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MOUNT MIDORIYAMA GASTONIA — Nine men arrived at the park where the temperature was hotter than the inside of a helldiver’s suit who is mining helium-3 on Mars.

For today’s event, it was all about doing three-minute rounds made famous by boxers around the world. In anticipation, I called up my buddy Pacquiao to join us and show us how it’s done. Unfortunately, he said he wouldn’t workout in temperature this hot for less than a million dollars. No agreed to that and we had to press on.

The event got started with a little warm up of arm circles, which led into arm circles plus high knees. Then to test the PAX coordination we reversed the circles and switched high knees for butt kickers. After that, a little side saddle hops and about have way increasing the speed till they became fairy jacks.

After that, it was TIME, for the MAIN EVENT of the EVENING! (bruce buffer voice) We had ten different stages with a little bit of everything. Each person picked their starting point, and it was all OYO. Each round ran for three minutes, followed thirty seconds where a PAX would scream out an exercise the group had to do. No resting!

It was an excellent time, the biggest mistake I made was having the stages spread out too far apart. This lead to not a lot of mumble chatter which always lightens the mood.


  • 20 Seconds of Arm Circles, then added high knees, then reverse circles, then butt kickers.
  • 15 Side Straddle Hops IC



Three minutes. Ten stations.

Each PAX picked a starting number and after three minutes continued to the next number. Although some had trouble knowing what came after five. cough cough.

  • #1. 30 Toe touches on the curb. 30 Calf raises (repeat)
  • #2. 10 Merkins, 20 LBC’s (repeat)
  • #3. 10 Mule Kicks, Bear Crawl over, Crab walk back. (repeat)
  • #4. 20 Squats, 40 wall taps (repeat)
  • #5. Lunge for three minutes. (ouch)
  • #6. Plank and hold until you can’t. Then 10 side straddle hops (repeat)
  • #7. 20 High knees, 20 Butt kickers (repeat)
  • #8. 20 Decline Merkins, 20 Tricep Dips (Repeat)
  • #9. Jump rope until you mess up. Then a burpee. Then back to jump rope.
  • #10. ABC’s holding basketball with feet.

We finished off with one minute to spare and added more side saddle hops for good measure.

A short list of announcements and then joined for the COT.

Thank you all for coming out and braving the heat!