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  • When: 2/20/16
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  • QIC: Freight
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  • PAX: Roscoe, Shingle, Sparky, Da Vinci, Spiderman, Boss Hog(Respect), T Square, JK2, Stroganoff, Madoff, Flush, E4, Van Winkle(Respect), Jobu, Skoal Bandit(Respect), My Sharona(Respect Respect), Linus.

18 PAX showed up for what was said to include no work at all. We even had a few guest(did they come because they heard no work?). Sorry, I lie sometimes! I’m working on that. Before we got started it was asked how many Tarheel fans were in attendance? Due to this weeks lose to the Blue Devils they seemed to be reluctant to raise their hands. No worries we Blue Devil fans can always spot you.

Warm up:

Seal Jacks x 20 IC

Moroccan Night Clubs x 15 IC

Air Punches x 15 IC

LBC x 20 IC

Bobby Hurley’s x 15 (Go Devils)

Monkey Humper’s x 10 IC (for the Tarheel’s fans)

Mosey to the flag for pledge then mosey to the front of the school.

The Thang:

Wheel barrels from speed bump to speed bump.

Line up on curb and bear crawl to other side + 5 Merkins. Crab walk back + 5 WW2 Situps. 3 Sets

Line up on curb broad jump across and lunge walk back. 3 sets

Mosey to courtyard and partner up.

Partner 1 runs the stairs while partner 2 does the exercise.

147(total points scored in this weeks Blue Devil Victory) Flutterkicks

147 Merkins

147 Squats

Romans 5:3-4 about suffering

There may have been some mention about the Wolfpack losing to the Blue Devil’s as well?!

Mosey back to parking lot

147 Tricep dips/WW2 sit ups. Do as many as you can then run across the parking lot and switch the exercise. As many trips as needed to reach 147.

Circle up for some Mary. Boat/Canoe, Plank Challenge by Van Winkle(brutal), and a few more I have tried to forget!


Announcements:Hat’s off to our Yeti representative’s Whoopee, Dolph, Defib, and Brownstreak. Good work guy’s! Backwood’s Brawl on 4/9. Starting 2 new AO’s this week- Monday at the Storm(running based) and Dallas(Biggerstaff Park) Tuesday. I see great things happening in the Gashouse! Gastonia Rotary will be hosting Dredd and OBT on 3/3. 5 year anniversary at the Philmore coming up.

Nameorama: Had a few guest this morning. Great to meet you guy’s! I look forward to our next beatdown.

Ecclesiastes 12:13

Once again I really enjoyed leading you men. You have all really made an impact on me and I hope we continue to impact others! EH somebody this week and let’s grow! See you next week for another delivery by Freight.

Aye, Freight






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  1. My Sharona

    Freight, solid beatdown. I can’t think of any workout I have attended that 147 reps was the count. If you tried that in Metro you would definitely get some refusnicks, especially with the over-abundance of Tarhell grads! Hope to see the Gastonia PAX at the 5 year anniversary party. It will be epic. Thanks again for hosting Van Winkle, Skoal Bandit and I. We will be back.

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