• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 03/25/2023
  • AO: The Fighting Yank
  • QIC: Tesla
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Tesla, Orangeman, Tooth Fairy, Cpap, Freon, Stinky Bird, Watts Up, Tardy Gras, Norwood, Anchorman

YHC has found a new to to play with at The Fighting Yank! Been getting ready for the Grand Canyon hike in 2 months and just discovered a new opportunity for a beatdown! Went like this on a great morning at The Yank. Went like this:

Warmup – COP

Up to the Field of Dreams for a little warm up.

Run across the field, SSH X 20

Run back across the field, IWs X 20

Run back across, Tesla Stretches.

Run back across, Mtn. Climbers X 20

Time to unveil The Super Pipe!

Here’s the deal:

Up on the top of the hill at the middle school, 5 plank jacks.

Run across the field and down to the park pavillion, 3 burpees

Up to the street, 5 ass to the street Monkey humpers.

Back up the pipe, repeat the 3 burpees in the pavillion.

Rinse and repeat 2X

Over to the Corner of Knowledge

10 dips

10 step ups each leg

10 dirkins

Mosey over to the stairs at the end of the building


Top of steps: HR merkins

Bottom: Big boys

Mosey to the road (3rd corner)

Squats X 20

Big Boys X 20

Mosey to the 4th corner:

CDDs X 25

Rocky Balboa X 25

Mosey to the Field of Dreams for bear Crawl Slalom!

Everyone for 3 runs here, I did get 4 myself.

SSH X 20 – Started to rain!

Mosey to the center, 5 chop-chops.

Mosey to the bottom of heartbreak.

3 runs of a triple nickel in the rain

Plank jacks at bottom

LBCs up top

Got this done and did a 3 minute plank to end and pledge!


Really good push this morning! Super pipe worked out real well. Could not have been better. Driving up I saw a couple of lightning flashes that said “danger”. But not too bad.

Couple of items on the docket today as follows:

This was 3/25 but I want to talk about 3/24 because that’s a big day for me because on 3/24/1944 my uncle Roy Fortner (age 21 at the time) got into a P-38 cockpit as a pilot in the 15th Airforce in Italy and part of an elite squadron under direct command of the Operations Officer of the 15th (General Born) and led the 15th’s only mission over Berlin that day. Which meant he flew up over the Alps at @ 20,000 feet and flew around Berlin getting shot at. I want you guys to get your arms around that. He took off to 3 am and got over Berlin @ 6 am. And got back. Roy went on to have real high impact life and was a huge presence in Western Cabarrus and Northern Mecklenburg Counties for a long, long, time. We’ll talk more about the at some point.

Second, I had two F3 brothers lose kids this week. Apparent suicides. One in New York where he lived and one down at UGA. They were both really talented kids (27 and 22) where something went wrong. I tend to think it was isolation and was a result of the pandemic. One case was a child of divorce. Social Media gets a knee jerk reaction blame here but it’s just a very small part of it. We need to be available for our kids even when they leave the nest. The world is very different now and we need to understand it. This is probably a thing we really need to work on in our group.

Pleasure to lead, loved the Super Pipe! Let’s do it again boys!