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  • When: 06/10/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Defib
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Roscoe, Stroganoff, Monk, Breeder, Woodstock, T-Square, Short Sale

8 brave men posted Friday for a nice humid Beatdown

With tired faces and minimal mumble the workout commenced:


SSH x20

Hillbillies x20

Don Quixote  x20

Moroccan NC x20

LBC x20

Mountain Climbers x20

Merkins x10

The Thang:

Starting with laps around the parking lot – each time we reached an end we did the following:

Merkins x5 then Merkins x10

Wide Merkins x 5 then x10

Diamond Merkins x 5 then x10

Mosey to our favorite wall for 3 sets of donkey kicks x10

Mosey through downtown with quick ab workout stop on steps – flutter kicks, homer/marge and hello dolly

Finally reach the garage for a real beatdown – lunge walk/bear crawl to top

With little breath left we went right into 11’s only instead of running across parking lot we used the stairs with Burpees at the top and LBCs at bottom.  A couple of near Merlot splashes before an Omaha as time expired.  Moseyed to pavilion for COT.


Prayer requests – Godfather on tying the knot, T-square’s family


So proud of the guys today who showed no quit as we pushed each exercise with little rest in between. As always it was an honor to serve.