Q next???!!! Hopefully I am sick or getting a root canal then…. We were getting close to time but Short Sale would have none of that. Next was a mini-Dora with partner: 25 LBCs, 50 Squats, 75 Flutter Kicks with a short loop in the parking lot and down the stairs.

Before we recovered enough to tell Short Sale how much we liked his “Walk the Plank, we moseyed back to start for a short discussion about the F3 Royalty Court (King, Queen, Jester) and how we need to “be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil (read “Jester”) prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour” 1 Peter 5:8 (got this from a previous post by Dredd I have been hanging onto for the last 3 months). I couldn’t remember this exactly the same way this morning so I ad libbed but somehow didn’t get the same effect. That’s what you get for on-the-fly Q’s. We said the pledge then did 5 Burpees OYO to close it all out.


Great work out there today. Da Vinci, I saw you working hard and busting your hump while a few others were right there with you with some genuine encouragement. Keep working. Thanks for the group Q effort-almost seemed rehearsed which is no surprise. We claim to NOT be professionals but I think that may merely be modesty and legal-eze to discourage lawsuits (my opinion, not fact). Easy Rider, don’t forget you were “VOLUNTOLD” for next week at Martha’s-I know you are ready for it-if you are able, better post to see what he has in store and give him some support. Gomer, you should be re-named Tigger the way you mosey without any signs of fatigue. Breeder and Woodstock, you both were solid today. Keep up the good work-your turn to Q is right around the corner.

Prayer requests: Keep in mind OutHouse’s father, Easy Rider’s uncle, GodFather/Stroganoff/T Square’s families, and a friend of a few of us (Greg Sellers and his daughter with recent diagnosis of thyroid cancer). Also, Da Vinci’s wife is leaving early Sat am for trip to ? Dominican Republic and he will be responsible for both his 13 year old and 2 year old-good luck and hopefully safe travels for the wife.