• Post Type:
  • When: 06/28/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Garfield
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Def Leppard (respect), Ray Stevens, Dolph, T-Ball, Mary Lou, Hydrant, Allen Tate, Floyd, Hank, Roadie, Medicine Woman, Makotos (FNG Jason Woods), Huckleberry

or gnats, whatever.  14 men, including one fng (makotos), entered the gnat-infested gloom for a snot-woggling beat down. after Garfield’s disclaimer, we were off.

warmups – ssh x 15IC, don quixotes x 15IC, legs together forward stretch x 10 count, legs apart to the left, right and straight down x 10 count each.


mosey to the lower picnic shelter and back to the tennis courts.

garfield split the pax into 4 groups and put men at every corner of the tennis courts.  burpees, merkins, lbc and jump rope.  merkins, lbc and jump rope was AMRAP while the group doing the burpees completed 20.  once done, move to the next corner.  sprinting the long side, lunge walking the short.  once the pax completed every corner, rinse and repeat with 15 burpees and AMRAP the others.  once done, repeat with 10 burpees.

circle up for some ab work.  20 WW1 sit-ups, 40 Russian twists, 20 side crunches, flapjack. Hydrant with the call for 22 merkins to pay respect to the veterans.  good call, Hydrant.  finished up with 22 CDDs.

mosey back to the launching point.  announcement: Folsom meets every Saturday at 0630.  prayer requests: each other.  BOM: Garfield took us out with a closing prayer.

moleskin: I hope gnats are high in protein and fiber.  glad to have fng makotos join us.  welcome to the group, sir.  great job today, Garfield.  AYE!