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  • When: 06/01/16
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  • QIC: Defib
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  • PAX: Outhouse, Drug Dog, Monk, Flintstone, Short Sale, Sargento, Mckinney, Easy Rider, Spiderman

10 pax including YHC posted Wednesday morning at Martha’s house for a nice humid beatdown

Usual disclaimer – I’m and idiot (no surprise) … followed by second disclaimer – YHC –  admitted that the planned workout did not look good – even on paper – nevertheless 10 strong PAX wanted to get their money’s worth so off we went.


SSHx20, Imperial Walkers x 20 , Moroccan Night Club x20, Flutter kicks x 20, LBC x 20 and Mountain climbers x 20


The Thang:

Indian run carrying a 10 lb exercise ball front runner hands/tosses ball to pax behind him when the ball gets to the last runner he sprints to front and repeat. Caveat –  If the ball hits the ground then everyone stops and does five burps… I’ve never seen such care for my ball which never hit the ground.

After arriving at the concession stand, pax lined up and did Russian twists – with a twist… the 10 lb ball was passed from one pax to another and back in the line.  This was was performed while listening to Sam Cooke sing “Twisting the night away”  There was some mumble about choosing a shorter song but YHC couldn’t quite make that out so we listened to entire song.

Next we partnered up and ran each of the 4 arms around the concession stand one partner did bear crawl alternating with lunge walks around the stand while the other ran the arm and completed an exercise at the end of the arm – exercises included LBCx5, Flutter kicks x10, Mountain climbers x5 and WWI setups x 5.

With little rest and some mumble we moseyed to parking lot to do suicides but instead of touching a line every few yards and turning around we did 2 then 4 then 6 then 8 burpees at each turnaround point.

Afterwards (running low on time ) YHC needed to Omaha (not Oklahoma since bandit was not there) Mosey back to Pelicans for some french fries and dying cockroaches.

When all was said and done the pax performed above and beyond expectations and made this look easier than what was on paper!


Looking for a few good men to step up and lead a third F on Saturday mornings – contact Monk

Advisory board meets Sunday at Tequilas to drink beer and eat Mexican food then come up with a good idea for a local CSAUP – all are welcome


Sargento’s friend needing third surgery and loved ones looking for work


As always I was humbled to lead these #HIM this morning !