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  • When: 3-8-16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Dolph
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Defib, Top Hat, Monk, Squeeker, Madoff, TSquare, Brownstreak, Mayor, Bandit, Amelia, FreshPrince, Dolph

12 pax made the choice to take the Red Pill this am for a simple beatdown at #TheStorm.  Disclaimer was read and the warm up began.  Promise was made no burpees, yes we are doing burpees!

Warmup IC; 15 SSH, 15 Mericans, 10 Toy Soldiers, 10 Low Slow Squats, 10 Trunk Side Stretch, 5 Archers ( alternating side wide push ups), Monk read word of the week ” I wil give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart “.  The pax then took a lap around the parking lot and met back at the flag for the pledge.

The Thang;

The Pax were instructed to partner up and size doesn’t matter.  Partners lined up at the imaginary goal line (parking space line).  P1 wheelbarrow P2 to 25 yd line and each partner perform 20 old school situps.  P2 Fireman Carry P1 to 50 yd line and each partner perform 20 flutter kicks each, double count.  P1 Fireman Carry P2 to 25 yd line and each partner perform 20 feet throws.  P2 wheelbarrow P1 to goal line and each partner perform 20 side plank up downs, 10 each side.  Count off and The Q informed the pax that he forgot the burpees on the first lap so to make up they were to perform 10 burpees at each corner.  Plank it up at goal line for the 6 to arrive.  Once the 40 burpees were down it was rinse and repeat of the above, only the burpees on lap 3 were reduced to 5 at each corner.  Then a quick count off and the Q realized there was time for another round.  Rinse and repeat .  Last lap was 1 and 1/2 to get the pax back to the flag with no burpees.  Nice work men.  Circle up at the flag for some mary.  10 IC; Russian twist, V ups, Lbc’s, Freddy Mercurys, French Fries.  Time was called.


Announcements; Outhouse and Family.  Were praying for you brother.  4-16 Community Run, 4-30 Mud Run, Burpeethon in May, Mayor to inform pax of details, BRR in September.  Namorama. Monk thanks for the prayer.


It was an honor to lead you men this am.  You all showed me what taking the RED PILL means #DRP.  It doesn’t get any easier you just get stronger.  Simple beatdown but felt it.  Tclaps to Mayor for digging deep this am, strong work.  Defib pushing the rock on the runs.  Nice work by all Pax.  Enjoyed it.  Till the next one.  #DFQ!