YHC and Linus had been trying to come up with ways to keep GasHouse and PainLab new and interesting. One such idea was happened today…

All the “hype” was the site Q’s were taking today – you know plain vanilla stuff. Instead, YHC and Linus decided to switch Q’s unannounced to the PAX until execution. Linus did the disclaimer (since there was an FNG), pledge and the warmup, but then announced “He didn’t feel like running today” and asked YHC to take them running. And off we took. Apparently, there was a bit of confusion as some the PainLabbers initially took off too, but that was quickly rectified. 8 PAX joined YHC as we headed to Grier Parking Lot.

Udders was asked for an exercise – Burpees (and this was after a warning to choose wisely).
So it was rotating bear crawls across the parking lot, 15 Burpees, lunge back.

Outhouse – same question…. Imperial Walkers.
Rotating bear crawls across the parking lot, 15 IWs, lunge back.

Wolverine – CDDs
Rotating bear crawls across the parking lot, 15 CDDs, lunge back.

During the above, YHC inquired if the PAX knew what today was. Once we got past the obvious, they hit upon the answer – the start of college football. Next question, how many teams in the ACC. Udders was ready for that one… 15, but only 14 for football. The significance of that will be seen shortly.

All of sudden, there was TopHat. He claimed to still be stretching for his late arrival, bringing the total to 10 at GasHouse.

We continued on to Burtonwood and then down to the stairs behind FPC.

Next was to partner up and do 150 each of the following exercises to spell out YHC favorite team:

Elbow to Knee (75 Each Side)
Merkin/Morrocan Night Club (75 Each)
Outlaw (modified to 140)
Nolan Ryan (75 Each Side)

There was some chatter about UNC, NC State, and where was the “P” in Clemson, blah, blah, blah. Let’s get to work.

Once everyone was done, did a quick count off. Still had 10 PAX, no one had been lost.

Repeated the count off, amazingly it still came to 10, so time to mosey to the Grier track.

15 Squats
Mosey 1/2 Lap
15 Dirty Dogs each leg.
Mosey to start.

Dirt and TopHat got to choose the next round…
So a repeat with 15 Diamond Merkins at the start and 15 Imperial Walkers at the 1/2 point.

Now it was time to head to the wall…
Assume the People’s Chair the first PAX would do 15 Overhead Claps, when he was done the second, on down until all had PAX had done them. If you were not doing the claps, do air presses.

Up the stairs and out to the entrance to Grier. Line up and do 15 Monkey Humpers with your back to the street.

Somewhere in here, Udders asked if we would get the other 0.3 miles in.

Not wanting to disappoint, mosey back to Burtonwood and then back to the Schiele.

Still had a few minutes left, so a little Mary…
Hayzus – Merkins IC
Dirt – Freddie Mercury and Mercury Freddie IC
Defib – Mountain Climbers IC

Thankfully the bells of freedom rang.

Linus lead us the rest of the way…

It was an honor to lead GasHouse. Everyone pushed hard and I appreciate it

Great to see PAX from other regions pushing the rock when out of town.

Watts Up powering down.