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Day: August 1, 2019

Gardening by the Yard

The PAX didn’t realize that YHC is a gardener. Roscoe does, but he wasn’t present. Crowder Green forever, ask Roscoe if you don’t know. This may be the first gardening themed workout in the history of Gashouse. This is what I remember…


Plank Jacks, Dying Cockroaches, Grass Pickers

Pick up some coupons from the back of my M’s kid carrier.

Mosey to the pad for some Triple Nickel.

5 Pickle Pounders (because cucumbers are grown in a garden then made into pickles) at the bottom, 5 Morning Woods at the top. X 5

Mosey up to the picnic shelter for Elevens: Dips and WWI situps.

Mosey back to the start to pick up the surprise, the big daddy double tire wheel barrow! What could this be for? Keep moseying to the Pit for the next round.

The Thang – Partner up, all the PAX does the exercises while on couple does a partner wheel barrow route (one PAX ride in the wheelbarrow while the other drives) with 10 shoulder shrugs in the middle. Trade with the next group in line and get to exercising!

Merkin Mania: 5 each of Diamonds, Merkins, Wide Arms, Crucibles, Staggered L & R, Tempo and Hand Release versions of the chest work. Aye!

Ab Killers: 10 Oblique Crunches L & R, 50 LBCs, 15 Oblique Crunches L & R, 25 LBCs, 20 Oblique Crunches

Spiderman Crawl to the line then back.

Rinse & repeat for a whole nother round. Strong work men!

Okay, so maybe everything wasn’t gardening related but we used a wheelbarrow and I’ve never heard of this in a workout.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead! Y’all are the best!!!

Hot Time at The Goat

A few HIMs showed up at The Goat for a high quality Tesla led beat down in the heat and humidity of a western , NC summer morning. Went like this:


Basic stretches

SSH X 20

IW X 20

Four Way Merkins X 10

Mtn Climbers X 20

Mosey across the river and to the parking lot for some 4 corners.

Corner 1 : Hand Release merkins

Corner 2: Big boy sit ups

Corner 3: Carolina Dry docks

Corner 4; Jump squats

Run to each corner, do the called move and then return to the center for the next corner after 5 burpees.

Repeat 3 times, 10X, 15X, 20X each exercise.

Mosey back across the bridge to the park/playground/shelter area.

Dirkins X 10

Dips X 10

Step ups X 10 (total)

Run a park lap.

Rinse and repeat, 3 times through total.

Mosey back across the river to the foot of the hill for Triple Nickel

Bottom: 5 merkins

Run up to the intersection.

Top: 5 LBCs

Get through this and we are done and a pledge!


Small but dedicated group here today on a hot humid mid summer morning. We hit it pretty hard I must say! But that is a Tesla standard. And always will be.

Especially mindful today of kids heading back to college, Lynn Hamm, and guys we miss out there now. Great group today, and a pleasure and honor to be part of and lead.






Modern Day Warrior July 32nd.

Monday is not the normal day I work out, I typically follow the Folsom schedule. Tuesdays thru Sunday.
It was great to get after it in the place that I started at.
16 men showed up this morning, I had a plan to get this party started.

Warm Up: SSH,Don Q’s, then Moseyed..
Food Lion Parking Lot:
10 Jump Lunges, 15 French Fries, 20 Dying CockRoaches. (we modified the fries to shoulder taps)
Sprint to the light then Nur back.
10 Peter Parkers, 15 Seal Jacks, 20 American Hammers. About halfway thru I believe wattsup said we aint in neverland anymore.
Sprint, to the 2nd light then nur back.
10ssh,15 mtn climbers, 20 hill billies.
Sprint to the first light and nur back.
We moseyed to the bank to say the pledge.
50lbc’s, 50flutters, 25Freddy Mercury’s,
We still had some time so lets..
5merkins,5squats,5burpees, lunge walk to said distance and repeat, then keep going until I decide to stop. Then we did one last thing.
Indian Run: I’m a firm believer in always looking after the 6, we moseyed to the old drs office then lined up. YHC reminded all the pax that we are all the six somewhere, but the best part of F3 is we stick together. From fundraisers to CSAUP to Whetstone, and so many other outlets. When you show up and Post at any AO in Gaston County you get treated well. On Average Most men do not have friends, especially another man we should be thankful for each other. Back to the run, We made it all the way back to Snoballz. YHC was pleased with the hard work today from the pax. It was an honor to serve.

Music List
Tom Sawyer; Rush
War Pigs, by; Cake
Gladiator; Zayde Wolf
Tougher Than Leather; RUN DMC
Midnight Rider; The Allman Brothers
Supersonic; Oasis
No More Tears; Ozzy Ozbourne

Pizza Man is having an event at Rankin Lake August 17th. All family is invited for a fun run/walk.
Prayer Request:
Keep Whoopies M in prayers during her recovery.
Each other.

The BedPan is Full!

7 of Diamonds

7 men showed to put in some work at Mt. Hollywood this morning.  No FNGs,  everyone knows the deal, it’s time!


10 Burpees

The Thang:

After the warm-up Burpees, we took a mosey to the downtown area at corner of W Catawba Ave and S Main St.  First exercise called here is the 7 of Diamonds.  This exercise is performed on a large diamond (i.e. a square).  I chose an area downtown, that should get us a good bit of running in.  For the first round, do 7 reps of an exercise at each of the 4 corners with a mosey in between corners.  Each round, you increase by 7 reps with a different exercise each round, for a total of 4 rounds.  Then you decrease the reps by 7 for each of the last 3 rounds with different exercises.  It was to go as follows:

Round 1 – 7 Burpees at each corner

Round 2 – 14 Jump Lunges at each corner

Round 3 – 21 Merkins at each corner

Round 4 – 28 Mountain Climbers at each corner

Round 5 – 21 Flutter Kicks at each corner

Round 6 – 14 Imperial Walker Squats at each corner

Round 7 – 7 Burpees at each corner

This really sounded like a good idea, but I misjudged the Diamond that we used.  This would work better by choosing a diamond that isn’t that large.  Had to call an Omaha after the 4th round, because we were running out of time quickly.  It wasn’t a complete fail, as we put in a lot of reps, and kept moving racking up some miles.

With time short, we still had time for a couple stops.  First we took a short mosey to the wall behind BB&T bank.  Here I called on 3 exercises: Hip Slappers, Donkey Kicks, and Mike Tyson’s.  We did 10 reps of each for a total of 3 rounds.

Next we started our mosey back towards the flag, but I chose the route that takes us to the small wall beside Ida Rankin Elementary School.  Here 3 more exercises are called: Dips, Derkins, and Step Ups.  We did 10 reps of each for 2 rounds. Mosey back to flag. Time

Annoucements:    8/3 Cookout, 8/17 Rankin Lake Run/Walk for Pizza Man niece, 9/14 911 Stair Climb, 9/21 Stop Soldier Suicide in Belmont, 9/28 JJ5K Trail run Common Ground in Stanley

Prayer Request



Appreciate the push today men.  We kept things moving today, and got in over 3 miles at a bootcamp.  Good work!! As always, it is an honor to lead you men today.  SYITG

Sister Act

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