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  • When: 07/14/16
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  • QIC: Tool Time
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  • PAX: HuckleBerry, Hydrant, Mary Lou, Dolph, Allen Tate, Sparky, Pizza Man, Tool Time

About a week ago Huckleberry shot me a message which said “you need to bring Core Time to Folsom” ……who was I to deny this request!



SSH- 25 IC

Moroccan Night Clubs- 30 IC ( for Dolph)

Squats- 25 IC

Merkins – 15 IC

The Thang:

We moseyed to the Tennis courts ( about 30 yards) so that those of us with soft six’s wouldn’t ruin them ….then it happened Core time by Tool time….the PAX were really grateful that we weren’t training for the BRR ….however that ended shortly and they were asking for a mosey…denied!

In and Outs with arms up -25

Freddie Mercury’s forward with arms up in seated V position – 25 /Then Backwards for 25

Crunchy Frog – 25

Wide leg sit-ups – 25

Fifer Scissors- 25

Hip Rock and Raise – 25

Heels to Heaven- 25

V-Up/Roll-ups -25

Oblique V-ups Right Side -25 /Then Left side -25

Leg Climbs Right leg – 12/ Then Left Leg 12

And to put the cherry on top….

American Hammers -50

After that the PAX moseyed to the playground for some pull-up and Merkin action… and on to the rest of the Challenge…

Pull-ups -5 then Merkins -20 – X’s 2

Chin-ups 5 then Military Merkins (elbows in) -20 – X’s 2

After this the PAX moseyed from the Playground to the Folsom mini hill…..(Hamburger Hills distant relative)

Sprint up the hill at top 5 Burpees x 3

Sprint down the hill 20 CDD’s x 3

We did this together….well except Dolph….he got a little excited one time and ran off on his own….Huckleberry was quick to point that out to him !

Mosey back to the Flag and circle up – thanks to Pizza Man and Dolph for rounding up the six…

We certainly didn’t have enough core time!

50 Flutter kicks IC (this hurt)

Dolph called 5 Burpees OYO

Huckleberry called 25 LBC

Then finished with 30’s of plank!



Mole skin

YHC spoke to the men about the fact that we are all warriors and our duty to fight the battle set before us…..to become better Men, Husbands, Fathers, Friends and Leaders!

Prayers for healing of friends going through battles with cancer and for unity of our Country. Prayers of gratitude for the PAX present and for all of F3!

Proverbs 27:

17Iron sharpens iron,
and one man sharpens another.


Thank you for the invite to Folsom great work by all PAX. It was an honor to lead today men!

Tool Time