We pulled up to Midoriyama and it was raining. This has happened before and we just proceeded with our planned workout but the lightning and thunder forced us to move our little party to the picnic shelter. Pockets had the Q but planned on using parts of the vast expanse normally available to us so I told him I would come up with something while the storm raged around us. A completely soaked Swimmer joined us after surviving a rain-shortened mountain bike ride. No Blart or Slaw. I guess a little rain scared them off! Let’s go!
Warm Up
SSH x 10 IC
Moroccan Night Clubs x 10
Don Q’s x 10 IC
Low Slow Squats x 10 IC
The Thang
In Cadence exercises all x 15. It went something like this with various Pax calling cadence.
Tempo Merkins, LBC’s, Squats, Regular Merkins, Step Ups, Dips, Flutter Kicks, Stagger Merkins (Right hand forward), LBFC’s, Calf Raises, Stagger Merkins (Left hand forward), High Knees, Imperial Walkers, Irkins, Jump Squats, More Dips, Goofballs, Derkins, Dying Cockroaches, More Step Ups, Nolan Ryans (right), Nolan Ryans (left), Imperial Walker Squats, Monkey Humpers, American Hammers, CDD’s and 15 Burpees OYO. I may have missed a few in there but the goal was to work all the muscles and we did. I hoped to be able to run a few laps between the exercises but it never seemed safe enough to allow that so we didn’t take that chance. Great work from all the guys.
This Saturday, August 3rd at 6 p.m. is Tool Time’s going away party at Sargentos.
Saturday, August 17th at 10 am at Rankin Lake, Pizza Man’s family having a walk in memory of his niece.
September 21st Stop Soldier Suicide 10K/5K with Speed for Need, Pizza Man would like to find a veteran for SFN to push.
September 28th JJ5K Trail Run see Sister Act if you or your business would like a sponsorship on the shirts.
October 5th Ragnar Trail Run
October 26th-27th Tuna 200 Relay
October 26th Ocean Isle Half Marathon

I had a word about being strong and asked each guy who do you need to be strong for? It could be your wife, child, parent, neighbor, friend or coworker but there will always be a need for someone to be strong. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually strong. We need to work to be ready to be that guy who can be strong and lead when called upon!

COT Ashhhhhh Pond took us out!