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  • When: 06/30/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Fresh Prince
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Brownstreak, Hokie (FNG), Madoff, Mayor, Monk, Spiderman, Spud, Top Hat, Fresh Prince (QIC)

9 PAX showed up this morning to put in some work at Goat Island.  The PAX experienced their first time with Fresh Prince at the Helm, as the turn out for my VQ a few weeks back was a much slimmer so it was good to lead a full PAX .  5:30 rolled around and we got started.

There was one FNG in the group so the disclaimer was disclaimed, this didn’t send him running so we got right into the warm up.

Warm Up:

20 SSH (IC)

20 Moroccan Night Clubs (IC)

20 Don Quixote (IC)

20 LBC (IC)

10 Merkins (IC)

Pledge & Word of the Week

The Thang:

Mosey the long way around the town up to the upper deck for some ab work.

15 Flutter Kicks  (IC)

10 Crunchy Frogs (IC) – This was a new exercise for Goat Island found in the Exicon but judging by the tone of the MC I like to think it was well received, but its hard to say for sure.

15 Box Cutters (OYO)

15 Russian Twists (IC)

15 French Fries (IC)

Rinse and Repeat.

After round 2 we finished out the ab work with 1 set of the Alphabet (OYO) – This was another new one for many.  On your six, with legs elevated, spell out the Alphabet (or Hawaiian Alphabet) with your legs.

Now that the abs are feeling good and warm we did another mosey down the hill to the Pharmacy. To catch our breath, We did a count off and admired May Flies (which were ample) around the light on the building.  YHC then said anyone know what the Del Brown is? I’m thinking we should do 5 sets.  At this point there was MC of Mutiny and the count was quickly Omaha’d to 1 set which was the right call as these proved to be more difficult than expected.  Hey it looked good on paper.

The Del Brown – The PAX lined up on one end of the building for 10 Merkins then crab walk to the other side (about 25 yards) for another 10 merkins, then crab walk back to the beginning for 10 Mountain climbers then Bear Crawl to the other end for 10 Mountain Climbers then Bear Crawl Back to the beginning.

Another Mosey back up to the BB&T alley for some wall sits while each PAX ran up the steps and around the building.  Once the last PAX did their lap we were just about out of time.  We mosey’d back to the main parking lot and in proper F3 fashion, YHC called for 5 Burpees OYO.

Name-O-Rama and COT

Monk let the PAX know that starting July 9th a Q for the 3rd F will be needed.  Goat Island needs Q’s for the next 4 weeks and most have been filled now.  Continued thoughts and prayers for Godfather and T-Square and their families as they are dealing with the loss of family members.

Our FNG let us know he’s a die hard UVA fan so he was properly named Hokie.  Welcome Hokie!

It was a pleasure leading the PAX today and I’m looking forward to my next Q in a few weeks.