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  • When: 06/28/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Freight
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Def Leopard, Blart, Slaw, Tooltime, Edison, Billy Madison, Ringo(FNG), Crash(FNG)

It was a good day for F3 Gastonia. I believe there were 5 FNG’s in our 3 workouts. Not bad for a Tuesday. Midoriyama had two regulars on vacation and with 2 FNG’s we still had 9 in attendance. Not to bad evening crowd! I’m still used to the 3 we had for so long. With those numbers I got used to showing up with no plan at all. I went into this one thinking the same way. I grabbed a few coupons and headed out. As people started rolling in I had to keep coming up with coupons. Not a bad problem to have! I was challenged a bit by a certain PAX that a sweat probably wouldn’t be broken today…..wwwhhhaaatttt! Sorry FNG’s!


SSH x 15ic

Hillbillies x 10ic

Imperial Walkers x 10ic

LBC’s x 10ic

Merkins x 10ic

The Thang:

Mosey to the end of the park and back….wait there’s a nice little hill at the the end we should do something here.

Bear crawl up- 10 merkins, Crabwalk down- 10 WWI. Rinse and repeat but this time with Joe Hendrick’s. Again sorry FNG’s! Blame the challenger not me. I did notice the challenger modifying here!

Now we can mosey back. Went to the the stairs for calf raises x 10 each step=130. SSH while you wait in line. Mosey back to the flag and coupons.

Each PAX got in a station for a 1 minute exercise with a 20 sec break to move to the next station. One round was completed of the following.

Box jumps, Dips, Jump rope, Curls w/block, Overhead press w/block, Blockee’s, 30 lbs slamball(on knees slam left then center then right), 40 lbs kettlebell swings, Farmers walk with blocks.

Circle up for some Mary.



Namearama, Prayer

Good work Men. I hope you broke a sweat. Good to have Belmont newcomer Edison out! Welcome father son duo FNG’s Ringo and Crash! It doesn’t get easier but you will get better.