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  • When: 05/31/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Whoopee
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  • PAX: TopHat, Stroganoff, Linus, Fresh Prince, Radar, OutHouse, Whoopee

Ok, sorry the backblast is late. Have been sick last few days and in bed by 730pm. I am finally able to breathe a little better and realized my BB was missing. Plus, I can finally straighten my arms from the Murph, and by the way, the pullup bar and assist strap are still in the box but will be opened soon  this weekend  before next year (I hope).

WU:Mosey around lot with butt kickers, high knees, side shuffle and regular mosey.

IC X 10:SSH, Squats, LBCs, Merkins, Moroccan Night Clubs, then 5 Burpees OYO

The Thang-1-2 laps around lot then settle near where we started for partner work. We had 7 so 2 groups of 2 and 1 group of 3 (luckily I was part of the 3 man group but don’t think it really mattered, just for the record).

P1:exercise (Fondas, Merkins, Flutter Kicks) AMRAP

P2: run to island in parking lot and back then pick up partner for piggy back to island and back

Flapjack, repeato for several rounds until mumblechatter was perfect.

AMRAP TABATA:45 secs of exercise and 15 secs of rest: Squats, Mtn Climbers, and LBCs for 2 sets each (I think???)

Mosey to benches for Dips and Hips (dips and hip slappers) 25/10 IC X 2 sets. Angry eyes from several PAX……more of that to come next….

Lincolnton Zombie Lunge….sorry guys, think I jumped the shark on this one. Did not make any friends here. 1 Burpee, 2 lunges each leg, 3 Burpees, 4 lunges each leg, 5 Burpees….up to 9 burpees and 10 Lunges each leg.

Mosey around the parking lot eventually to the small circle at bottom of hill for few flutter kicks offered as condolences for the zombie lunge and hip slappers….bad idea in retrospect.

Moseyed back to start for Pledge to the non-flag then COT.

Prayers for pax, Advisory Board Mtg this Sunday at Tequila’s at 7pm-CSAUP planning for anyone able to attend.

Thankful I can straighten my arms again and less ill than I was over last couple days. Hope to be back in few more days. Keep pushing the rock. Great work out there at the Storm on a day when I think several of us could have used a great big ol’ fartsack.