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  • When: 6/23/16
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  • QIC: Billy Madison
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  • PAX: Blart, Def Leopard, Slaw, Freight, Wee Wee, Pizza Man, Tool Time, Billy Madison

The thermometer in my car flashed 103 Thursday afternoon as I pulled into Midoriyama for my first ever Q! (VQ)

Most men would stay in the AC and sip some Iced Tea.

F3 men see this as a perfect opportunity to workout.

F3-Midoriyama men saw a chance to enjoy a little casino night with the fellas!

8 men showed up for the hottest day of the year and used some card games to trick the mind as we pushed ourselves to “double down”!!!

The Thang: SSH x 20 IC, LBCs x 20 IC, Mericans x 20 IC, Floyd Mayweathers x 20 IC, Zombie Walkers entire length of the fence to grab our coupons!

Now that everyone has a coupon – let the games begin! Mosey with coupons to the soccer field! (1/3 mile)

Deck of Death x combined with C2C (corner 2 corner) on the soccer field!

Each corner has all 13 cards in a suit. Diamonds = diamond pushups, Clubs = Sit ups, Hearts = squats, Spades = bicep curls with cinder blocks

Sprint from corner to corner to blind draw your next card. Number you draw = your reps up to 14 on Aces! Then sprint to next station. Best 5 card poker hand gets a nice “pot” at the end. Competitive fun and effectively distracting from the sprints around the soccer field in the heat….all good – until we found a card shark in our midst! Cries of “Cheater” rang out as Freight started with Aces his first two cards and ended with a FULL HOUSE!

The Card Shark aka: Freight got to assign all of his LBCs to his victims – I mean friends in the Pax as we all played a game of….Black Jack! 

More sprints sideline to sideline! Start with 1 Merican then sprint across the field to give me 20 LBCs. Sprint back and give me 2 Mericans x sprint back for 19 LBCs! Continue until you reach 20 Mericans and 1 LBCs. Always equals 21….BLACK JACK! (We Omaha’ed this one when the “table got cold” when we reached the halfway point.) 🙁

Mosey back to the flag (1/3 mile) with coupons in hand! Ended with Captain Thors until time ran out! (reached approx. 8 situps x 32 hammers)

Great workout today men! What an honor to lead this group and lose my V-tags on the hottest day of the year! 😉 We continued to run almost the entire 45 minutes today while sprinting and/or carrying weights at all times! Midoriyama men know how to have fun – that’s for sure!

I have a feeling I’ll get some dirty looks if I ever invite you all over for a poker night! #SorryNotSorry Pax!

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