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  • When: 06/21/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Freight
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Billy Madison, Short Sale, Blart, Slaw, Def Leopard

YHC brought out an old weinke for this workout only to find some of the regular attendees had a case of the SV. You should get that looked at!


SSH x 15ic

Morroccan nightclub x 25ic

Goofball x couldn’t count due to laughter!

LBC x 10ic

Run a lap


The Thang:

1 minute of exercise 20 second break x 3 then run a lap.

Round 1 exercise- Merkins- 2 diamond, 2 regular, 2 wide rinse and repeat- Flutter Kicks- Squats. 3 sets.

Round 2- Pointers, Freddy Mercury’s, Step ups. 3 sets

Round 3- Running out of time so we sampled- Ski burps, LBFC’s, Calf Raises.

COT: Prayer requests for Godfather and M, those that couldn’t be with us.

Great work by all! Great to have Short Sale for a visit in the heat!