• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 08/06/2019
  • AO: Midoriyama
  • QIC: Sister Act
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Defib, Tiger, Tyson, Pizza Man, Gump, Gold Digger, Def Leppard, Slaw, Paw Patrol, Lil Sweet, Dr Seuss

12 men showed fought the heat and posted at Midoriyama this afternoon.  No FNGs, really no disclaimer since everyone knows I’m an idiot so let’s start.


5 Burpees

The Thang:

Very short mosey to the horse shoe pit area.  Not going far today, this is where the misery would take place.  Oompa Loompa did something similar last year that involved exercises and laps around the horseshoe pit area.  It was terrible, so I figured I would bring it back but modify it a little and add more exercises.  Basically we start out with 5 exercises.  We did 10 reps each of Burpees, Hip Slappers, Imperial Squats, Peter Parkers, and Hand Release Merkins.  Then you run a lap around the horseshoe pits.  Then repeat the 5 exercises with 10 reps each, and run a lap.  Do this as many times as you can in 12 minutes.  After 12 minutes has passed, move on to the next group of 5 exercises.  Then do 20 reps each of Jump Lunges, Dips, Plank Jacks, Mike Tysons and Tuck Jumps, then run a lap.  Repeat this and do as many times as possible in 12 minutes.  Once 12 minutes has passed on this second set of exercises, we moved on to the third and final set of exercises.  We did 30 reps  each of Mountain Climbers, Sumo Squats, Merkins, Flutter Kicks, and CDD, then run a lap around horseshoe pits.  Continue this as many times as possible for another 12 minutes.

We still had some time, so we took a very short fellowship mosey to the COT for some additional exercises. Everyone circled  up for a quick round of Iron Hulk.  This is where you start with 4 Air Presses to 1 Merkin.  We went up to 20 Air Presses and 5 Merkins, then went back down the ladder and finished with 4 Air Presses to 1 Merkins.

Still a little time to squeeze in some AB work.  Dying Cockroaches 15(ic), and American Hammers 15(ic).  Finish the workout with 5 Burpees.  Time!!!

Props to all the men on this one.  This was way harder than I anticipated.  It was extremely hot today, and this proved to be challenge for everyone.  I appreciate everyone working through the complaining and pushing as hard as you can.  This one kicked my butt for sure.


8/17 – Rankin Lake remembrance walk/run for Pizza Man’s niece

8/24 – 2.0 workout at The Yank

9/14 – 9/11 stairclimb

9/21 – Stop Soldier Suicide in Belmont

9/28 – JJ5K trail run in Stanley

Prayer Request



Honor to lead you men today.  Appreciate the push today!!

Sister Act