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Day: August 7, 2019

Hump Day

12 men for Snoballs.

The Thang:

Mosey to the bottom of the flag, Pledge.

21 SSH

20 Imperial Walker

10 Merkins

Mosey all the way to the school.

50 Yard of Lunges.

Mosey to bottom of stairs.

Partner Up:

Partner A run to top of stairs for 20 Monkey Humpers

Partner B run to fence far side of baseball field for 1 Merkin.

When you meet in the middle to 1 Hand Slap Merkin and then switch directions.

We made it to 10 Merkins.

Line up behind Gastone for a 25 yard Duck Walk. (Your butt has to be lower than your knees for it to be effective)

Line up at the bottom of the steps.

Bunny hop every step to the top. Rinse and Repeat.

50 Squats.

Mosey to the school connector road. Bernie Sanders about 100 yards.

Mosey back to the start.  20 Seconds to spare.

The Moleskin:

SAD CLOWN A man with Decelerating Fitness, Fellowship and/or Faith.

I give you this definition for several reason’s. Make sure you are accelerating. Check with guys that are Sad Clowing and sitting out on a regular basis and make sure they get back out. Find new guys that are not even thinking about it and make sure they come and start being a part of this wonderful group.

Things you might hear.

“It’s to early”                  response                “shut up and get the hell out of bed” or “You are wasting time, you have know idea how good this will be for you and other’s you will meet”

“My Schedule”    Response  “We have plenty of options, make it work”

“I can’t run”   Response ” We have options for that”

“My Wife” Response “She will love you better if you come and you will have a better all around life”

Now go get em guys. let’s double F3 Gastonia and make it the craziest region in the country.

Gastone Out

National Purple Heart Day

Five at Prison Break for National Purple Heart Day.

Some ran, some moseyed. Sparky didn’t even make to 321 and U-turned back to Ingles (no, wasn’t what you think)


Announcements: Pizza Man’s 5K Walk/Fun Run August 17, Stop Soldier Suicide 5K/10K September 21, JJ5K September 28

Prayers: Rockabilly’s job search, Bedpan’s job search, Big Pappy’s adoption, kids off to college


Thanks guys.


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